Aise kaise jaane doon! – Episode- 22

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Epi: 22:

Naina was setting the bed.
Karan was playing his guitar. Both had big smiles on their faces..
Naina: Sakshi is so cheerful and nice.
Karan: Akir woh friend kiski hein! My friend not yours so she gotta be cool!
Naina narrowed her eyelids and faked anger! Karan looked at her and smiled. She started throwing pillows at him
He kept his guitar aside and got up, blocking the pillows from hitting him!
He walked towards her.
Karan: Arey! Naina! Yaar! Suno tho!
Karan held her pillow. Stopping her from throwing it. He took the pillow and said..
Karan: Par Sakshi tum se zyaada cheerful, cute aur cool nahi hein!
She stopped. He kept he pillow aside. She looked at him!
Naina: Ha ha very funny!
She picked up the pillows and arranged them.
Naina: Chalo so jao!
Karan got onto the bed and slept!
Naina kept looking at him. And slowly she fell asleep.
In the morning:
Sakshi knocked at everybody’s door, ran down and sat down as though she didn’t do it but everyone knew that it was her! Whenever she came back to the house, this was how people woke up from their sleep early morning!
NK and Nirmala came out.. Dadaji came out too!
Dadaji: Good morning, Sakshi beta!
Sakshi: Good morning,Dadu!
She went and hugged him!
NK: Sakshi…
sweetly called her name!
She ran towards him and hugged him. While he returned the hug and kissed her head.
Kunal and Meghna came out.
Kunal: See Meghna! I told you that it was Sakshi! She woke all of us!
Meghna: Not yet!
Pointing at Nairan’s room!
Sakshi noticed it!
She ran upstairs!
Sakshi: Good morning.. Kunal bhai and Meghna Bhabhi!
She went and banged on Nairan’s door!
Nairan were busy sleeping!
Karan woke up but found Naina’s head on his chest. He took her and placed her aside, when Sakshi banged the door again. This time Naina got up. They looked into each other’s eyes! Both of them were lost.. but soon they came out of their dream land as Sakshi banged the door again!
He immediately got off the bed! Even she got of the bed. Sakshi was banging the door with her fist tightly closed.Karan opened the door! BAM! On his forehead!
Naina held onto Karan from the back.
Naina: Karan!
Sakshi smiled: oppsie!
Sandhya heard the noise and came out. She saw Karan falling back!
Sandhya ran towards Karan and held him!
She started at the two girls who were present there!
Sandhya: Kisne kiya yeh?
She almost shouted!
Sakshi stepped back hearing her!
Naina: Masima woh..
Sandhya immediately turned towards Naina.
Sandhya: Masima, woh..Kya? Mujhe patha tha ki tum kuch na kuch toh karogi!
Naina: Par Masima!
Sandhya stopped her by showing her hand!
Nirmala came up. Sandhya took Karan inside and layed him on the bed.
Karan: Masima Mein teek hoon! Kuch nahi hua!
Sandhya: Karan.. chup raho!
She said sweetly
Nirmala: Sandhya.. Naina ki koi galti nahi thi..
Sandhya: jo kuch bhi hein! I’m sure she has got some intentions! And I’m not liking it!
Naina couldn’t bare it anymore.
Karan couldn’t say anything. Naina started crying! She ran out of the room. Sakshi had noticed Sandhya since a very long time! She always found her to be faking! She knew Sandhya had some hidden intentions! Karan was helpless. Sakshi ran after Naina who ran out of the house! Sakshi stood in front of Naina.
Sakshi told Naina that Sandhya was always like this.. and also about her thoughts on Sandhya..
Naina stopped crying..
Naina: I can help you.. we might have to collect proofs for it! Many proofs!
Sakshi hugged her and held her and pulled her!
Sakshi: Chalo we will go in!
Naina: No, Sakshi! Not now I’ll meet you after sometime!
Let me be alone for sometime!
Sandhya then left Karan telling him to relax.. Karan ran out of the house searching for Naina, bumped into Sakshi.
Karan looked worried and desperate.
Karan: Sakshi, Naina kaha hein?
Sakshi: She said she wanted some time alone! So she left! By the way, I’m sorry!
Karan: That’s ok! Did she tell you where she was going?
Sakshi: No!
Sandhya saw Karan down from her window!
Sandhya: Naina.. your turn will come soon! Looks like he is falling for you! You know I just love love stories!!
She laughed wickedly to herself!
Karan stood there for sometime thinking ?
He suddenly ran back took out the bike keys and left! Nirmala, Kunal , Meghna and Sakshi noticed this!
Nirmala ,Kunal and Sakshi smiled at each other in great joy! Meghna was clueless!
Meghna: Aap sabhi itna kush kyun hein?
Nirmala: He used those bike keys only when Nidhi used to be there.. after she left he had never touched it again..
Kunal and Sakshi: And after long he took those keys … meet NAINA!!!
Meghna: Does that mean?
She smiled..
Kunal hugged her in joy!
Kunal: yes meri Topper!
Naina was in a park, the area was a bit isolated! She was sitting on a bench and crying her heart out! He reached there in no time! He spotted her sitting on a bench and slowly walked towards her and sat next to her. She didn’t notice as she had dug her face into her palm! He kept his hand over her shoulder. She immediately looked up in shock and turned towards him! Seeing Karan she stopped crying a little, her tears were still flowing out endlessly!

Play this!?
He wiped her tears and cupped her face..
Karan: You know Masima na? She is always worried about all of us! It’s just a misunderstanding! You don’t have to take it seriously!
Her tears were still flowing out.. He hugged her! She immediately hugged him back, tightly! She dug her head into his chest and cried. He had one of his hand over her shoulders and the other caressing her head. She felt really nice! She felt safe in his arms, safe from the cruel world! He felt like he had got a part of him back, that part which was missing since a very long time!
He felt complete.. He wanted to tell her how he felt! Even she wanted to ! But both hesitated to say it to one another..they were afraid of losing each other.
They broke the hug! They then sat on the bike and went back home!
Karan entered to see his Dadu,ma, bhai , Bhabhi and Sakshi standing and smiling at him. Naina entered and saw Karan standing still and looked at him! She then looked at gang , staring at them!
Karan looked at his bhai,confused!
He talks to his brother through actions!
Karan: what? Why are all of you looking at me?
Kunal didn’t reply in actions instead replied it out aloud.
Kunal: Look over there!?!
Pointing at Karan! He didn’t understand!
Karan: Kaha?
Kunal: Abey, there hath Mein?
Karan: What’s in my hand?….
He kept silent as he saw the keys! He looked at Sakshi! His face was asking who had taken away the car keys?.. he had seen the car parked outside but didn’t find the key, since the bike key was there he picked it up and left!.. Sakshi shook her hands and nodded no! She pointed at Meghna who stood next to her.. he look at his Bhabhi, who replied in the same manner! She pointed at Kunal who had his elbows rested on Meghna’s shoulder! He replied the same and pointed at his ma! She smiled and replied in the same manner and pointed at Dadaji! Who stood there smiling at him with his hands at his back!
Karan was surprised.
Karan: Dadu, aap?
Dadaji: Haan Mein!
He brought his hands forward… he had all the keys in his hand!
Dadu: From so many years I have been asking them to clean and repair the vehicle! They did so! And I asked my grand son to ride it but he didn’t! I didn’t loose hope! This time God gave me an opportunity! I got to check if you would pick it and go search for our choti bahu and I’m happy that you did so!
Karan was teary eyed.. he went and hugged his dadu! Naina smiled at them though she didn’t understand half the situation!
Precap: Khyati is back home.. “Didn’t you all miss me?”
Few day later..
Party at home! NK and Nirmala standing in two different corners, stared at each other and remembered their past as their was music
played in the background!

What do you think their past was like?
What is the party for??

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