Aise kaise jaane doon! -Episode- 20

I don’t understand how you guys tolerated me and my ff!? Hats off to you all out there! ? Well, I would like to thank all of you for reading my ff! It feels really great! 20 th episode!!!! It’s shocking for me, just can’t believe! Thank you for supporting me and being there for me.. Thank you for all those wonderful comments??? and also for suggesting me stuff.. and replying to my questions! ☺️? Just feels so nice! ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ Loads of love to you all!!

Meghna and Kunal woke up early and planned to get ready for the day! They wanted to forget whatever had happened yesterday but they couldn’t! They thought of starting the new chapter of their lives by setting everything right!
They got ready and walked out! Drank some coffee! They found one of the servant walking towards Karan’s room with 2 cups of coffee! Meghnal looked at each other and looked up!They slowly moved from the table and walked towards Karan’s room to hear the response And also to know if everything was fine!
Nairan were busy sleeping! Servant knocked at the door!
Karan responded like any other day!

Karan: Come in!
And continued to sleep. The servant kept the tray on the table and left! Kunal and Meghna knocked at the door!
Karan screamed :Come in!
And continued to sleep again.
Kunal and Meghna entered but was a little embarrassed to find the siblings still on bed!
There was a pillow on either side of the bed, on the floor! No pillows in between.
Naina was sleeping on Karan’s chest with her hand on him and Karan had one of his hand around Naina’s shoulders and the other above his head!

Karan suddenly woke up realising that he had let the servant come in! He suddenly shot open his eyes! He was about to get up when he realised that Naina was sleeping on him! He took his hand off her shoulders, kept it behind her head and kept her on the other side of the bed carefully! Put the blanket over her and sat up! And to his shock he found his brother and bhabhi in front of him instead of the servant!

He got off the bed immediately!
Karan: Bhai, Bhabhi woh actually..
Meghna went ahead and hugged her devar! As Meghna held Karan’s face with her right and smiled then Kunal hugged his brother!
Meghnal: Thank you!?
Karan smiled.
Kunal then walked towards his saali.. touched her head! She slowly opened her eyes and saw her jeeju and Di standing there! She woke up and sat straight.. immediately Meghna walked towards her and sat next to her! The sisters hugged each other, tightly!
Meghna: Cheeku… love you so much!
Naina: Love you too Di!

Karan and Kunal smiled at each other.
They broke the hug.
Meghna: Cheeku.. Karan.. I hope everything is okay! We don’t you both to suffer all because of us!
Meghna had got up and was staring at the two of them!
Naina got off the bed as soon as se heard her question..
Naina: Di!! Hum.. (she looked at Karan..) sab kuch teek hein!
Kunal: If there is anything don’t hesitate to inform us! We are still your siblings!!
All four of them smiled at each other!
Meghnal left Nairan in the room.

They looked at each other. Then soon they looked away. Naina looked down to find the pillow fallen down next to the bed.
She picked it up! And looked at Karan who had picked up the pillow from the other side. They stared at each other then suddenly burst out into laughter!
Naina: Doesn’t look like this is gonna work!
They laughed at themselves.
Naina: ok ok! Karan, go freshen up and come.. till then I clean up the mess in the room!
Karan smiled at her and picked up the towel and went into the washroom!
Karan took time.. by then Naina went into the guest room freshened up and came back to her room.
She opened Karan’s cupboards.. and found it to be pretty messy.. she cleaned it up and kept a set of clothes on the bed!

Immediately, Karan came out of the bathroom in towel, singing his heart out!
Naina looked up hearing him sing so well, she looked up to the bathroom door..
Naina: Karan.. tum.. ahh!
She saw him in towel and turned around.. she shut her eyes tight and bit her tongue!
Naina: woh.. Karan.. I’m sorry!
Karan was embarrassed!
Karan: uh… I’m sorry! You were about to say something?

Naina: huh? Ya! I wanted to say that you sing really well! Are you trained?
Karan: Yup! You know I used to secretly perform but never let anyone know as everyone believes in business.. no one even listens to anyone singing so I doubt if they will let me do anything related to music! Anyways, I always love singing! By the way nice selection!
Naina: what? What are you talking about? What did I select?
Karan held her shoulders and turned her around. A current passed through her as he touched her shoulders.. she was feeling something very weird! She had felt the same when she had fallen over him, earlier! He shook her as her eyes were tightly shut!
Karan(laughed): Naina open your eyes. Don’t worry, I’m wearing the clothes you kept on the bed!
Naina slowly opened one of her eye and then the other!
Naina then smiled at Karan!

Karan and Naina then walked down!
Chauhan Mansion had never found its residents awake so early!
The four of them were standing in front of the in- house temple. Soon all of started coming down.

Meghna and Naina had set 3 arti plates. 2 for them and 1 for Nirmala. They took 2 plates and prayed to god. Then turned around to their husbands! They applied a tilak on their husbands foreheads! Kunal applied sindoor on Meghna while Karan murmured a sorry and applied the sindoor on Naina’s forehead. NK walked out of his room, and Nirmala followed. Dadaji too came out.
NK: Good Morning!

4: good morning, papa!

Good morning, Ma!
Sandhya walked out of her room busy on phone..she came out and ended the call..and before Nirmala could say anything she wishes all!
Sandhya: Good morning Everyone!

4: good morning Masima!

Nirmala smiled at her innocently! They walked down. NK and Sandhya had breakfast. Nirmala took the aarti plate and walked towards NK as he was about to leave! She applied a small tilak for him! NK was about to turn to leave when..
Meghna: Papa? Aap toh ma ke maang mein sindoor bharna toh bhool hi Gaye!
NK turned around in a hurry and applied the sindoor and left!
Sandhya walked out after NK.
Nirmala had tears in her eyes. NK had applied sindoor on her forehead after years!
NK sat in the car! Sandhya was talking to NK but he wasn’t paying attention!
Sandhya: Bhaisab! Are you listening?
NK: huh? Yeah!

Sandhya kept quiet realising that he wasn’t interested to speak now !
NK’s phone rang but he was lost somewhere! He looked at his fingers which had few remains of the sindoor! He rubbed the fingers against each other!
Sandhya: Bhaisab?!?
NK: yeah!
Sandhya: your phone is ringing!

At home:
Dadaji: Good Morning bacho!
Everyone: Good Morning Dadaji!
Nirmala took his blessings.
Nirmala: Bauji kya aapne dekha?
Dadaji: Han! Mein bohot khush hoon!
Soon they all had breakfast together.
Kunal: Khyati Kahan hein?
Karan: woh college gayi hein!
Kunal: oh!
Soon everyone were done with the breakfast!

Days passed by.. Meghna and Naina had impressed the family with all that they did..
The couples planned to go out so that they could discuss about their future plans!

Kunal: Meghna, what are your plans?
Meghna: Kunal I wanted to continue with my work in the same company.. I hope there is no problem with that!
Kunal: No problem! I actually wanted to ask you about it.. Soon we are getting back on track, with work! So what do you want to have now!
They ordered some lunch! And kept talking about many other things in the world!

They sat on the opposite sides of the table!
Karan: Naina? What are your plans?
Naina: Actually I got an offer letter.. they had told me to join them by tomorrow but I wasn’t sure of it so I wanted to ask you… I..
Karan stopped her by raising his hands !

Naina was a bit shocked she did not understand what was wrong!
Karan: See Naina! On the first day itself I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind you doing anything! You should definitely work if you want to! No one is going to stop you!
Naina: OKAY! So Karan what about you?
Karan: I too got an offer letter.. I have to join tomorrow! I could drop you and also pick you up!
Naina: okay! That’s great!
They smiled at each other.

Someone tapped on Karan’s shoulders..
Karan turned around…
Karan: Rakesh!?!?!!!??
Precap: Rakesh and Naina have an argument..
Naina says Who are you to decide?…
Later there is an entry of a girl in the Chauhan Mansion!

  1. Absolutely incredible. The intricate flow of words adding to the beauty of this already stunning episode was something amazing. A wonderful episode which highlighted all the new-formed relations in a stupendous manner. The cute scenes of NaiRan, their adorable exchange of words withal every nuance related to them was indeed awesome. MeghNal feeling happy seeing them and their scenes together were surely lovely. The episode surely held up some fantastic moments and great scenes..

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Minerva! ?? Thank you so much for encouraging me from the very start! You and your feedbacks is one the main reason I was able to write till the episode! Thank you so much!!!?❤️?

  2. Jiya09

    Cute episode.!! Loved the nairan scene in bedroom. Eagerly waiting for next! Rakesh arguing with Naina? Suspense???!! Just love u ff!! Keep writing.?

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Jiya!? Yes suspense.. what could they be fighting on?
      No doubt Love you too!!?❤️

    2. Jiya09

      And yes the mystery girl, too much suspense yaar. Only this thing is going in my mind! ???? Waiting to know.!

    3. Resh

      He he..? The next one will be updated soon.. but not too soon!☺️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  3. #nairanlover:-)

    It is not at all hard to tolerate you Reach.Just joking.You are not at all boring but an interesting person to be acquainted with.You are not all boring and your ff have never bored me or irritated me.It has always gone better day by day.Talking about today’s one it was awesome.Post ASAP.Loads of love.

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Amena! ☺️❤️️ Thank you for praising me so much! I’m flying up in the sky already! But if we have a chat then definitely you will throw me out into the space?? Loads of love to you too!❤️️?☺️

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    3. Resh

      Amena it’s the same with me.. there is now punctuation that would give even a pause if I start talking! ???

  4. I know I’m a bit late but hatts off to your ff it’s just so amazing that I’m running out of words you’re doing so wonderful with your ff so keep going jiya ?❤️??

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      Shristi?? Wrong place I think..

  5. Hey resh !! Well firstly u write so beautiful and secondly m sry that I’ve not commented on any previous chp but I hope I can join uh !! Pl update next chp soon !! ??

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      Hi!!! Thank you so much! ☺️❤️️You read the previous chapters, then that’s enough! It wasn’t compulsory to comment on them! Thank you for coming up today!?

  6. Yea I’m sorry about that I read your ff as well I usually don’t comment on people’s ff that much cause I’m too shy and all now I’m trying my best to open up more but I really enjoy reading your ff resh I think your a great writer and your ff is AMAZING ????❤️️??

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      Thank you so much Durga!☺️?❤️️ I hope you are happy that I added a precap..??

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    Omg I absolutely loved it i could imagine naina and karan but why was naina arguing and a new girl many new mysteries I absolutely loved it can’t wait for the next one

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      Thank you so much Rosie!?? Love you!❤️ You got to wait.. don’t break your head over this! Hope you guys would like the next episode!

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      Thank you Durga! The next one will come up soon!?❤️️

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    Ha ha…. Superb resh…. I loved it a lot… And can l guess one thing… I guess that girl to be nidhi,l don’t know why… But l feel like that,nidhi is not dead… And she will bring that jealousy and realization of Nairan’s love…..
    Love u a lot-Seyal ???

  12. Resh

    Thank you so much Seyal!☺️?❤️️ Idk about that you will have to wait for the next one to be uploaded!??Love you too!!❤️️?

  13. Well firstly it’…not…interesting….but it’s awesome….more then awesome Indeed it is yaar. Ur episodes are so long which i love it too much. Rakesh…hmmm….what will happen next and a girl’s new entry will be so exciting
    Post soon,

    1. Resh

      Hi Ayonija! You just gave me heartattack! Then I was like ?PHEW!! Thank you so much, yaar!!! ??❤️? I’ll definitely try and keep up the length of the episodes as all of you like it being long.. even I love it being long!!!? Love you too!?❤️️

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