Airlines fanfic Fab3 – Part 4


recap: Kritisha tells anika and riyanna that their real motive should not be revealed

[niki makesan announcement of taking off after 15 minutes.]
Riya talks to kritisha

Riya: What? In jaipur?
Kritisha: Yes. And it’ll solve most of our probs. Thats why we all are going there.

Riya: But ma….kritisha what is in that chip?
Kritisha: We do not know thats why we are finding it

Riya: But how will we tell this to niki and bhai. They do not know and all the talks will be recorded in cockpit.

Kritisha: Don’t worry i’ll tell them.

Megha is in her office with her boss KK sharnan

KK: All our probs will get solved through this chip
Megha: Now we will get to know who killed my family..
KK: Just wish kritisha, samar, anika and riyanna do it well.

At flight niki is making an announcement

Niki: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Now we are taking off from delhi to jaipur. Please tie your seat belts. First officer anika saluja with captain samar rathore

Kritisha comes in the cockpit. Sam finds a paper in his plate and looks at kritisha. Kritisha signs him to keep quiet and read it and goes out. Sam reads it

‘Samar, please keep quiet and after reading it, give it to anika. Anika, you also keep quiet and don’t talk about it until you are out of cockpit. Now we got information that there is a microchip inside jaipur palace(the hotel in which we will stay) which contains much information which will be useful to us.’
sam reads it and gives to niki. Niki also reads it.

In a deserted area there is an underground area. Its dark….a man is laughing evilly and marks a cross over India’s map.

Precap: Kritisha calls KK and says sorry, we were not able to find the chip.

Update credit to dia

  1. nyc dr but wat is dat chip about??

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  3. Thanks a lot for updating in English.I was wating for it so long.And the story is going well.Thank u again.

  4. Thanq richu di, cutie nd mahima

    di thhat chip contains info abt AkYa’s murder

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