Airlines fanfic Fab3 – Part 11

Story so far
hy guyz….i hav decided to post SSF after every 10 parts. Nd as its first, it will contain character analysis nd also the story of the real airlines…..

a story of a female pilot ananya rawat who fights with the society where people think that in airlines, ladies are only air hostesses. Some of the pilots nd aur hostesses doubt her talent first and dislike her but then she gains her name eventually as first officer ananya rawat. Akash saluja is a captain and new friend of ananya. He secretly works for DIB, an anti terrorist agency. At the end of the series akash captures all the terrorists related to the fake rohit mafatlal and fails their missions. He confesses his love to ananya which she accepts


Ananya Rawat

Female lead (pilot in inde airlines)

Akash Saluja
male lead (DIB agent, pilot, ananya’s love interest)

Ananya’s cousin sis (colleege

Rohan(10 yrs)
shefali’s bro

Vikas rathore

Akash’s best friend, airhostess

Mr. Sen
Inde airlines manager

Mahima singh
airhostess, akash’s god sis (deceased)

Megha singh
mahima’s sis, akash’s godsis, shefali’s bestie

ananya’s mom, nanu, mama, megha’s mom and terrorists (fake rohit mafatlal, kunal etc.)

its about anika (niki), who is AkYa’s daughter who stays with megha after her parents’ demise. She is a pilot and a DIB agent.

Anika Saluja/niki
female lead, pilot, DIB agent, Akash and ananyaa’s daughter

Riyanna Rathore/riya
parallel lead, vikas’s daughter, niki’s bestie, doctor, DIB agent

Samar rathore
male lead, vikas’ss son, niki’s love interest, pilot, DIB agent

Paras pradhan
megha’s husband, DIB agent (deceased)

Kuhu pradhan(6 yrs)
megha and paras’s daughter, school going

airhostess, DIB agent

Kaira Rathore
vikas’s wife

vikas and megha are agents in this fic

in past 10 epis
niki nd riya have their first day of job. Fab3 (niki riya sam) and kritisha get a chip which has info about terrorists. Megha remembers how paras died and what happened to other members.

  1. richa (titli)

    nyccc i didnt knew sm charecters ohhh vikas was an agent matter kyaa tha plss tell ?? i thot he was ananyas………..

  2. Di he was sort of akya’s enemy but now he turnd bettr….he is also an agent…..

    Nd di guess wht…my winter vacations started………m elated nd tomorrow (17 dec) is my birthday…..super happy

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