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title :lets go for a movie!
Sona’ Pov
On a weekend day the best think one can do is go for a movie and thats what I was going for actually we were going for..by “We” I mean elena my cousin and I myself…i am not a movie buff but ya I like watching movies especially horror,comedy and action ones while my cousin loves watching romantic,emotional and saddish type pictures…and I find Elena’s choice boring! The only romantic picture which I watched and liked is DDLG..i don’t know why but I loved it…maybe thats the magic of SRK
Sona:elu which picture are we going for? I asked her as we locked the main door
Elena:wait and watch(smirking)
Sona:at least tell me the hero?..is it Akshay’s or is it Salman khan’s..
Elena:wait and watch..
I kept on asking her millions of questions and each time her reply would be “wait and watch”..ughhhh!…sometimes she creates too much of suspense.

Finally we reached ..we were about to show our tickets to the security when Elena’s phone beeped..it was a message from her 2 month old boyfriend vicky

Message:hey elu!..i am missing you so much,can we meet for a coffee within half an hour..pls don’t say no…Love u?
Ughh!..what an message I thought..its as if he is ordering elena to come for a coffee though he used pls
She said in a pleading tone just like a small child pleading for an ice cream.
Sona:no elu..you are not going and thats final
Elena:I am,so sorry..but you enjoy the movie..don’t go home without watching it..i am sure you will have fun
She said this all like a superfast train and before I could say anything she rushed out of the line and I looked at the tickets which she pressed in my hands before leaving .. a minute ago she was not ready to give those tickets because she thought that I would see the movies name and now ..i sighed
“mam tickets pls”
The security guard bought me back to reality ..i showed him my tickets and after passing through the security check..”its Audi3 mam”..
Sona:thank you

I entered Audi3..and found the hall full of people…my seat was in the last row…The trailers were going on..i checked the movie’s name on my ticket…it was “XYZ”(think of any flim that you found boring ..don’t want to criticise any flim so..)
OMG, noooo!..elu booked the tickets for romantic picture…so that’s why she was smirking and not telling me the name of the picture…khud toh nikal gayi ,mujhe chod kar..ab beth ke bore hona padega.
Maybe those last lines i said aloud..and the man sitting beside my seat heard it..

I was shocked…anyone would be..i couldn’t see his face clearly because of the insufficient light but i could make out that he was young..maybe around my age and had a well built body..
Sona:excuse me
He looked at me and then resumed looking on the screen…after a while i started the conversation ..sometimes i am not able to understand my own mind..
Sona:if you know its boring then why are you watching it?
Man:i guess even you know its boring then also you are sitting here right
Sona:that’s because i don’t have any other option..
Man:same here..
Sona:hmm…you are alone..no one to company you?
Man:no..i like my own company.
Sona:i see..whats your name?
Man: Dev Dixit..call me dev..and what can i call you?
Sona: Sonakshi..if you like you can even call me sona
Dev:i would prefer sona.

I smiled and wanted to say something when all of a sudden a man who might be getting disturbed by our chat said in a vey rude tone Viewer:agar movie dekni nahi thi toh ticket kyun karidha(if you did not wanted to watch the flim then why did you buy the tickets)
Dev:excuse me
Viewer:what excuse me haan..what do you want to say..ek toh khud disturb kar rahe ho aur excuse me bolte ho..how dare you (you yourself are disturbing us and saying excuse me..how dare you?)
Sona:dev stop!
I had to interrupt because if I didnt then this argument would have reached the peak
Sona:I am sorry sir…dev lets go out
Dev:but we have bought the tickets..
Sona:dev pls
He shot a death glare at the viewer and followed me out

When we reached outside
Dev:why did you stop me..how could he be so rude?..in no condition …
Sona:shshhh!..if i had not interrupted then the argument would have reached the peak and what’s the use of it?..you would have disturbed the whole audience na..
Sona:its okay
Dev:where should we go now?
Sona:food court
Reaching the food court..dev ordered a cold coffee for himself while i ate sundae..my fav…even Elena loves it but hehe she missed it..all because of her jaan Vicky..
Dev:i don’t how people watch such movies?
Sona:ya exactly..i cant even bare it for a second…all because of Elu i had to withstand sitting in the hall.
Dev:who is this Elu?
Sona:Elena..she is my cousin,her pet name is Elu..she loves such romantic movies and she was the one who booked these tickets..
Dev:oh!..i see but where is she?
Sona:she came with me but all of a sudden her bf invited her for a coffee and she had to leave..
Dev:hmm..you don’t seem to like Elena’s bf much.. Am i right?
Sona:ya..but how do you know?
Dev:just a guess(wink)
Sona:hmm(smiles) what about you?
Dev:my friend actually he cheated me..i told him to book a action thriller movie and he booked this
Sona:haha..almost the same case

We kept chatting for an hour and then realising that its late now, we departed but before that
Dev:how could I contact you further?
Dev:once again pls..(naughtily)
I gave him my number and then he asked me the silliest question
Dev:so friends?
Sona:I thought we are friends!
Dev:I know..i was just confirming
He smirked and left…

We met many times here after..sometimes in the mall,sometimes for a coffee..sometimes in a party…or just chatted on phone.. we became close friends and gradually we fell in love..ya I was madly in love with him…i knew that even he loved me too ..by his actions ..by his gestures ..one can clearly understand but he never accepted that..he always said that we are best of friends…
i was patient at first..But as time passed..i started getting impatient..i was no more ready to be regarded just a friend of his..i wanted him to propose me..but he hardly ever understood my gestures..or even if he did he ignored it..
One night when he was dropping me back home from one of our friends party..which was in the countryside , as we were passing the highway..i made him stop the car.
Sona:dev..stop the car
Dev:but why?..everything alright?
Sona:ya ..just stop the car
Dev:but …
Sona:I said na stop the car.
He stopped the car finally..
Sona:get out now?
Dev:but why?..you know na..its highway,its not safe
Sona:common dev just come out
He came out and I pulled him near me…i looked up
Sona:just perfect!
He said looking up
Dev:wow!..its beautiful but have you stopped the car to show me this?
Sona:be patient..
Sona: dev i wanted you to this but now i cannot wait anymore.
Before he could say anything ..i knelt down and proposed him..
Sona:i love you…
Sona:look this the first time i am proposing someone and maybe the last time too..pls pls don’t say no..(puppy face)
He was shocked but slowly his cheeks turned pinkish and a very big smile appeared on his face..he made me stand up and then he lifted me in the air…it felt so good..
I shouted out aloud “i love you dev” and he shouted back “i love you too sona”

After exhibiting the excitement he set me down on the road
Sona:why didn’t you propose me?
Dev:i was afraid that if i expressed my feelings to you and if you don’t have the same for me..i will lose you.
Sona:oh!!..my silly dev..i gave you so many signals..anyways leave
Dev:but now i regret..i lost the opportunity to propose you.
Sona:let our love story be different..why the same always?
He chuckled and we both looked at the beautiful sky that was smiling back at us..
Sona: can you do something for me?
Dev:ya ..anything except for bringing these stars ..(chuckled)
Sona: I’ll never ask you to bring the stars for me but i would love to sit and watch them with you..
He smiled and with his strong arms lifted me and made me sit on the car ‘s front part and he sat beside me..i leaned my head in his embrace and together we watched the stars for a while before we finally headed for home..
Everything was going well..i had told about my love..about my dev to Elena ..and she never left a chance to tease me..we were even going to confess about our love to our parents but destiny had some other plans for us..
I went for shopping for buying groceries and on returning home a truck driver who was driving his truck on a high speed lost his balance and he was about to hit a small child who accidently came on the middle of the road..as soon as i saw this i rushed to save that child but i was only able to push the child from the way of the truck..i was not able to save myself..the truck crashed with me with so much force that i was thrown in the air and i landed somewhere near the footpath..people gathered around…blood was all around me and i was hardly able to open my eyes..faces of ma..my baba…and dev, came in my mind …

Asha(sona’s ma):sona ..meri beti(crying)
I slowly opened my eyes..everything at first was blurred ..but soon everything became clear …i could see ma hugging me ..kissing me ..and baba standing near me with his eyes full of tears…it was difficult for me to speak at first but after putting some extra effort i managed ..though my voice was not clear..
Sona:ma..mujhe kuch nahi Hua..main thik huon(ma..nothing happened to me..i am alright)
Asha:sona..aise kaise kuch nahi Hua…(sona..how come nothing happened)
Before i could say something doctor entered the room.
Doc:after 1year finally the patient gained consciousness
The word 1year kept ringing in my ears..what 1year but how could this be…then the flashes of accident came in mind…
Sona:what happened to me?
Doc:you met with a very serious accident…there was an internal injury in your mind..we performed your surgery but soon your body went to coma..after complete 1year you have gained consciousness.
All the words of doctor were dancing in my mind..i was getting mad…like how?..how can this happen to me..where is dev?..has everything changed??..tears started flowing through my eyes…
Bejoy(sona’s father):can we take our sona back home?
Doc:ya sure..we have to do some check ups and after all that she will be discharged
I was numb..lost in my own world..the moments I spent with dev kept flashing in my mind..his voice,his face..his touch…i was able to feel it…

After 1 full day of completing all the check ups ..i was discharged..i was back home…
So many things have changed..our neighbours..our maid..furniture but the only thing which I found,completely same was my room..just the same as I left…i entered my room..tears flowed from my eyes when i saw my room..each and everything reminded of something good..but there was one thing which has changed and that was calender..
Ma kept asking me what was wrong with ..why am i not happy ?..but what could i say her..
Sona:kuch nahi hai ma..kuch nahi(nothing is there ma..nothing!)

After sometime Elena came to meet me with flowers
Elu:kaisi hai(how are you?)
Sona:elu..where is dev?
Elena:sona..i don’t know about him ..he was so depressed after your accident..he used to visit the hospital everyday and all of a sudden he disappeared..i tried finding but in vain..
(in background this song plays.. sunne mere humsafar ..tujhe itni si bhi khabar…)
Tears rolled on my cheeks..i could sense dev’s touch but he was no where near me..i wanted to die but I couldnt.. Everything was just slipping from my hands.
Elena:sona pls control..look what I bought movie tickets..lets go
Sona:romantic picture
Elena:nahi..action hai don’t worry ..i wont fool you this time
Sona:main romantic picture dekhungi (I will see romantic picture)
Elena:okay fine!..but all of a sudden..
Sona:book the tickets..

We reached the movie hall..i was about to enter when I clashed with a man..i was about to fall when he hold me by his strong arms..the touch was very familiar..it was ..i couldnt believe..but ya I was right it was dev
We both had tears in my eyes..he hugged me so tight..my bones almost cracked but I was so happy to Mind that pain
Dev:you alright?..
Sona:hmm..where were you?..why didnt you come to meet me?..

Dev’s pov
Elena informed me about your accident..i rushed to the hospital and there your ma and baba were standing so I couldnt go close to you because we have promised that we will reveal our relation together..i heard the doctor saying that you went in to coma..this affected me a lot..
I stopped eating..i started drinking(alcohol)..i always seemed lost …i was always imagining you..it was really difficult for me to stay without you..ma(ishwari) saw my state and she was perplexed …because she too didnt know about our relation…one day
Ishwari:dev kya tum mere liye kuch kar sakte ho?(dev can you do something for me?)
Dev:Haan boliye(ya say)
Ishwari:toh tum humara business join kar lo..aur aaj hi new york chale jao(so from today you join our business ..and go to New York today
Dev:nahi ma..(no ma..)
Ishwari:tumhe meri kasam.
And so i had to go and yesterday only i have returned..being there i got myself so busy in work , that i could stop imaging you..it helped me but only for a while..and today i came to watch this romantic picture so that i can relive the moment that we spent together
*end of flashback*

I hugged dev…hearing his problems which was all because of me..i felt so guilty..so really guilty..
Sona:I am sorry dev.(crying)
Dev:its not your fault…
Sona:everything will go well now…promise..not even destiny can separate us.
Dev:I agree..after all the tigress sona is back(chuckled)
He knelt down on his knee and propsed me..
Dev:will you marry me?
After 5 yrs
Mummy papa..look what I made..our son Golu came running towards us..”our”..dev and mine…
Sona:what did you make?
Golu:our family picture
Dev:aww this is so beautiful..and see sona you look like a tigress..
Golu:thank you..
Sona:really so good!..and dev thank you for th compliment
Dev:omg!..gussa aa gaya kya?(omg! Are you angry?)
Before i could say something golu hugged us and ..we shared a family hug
Golu: my reward?
Dev:what do you want?
Golu :lets go for a movie
Dev and I smirked at each other..and said in a unison..
“lets go for a movie!!”

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