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This OS for the following couples:
Uma Shankar&kanak
The supporting characters are Teena-Dev’s assistant
Suhana-Dev’s daughter
Karuna-Shaurya’s mother
Ved-Kanak’s brother
Vansh-Kanak’s brother
Rahul- Naren’s brother

I hope u guys like the story.
So the sun rises and it falls on a man who is sleeping in his study table.
He wakes up and calls his servant to get coffee. He goes and pulls drapes.
Dev: good morning Mumbai(with a smile)
Servant: Good morning sir.
Dev: good morning
Servant: Sir. Teena mam is waiting out.
Dev: Let her come in.
Servant leaves and Teena comes in
Teena: sir. Are u sure of doing this deal.
Dev : s Teena I am Dev Dikshith. I saw only success.
Teena : s sir I will arrange the meeting.
Dev goes and wears a jogging suit and opens the door. He goes and sits in the table and calls “suhana come fast. I am getting late.
Suhana: S papa five minutes please.
Dev: OK dear but fast.
Suhana comes out wearing a pink jogging suit.
Dev: come on my princess. Let’s go.
They go for jogging. They both get ready and gather in dining table.
Dev,Suhana and Teena sit in table. they start eating.
Suhana: Dadu. come fast. becoz I have to complete my project and u promised me to help me.
Dev: sure my princess. sharp on 5.
Suhana: I love u papa . bye
Dev wears cap and tries to hide his face and goes into hospital he clashes with a lady.
Dev: I am sorry…
The lady: are u Mr. dikshith? am I right.
Dev stares her continuously.
The lady: Mr. dev…Mr.dev….
DEv is totally lost..
DEv: s Hi I am…..
Dev leaves.
Dev goes to office.
Teena: sir press conference is ready.
Dev: ok. Let’s go.
Reporters: sir sir what is the reason for this conference Mr. dikshith.
Dev: wait.
Reporter( the one Dev clashed with): Mr. Dikshith.can i ask u a personal question.
Dev: s sure.
REporter:u have a daughter we know but where is her mother.
Dev: what do u mean?
Reporter: I mean who is ur wife. we have no information abt her? where is she. Is she dead or u let her dead.
Dev: shut up.
he gets angry.
Dev: I called this press conference to let u know abt my new office in hyderabad.
Dev leaves. The reporter runs to stop him.
Reporter: Mr. dikshith u haven’t answered my question. if u want answer come and meet me in my office tomorrow.

Next morning.
Dev: did the reporter came?
Teena: S sir
Dev: ok let her in.
Reporter and her camera man are sitting in couch. Dev is sitting in his chair
Reporter: Hi. I am from Business news channel.
Dev: Hi. Stop acting so smart and take off the recorder from ur hand bag and throw it away. I like to speak with u some personal.
Reporter signs the camera man to leave. He leaves
Dev: Who r u?
Reporter: I am a reporter from business news. I said it before.
Dev: I knew u r the one who ruined many business man’s life. So what do u want from me.
Reporter: excuse me. U called us. We didn’t.
Dev: tell me the truth otherwise I would do what I want.
Reporter: what do u mean?
Dev: I know u r after me to know my personal life. Am I right. If I am so. Let me think. U r following me from past 2 months. Isn’t it?
Reporter stares.
Reporter: If u know everything. Then s I am following u for 2 months.
Dev: but why?
Reporter: becoz it is the time for ur failure. small things abt a business man would be great trp for us.
Dev: so u r spying me.
Reporter: it is a media thing.
Dev: so if u want to know abt me come and meet me at my office at mumbai tomorrow 10am
Reporter: What! U r giving me an appointment.
Dev : s and leave now. I have other things to do.
She leaves. it is morning .
Dev: Teena, Is the reporter came?.
Teena: s sir can I call her.
Dev : s and get me a coffee in conference room.
Teena: sir r u giving the interview in conference room?.
Dev: do what I said.

In conference room
Dev: so ask me what u want to ask. Reporter, switch on the recorder and keep it on the table.
Reporter keeps it.
Reporter: So Mr. Dikshith. Let’s start from ur childhood. Where did u spend ur childhood.
Dev: in streets of Mumbai. Then I shifted to Banglore due to my mother’s work
Reporter: so What was ur mother doing?
Dev: she is a house-maid.
Reporter : ok. Then ur high school is in Delhi. Where u met ur bestfriends Uma shankar&Pooja. Am I right?
Dev: I am quite surprised.
Reporter: do u? I don’t think so. U look shocked. Aren’t u?
Dev (deep breathe): S I am shocked.
He drinkes coffee. He looks disturbed.
Reporter: What happen Mr. Dikshith? U look so disturbed.
Dev:No I’m not. Y should I?
Reporter (smirks):ok say abt ur friends.
Dev: u r here to know ab me not abt my friends.
Reporter: cool Mr. dev. I was just asking. U can say abt their profession atleast.
Dev: y should I?
Dev gets angry and leaves.Reporter looks on.
In dev’s house he washes his face with water and looks him in mirror and gets angry and throw everything down.
Suhana: papa kya hua?(what happen)
Dev: nothing princess.
Suhana : dadu I know u r in trouble. just leave.
Dev hugs her and cries. I am sorry. She feeds him.

Next day morning.In dev’s office.
Teena: sir. That reporter is waiting outside.
Dev: she might be waiting to apologize. let her come in.
Teena: sir. y r u letting her to know abt u.
Dev(smiles): I like her.
Teena: Sir?
Dev: nothing. bring her.
Reporter: Mr. Dev. sorry. I am really sorry.
Dev:ok then..
Reporter: then..
Dev: ok.Uma shankar is an police officer. and pooja is a teacer.
Reporter(laughs) : so u r ready to say. but y?
Dev: becoz.. becoz.. I like u.
Reporter: What?
Reporter ( in mind I knew Mr. Dikshith u will like me. That’s what I want)
Reporter: ok tell abt ur friendship.
Dev: me,Uma,Pooja were friends from childhood. When I shifted to hyderbad Uma and pooja shifted to delhi.We met again in Delhi. I love them so much. they stood with me in every part of my life. they know everything abt me.
Reporter: are u in touch with them yet?
Dev: no.
Reporter: y?
Dev:sometimes we should leave behind something to get something. I betrayed them for my success.Dev gets emotional.
Reporter: sir I am sorry.
Dev: its okay. would u like to have some coffee?
Reporter: sure.
They drink coffee and laugh with each other.
Dev: by the way. What’s ur name?
Reporter: I think I should I leave.(she tries to leave)
DEv: hey! wait. Can I drop u?
Reporter: sure.
They leave. Dev drives. she sits beside Dev.
Dev: u didn’t say the answer of my question.
Reporter: what?
Dev:May i know the name of this beautiful lady?
Reporter: u should stop here.
Dev: ok Nice meeting u.
Dev kisses her on cheeks. she gets shocked. she pushes him.
Reporter: mr. Dev.. ..
DEv: sorry! sorry!
DEv pulls her hand.I am sorry….u r looking cute when u get shocked.
She blushes.
Dev: what is ur name?
Reporter: Why do u want to know my name?
Dev: to save ur number in my phone.
Reporter: u can call me sona.
Dev: what? sona??
Reporter:my mother will call me call like this.
Dev: atleast sy wo are u?
Reporter:I am ms. bose.She gives hand.
They shake hands.
she leaves. dev drives the car.
He climbs steps with a smile. Suhana sees and gets shocked.
Next morning
Suhana: dadu u look so happy.
Dev: really am I..
Suhana: sss teena too nods
Dev: really! I don’t know .I feel happy.
at dev’s office
DEv waits for her. he calls her but she didn’t response.

A week later.
dev is sitting in his chair and thinking abt her. muskuranae ki wahau tum ho…… plays
Teena : sir. wait is over.
Dev: what do u mean?
Teena: she is back.
Dev :tell her to come in.
Dev waits eagerly.. She comes in . dev hugs her tightly. When he opens the eyes he sees Uma shankar and pooja coming in. He gets shocked and leaves. He sits in a chair and cries.
Sonakshi: dev I am sorry If I hurt u. but u want to speak to them they r ur friends. pls dev. forgive me. I did this for ur happiness.
Dev hugs her and cries.
Uma shankar and pooja ae waiting in dev’s room.
Dev comes in. Uma shankar goes and hugs him
Uma shankar: I am sorry.I am sorry.
Dev: uma I am sorry.
Uma shankar: no the mistake was mine. I am sorry. The mistake was mine. I shouldn’t left u alone.I should be with u at that time.
Dev: no yaar….
Dev hugs him. Pooja gets happy seeing this. they call for pooja. pooja too hugs them. the camera man take the pictures of them.
It is raining and everyone is having coffee.
Suhana is playing with uma shankar.
Uma shankar: bahuth pyaari hai aur nautanki!!
Sonakshi: aakir beti kiske hai.(and looks dev)
Dev gets disturbed. Everyone looks tensed.
Pooja: dev What is the surprise?
Uma : surprise?
Pooja: dev said that he hve a surprise for me.

Everyone looks dev.Dev: I will make a call and come back. Dev comes back and sits in the chair with a smile.
Uma : y r u smiling?
Dev: Nothing. I am really happy after longtime.
Uma: me too?. I miss those days.
Dev,uma,pooja all look each other and laugh.
dev and uma lift pooja and play with each other.
Dev did u call me?,naren asked.
Dev: s Naren.come and see who has came.
Suhana runs and calls naren chachu…..
Naren: hey drama queen aaja aaja meri choco.
Suhana: I love u chachu.
Naren: I love u too …..
Pooja gets shocked seeing naren. her heart beats fast. she stands speechless.
Naren sees pooja and gets shocked too.
Dev: pooja how was the surprise?
Pooja takes her bag and runs away crying.
Pooja slips and falls down. She fall from steps.naren shouts pooja…… Dev and Uma runs to her.
They take her to hospital. The doctor says that u have nothing to afraid she got minor injuries in hesd,hand and leg. if took rest for two weeks she will be okay. doctor leaves.
They take pooja to home. Uma and dev takes of her.
Uma: Dev we r leaving tomorrow.
Dev: what ??y?
Uma: i can’t see pooja with one who ruined her life. And I cannot live in a house with a cheater.
Naren: s Dev he is right. Uma, I thought We are friends u will forgive me when u saw me but..
Uma: stop it Naren. we were friends. If someone hate my friend pooja they can’t be my friend not even my enemy. got it.
Dev: Uma u &pooja are my friends. I have the right to take care of u guys. I already have committed a mistake and lost all of u. but not this time.
Uma hugs Dev and cries.
Uma: I am sorry Dev. But I have to leave. It is safe to be alone. Dev u didn’t see how pooja ran after seeing Naren. She is afraid of him.
Dev: Uma listen to me. more than me Suhana needs u. She needs us. That’s what I understood when u came here. I saw her so much happy.
Uma: sorry Dev….after that holiday.I can’t live with u and with that pain. We r leaving. Uma leaves. Dev cries.
Naren goes to pooja’s room.He sees her and cries. Naren goes near to her. He kneels down and takes her hand from the bed and holds her hand.
Naren: Pooja u will leave in two days. I like to tell u something. I am sorry.When I saw u yesterday ,I wished to hold ur hand and say I am really sorry. pls don’t go. But beforeI do something. U left me. I understood u don’t love me anymore.(naren cries). HE wipes his tears and says “But I love u. I love u so much. I love u pooja.”He kiss her on her forehead.
Dev , Uma ,sonakshi see this. Dev and uma hugs each other.
Dev:He really loves pooja.
Uma:S. I already knew it.
Sonakshi’s camera man take their picture.
Pooja gets up and sees Naren. Naren goes. Pooja looks on.

2 weeks later.
In morning
Dev:Good morning everyone.
Uma: gud mrng
Suhana:gud mrng dadu.
Naren takes the newspaper and gets shocked. He threws the news paper.
Dev: Naren, what happen?
Naren gives the paper. Dev gets shocked. Uma gets the paper and gets shocked. Dev calls teena.
DEv: sir.Teena did u see the newspaper.
Teena: what happen sir.
Dev: first see the newspaper.
Naren runs to pooja.
Naren: Pooja …pooja…
Pooja: what happen naren babu?
Naren: pooja i didn’t do this pooja. beleve me I didn’t do this. I promise..
Pooja : what happen. Uma and dev runs to them.
POoja: dev,Uma what hpn. Y he is reacting like this.
Uma gives the newspaper in which Naren and pooja’s photos are printed. Pooja gets shocked.
Naren: I didn’t do this. trust me pooja i didn’t do this. I promise.pls pooja goes to him and hugs him.
Pooja: it’s ok it’s ok naren babu. I trust u. She kisses him and hugs him tightly.
Dev and Uma leave.
Dev(in phone): who did this teena? did u get any information.
Teena: no sir. I am sorry. dev gets angry.
Uma: dev before using ur power. Use ur brain.
Dev: What?
Uma: see this photo.It was taken that day when we brought pooja at home.
Uma: exactly if we know who was with us that day then we will know who did this.
Dev: smart. i forgot that u r a police officer.
Uma smiles. they check for cctv footage.
Uma: Dev i am sorry to say this but i think Ms.bose and her camera man are the only person who was there and suspectful.
Dev: uma. I love her.she won’t do this to me.
Uma: Dev but… Dev leaves. he gets in the car and drives the car to sonakshi’s office.

In Dev’s room
Suhana: aunty this is papa’s childhood photos.
Sonakshi sees the photos and smiles.
Suhana: I know he is cute. That’s what u think right? sonakshi smiles.
Sonakshi: suha what are the stuff in cupboard.
Suhana: no auntie. Don’t touch it. dadu will scold me. Wait I will be in five.
Sonakshi opens the closet and sees all photos and she takes a box.She sees many photos and she takes a letter and reads
I know u miss me. pls don’t leave me. I know that u r pregnant. I am not avoiding u but i left u for my job.
Sonakshi takes the letter and goes to Dev’s offfice. Everyone stares her. She asks for dev in office.She gets to know that he wasn’t there.She goes to house asks uma abt this letter. Uma is abt to scold. Dev come and protects her.
Sonakshi:who wrote this letter Dev?
Dev:where did u get this?
Sonakshi:from ur closet but that’s not the answer of my question.
Dev grabs the paper and says”it is my personal. I don’t even allow suhana to open the closet.”
Sonakshi: Dev I knew it but tell mew who was pregnanat? who wrote this letter to whom?
Uma: I said u right she is still a mean reporter.
She don’t love u dev.
Sonakshi: what do u mean? I am a mean reporter. I’m not.
Dev: then y did u take this. y did u publish this photo in ur channel?
Sonakshi: First answer my question and i will answer all the questions.
Uma: Wow do u think that We r thwt much fool. it is our personal wecan’t share with u.
Dev: Listen. Ms. boss. Why did u do this?
Naren: Dev, Ms.boss didn’t do his. She was innocent. This was done by her camera man.
Sonakshi: What?
Naren: s I checked all resources. It was done by ur camera man.
Sonakshi gets shocked. She goes and Dev runs to her.
Here Uma apologizes with Naren. They hug each other and pooja gets happy.
Dev: M. bose. know u r angry at Uma’s words. But understand the situation. He catches her hand. she pushes him.
Dev: listen yar. I trust u .I knew u don’t do this but how do uma . he is cared abt pooja. that’s why he shouted. Dev sees the letter in her hands.
Dev: Do u wan’t to know who wrote this letter? this letter was written by Suhana’s father to Suhana’s mother.
Sonakshi: Who is suhana’s mmother.
Dev: I can’t say nothing more.
Uma: Mehek.Mehek Khana was suhanas mother
Sonakshi: what?but mehek was Naren’s friend.
Uma: s.
Uma: don’t u want to know who is suhana’s father?
Sonakshi: obviously Mr. dev
Uma: No u r wrong
Naren: Shaurya Khana.
Sonakshi gets shocked “who is shaurya khana?”mehek asked.
Naren: he was my best friend. Naren break into tears.
Pooja holds him.
Sonakshi gets shocked and sits in chair.
Uma: Ms. Bose I will explain everything.
Uma: Me,Dev,pooja,Shaurya were best friends in high scl.We had our reunion after few years of our work. We decided to go to goa.
FB starts
In Shaurya’s house
Shaurya(in phone): hey mehek this for few day only yaar. i will be back in few days. It is difficult to live wihout seeing u but they are my friends. I like spend time with them. I love u yaar. He kisses the phone.
Mehek:ok Shaurya.I love u too. I miss u so much. I am going to meet Naren. bye
Pooja: Shaurya. Shaurya Come yaar. the bus has came.
Karuna: shaurya Take care beta. Call me when u reach there.
Shaurya: sure mom. Take care. I love u. He hugs his mother.
Pooja ,shaurya ,uma and dev gets into bus.
Shaurya: Next we r going to pick Naren.
Shuarya: he is my good friend. I offered him to vacation. Do u guys have problem?
Dev: no no
Pooja: no
They reached Naren’s house.
Naren: Hi shaurya. I have a surprise for u.
Shaurya: surprise. Let’s go we r getting late.
Naren: Atleast see the surprise. U won’t even move.
Shaurya: really!! ok
Naren: come here.
Mehek comes there. shaurya gets shocked.
Shaurya goes and hugs her and lifts her.
Ke tere liye dhuniya chodthi hoon.
tujhe pe hi saas aake rukaen
mein tujhko kitna chahta hoon
tu soch na sake playss….
Shaurya holds meheks hand and brings her.
Shaurya: this is mehek. Mehek,this is pooja, Dev, Uma.
Pooja: hi Mehek. so u r the one with whom shaurya speaks continuously in phone.
Mehek blushes.
they all get in the bus.
Mehek and shaurya sit in a seat.
Uma and dev sit in a seat.
Pooja and Naren starts tlking with each other.
Mehek: how was the surprise?
Shaurya: it was good but more than mine.
Mehek: ohh
Naren: hi pooja
Pooja: hi naren
Naren: Shaurya said abt u. but i didn’t think u would be this much beautiful.so that my heart started beating so fast
Pooja blushes.
Dev and Uma sleep.
Pooja and Naren continue their talk. They get good friends. pooja falls in Naren’s shoulder.
Mehek and shaurya see this and take pictures of them.
They reach goa.
they all get down.
Naren helps pooja in getting down the luggage. Shaurya and mehek walk holding their hands.Uma and Dev see this and smiles.
Ved: excuse me.
Uma: ved. Ved right
Ved: s I am VEd
Uma: how are u my man?
Ved: awesome man. what abt u ?
Uma: I am good.
Ved :sorry yaar I am late.
Uma: It’s ok yaar.
VEd : let’s go
Uma : wait I’ll call my friends.
They reach Ved’s house.
Ved: come inyaar.
Uma: I said we will stay in hotel.
Ved:s yaar but it is safer to be in house.
Uma: what happen?
Ved: nothing yaar a small problem
Uma: oh
VEd:by the way. he is Vansh. my brother. he would help u in goa.
VAnsh: hi girls….
Uma: hi Vansh

Pooja and Mehek laughs.
Uma comes to hall. Uma calls for ved. he sees someone near the curtain and goes near to curtain and abt to beat.
Kanak: ram ram ram
Uma gets shocked. he stares her. He gets lost.
Kanak:sorry ved bhai i know u r angry. I am sorry…..
Uma: excuse me. who r u?
Kanak:hlo who r u?
Uma: i asked the question. tell me who r u?
Kanak: Mr. I am knak rati. the only one sister of Ved and Vansh rati. Who r u? to ask this. move away. this is my house.
Shaurya: who is this beautiful girl Uma.
Uma: that’s what I don’t know.
Vansh: hey !! kanak.Where r u this much time. Kanak hugs Vansh.
Kanak: sry bhai I am so hungry.
Vansh: she is our sister Kanak. She takes care of our sweet shop. Uma keep staring Kanak. shaurya sees that.
Shaurya: oh!!! Uma like sweets so much.
Uma gets back and smiles.
KanaK greets everyone.
Next morning Everyone gets ready.
Dev: let’s go.
Shaurya: s We r ready.
Uma searches for kanak.
Shaurya: Ved Where is ur sister?
Ved: she went to sweet shop.
pooja & mehek: awwww….
Uma smiles and says be quiet.
They all enjoy the day.
Uma comes home and sees Kanak sleeping in sofa and smiles. Everyone smiles seeing uma caring for Kanak.
at night
Uma sits in backyard with cup a coffee. He is shocked to see Naren and pooja speaking in backyard and smiles.
in morning
Uma,Kanak,Shaurya,Mehek,Naren,pooja&Dev all are out
They are in kanak’s shop
Uma stares kanak while she was doing work. he drinks empty cup. Everyone laughs at him. He gets shy. kanak sees them and gets happy.
Kanak: Can i join ur group
Dev:sure kanak…
Pooja and mehek hugs Kanak.
Kanak: I i take u to party are u guys ready?
Naren: sure. I am excited.
they go for party and enjoy so much
In evening
Ved: oh guys r u back. Come and have dinner. Uma I have to discuss something with u.
Uma: sure.
Ved: u looks so tired. Let’s discuss tomorrow.
Uma: okk.
At night
Naren: pooja shall we go out.
Pooja: sure.They go out.
Uma: hi kanak.
KanaK: hi
Uma: Shall we go out. I like to walk in night. Everyone is sleeping. I need a company. U r the only one wake.
Kanak:(in mind)go Kanak. He is cute. go.
They leave.They eat icecream. Naren and pooja see uma and kanak and gets shocked and hides.
Naren and pooja hide and see them.Uma speaks too much. Kanak sees him and smiles.
Kanak: uma
Uma: what did u say?
Kanak: Uma how much do u talk!!!
Uma : I am sorry .
Kanak:that’s why u look cute.
Uma stares and smile. Kanak kisses him. Uma laughs.
Naren and pooja see this and laughs.
Pooja : Naren, I like to say something.
Naren: say me.
Pooja: I …I…love u.
Naren gets shocked.
Pooja: I know u look shocked but i love u more than my friends.
It rains….Naren hugs her.
Naren: I love u tooooo
Uma nd gets into a shop. Uma removes his jacket and wears it to kanak and hugs her. Shaurya and mehek have a liplock..
tum hi ho plays…

At morning
Naren and pooja are suffering from cold. Everyone suspects.
uma too sneeze. They all gets shocked. Kanak gives him tea and she coughs. Naren and pooja look each other and smiles. Kanak gets shy and leaves.
suddenly Kanak screams. Everyone runs to her.
Ved: Kanak..Kanak…
Kanak: bhai he was there he was there. I saw him…
Ved: Kanak. We r in goa…..Kanakkk
Kanak cries and hugs ved and vansh
Uma goes near the curtain and removes it. Kanak shouts bhai….
Ved: Kanak…kanak..there is no one see. Ved cries and hugs her.
She gets trouble in breathing ved consoles her…
Ved makes her sleep in bed and comes out. He apologizes everyone.
Dev: no ved u r also my friend.
kanak too we care for her.
Ved: this is what I thought to disscuss with u.
Uma: what happen?
Ved: We were in pushkar. Somebody tried to behave bad with kanak on her birthday night. she kick him off. but he came back of her always. one day she stab him with glass. But he is not dead. he came after her and forced her. When she told us we searched for him but we didn’t get him. That’s why we r here.
everyone is shocked….
Naren: what is his name?
ved: Rahul vyas
Everyone get shocked….
Uma: ved, I love her…
VEd: What??
Vansh: I knew it kanak too loves u . She said it to me.
fb ends
We left goa after we knew Rahul was the one.Uma didn’t go to goa after that.
Sonakshi:how suhana was born
Dev: after reaching here v got rahul in jail. we got the news that Mehek is pregnant. Shaurya and mehek got married. they had the child.
Uma: It was six months after suhana born. We came to know that Rahul was out and he killed ved and vansh
Uma cries ..dev hugs him……
Pooja : Shaurya was the first one to know this so he got rahul in jail .At that day when we had suhana’s first birthday.We all left. Suhana was with me.Shaurya and Kanak was at their house. someone set fire to their house. When we reach there it was already late.. Shaurya nd mehek were dead… Naren wasn’t ready to beleive that rahul did this. He left us…Dev took suhana from us. becoz he was afraid Rahul. Rahul know everyone except Dev.
Uma took care of me. Kanak left him.
Sonakshi: What ??? shaurya and mehek are dead……
Dev: s they r dead….
They get shaurya and mehek memories… they cries…..
suhana comes and hugs Dev
Suha: dadu I feel sleepy
Dev: let’s go to sleep come.

A few weeks later.
Dev gets call..
Dev(in phone):hlo s I am Mr. dikshith. what ??? what are u saying…..
Uma: what happen?
Dev hugs him..
Go and open the door u have a surprise. Uma opens the door and gets shocked to see kanak. Kanak drags him outside.
Kanak kneels down and gives flowers to him
Kanak: Uma shankar I love u…. I am sorry i left u becoz i am selfish… I am sorry.
Uma hugs her and sees sonkshi and says thanku
Sonakshi smiles…Dev touches her from back..
Dev: Hey beautiful….what’s ur name…I am asking this from a stranger for a past few months…
Sonakshi: I am Sonakshi bose. call me sona…
Dev remembers that night and smiles and hugs her. Suhana runs to them. Dev lifts her.
Dev: Hey princes…..it is the time for family….
More Laughs…. Lovely kissess…..sweet hugs and a gun shot…

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  2. I vote for this
    I give 10 pointsfor this

  3. I vote for it.10/10

  4. V.V.harshita

    I vote fr 9/10

  5. Fablous

  6. I vote for this
    I give 10 points for this

  7. Good. I vote for this.
    I give 9/10

  8. I vote for this
    I give 9/10

    1. sorry yaar .I thought it was not posted

  9. I vote for this.
    I give 10/10

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