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Here is my story….

Atharv and vividha were thickest friends from their collage days. One day vividha went to atharv’s home, that time…..
Vividha : atharv …where are you?…Sujatha chachi……
Sujatha: vividha beta, atharv is sleeping in his room. I told him many times beta but yesterday too he slept at late night only.You can go and meet him vividha.
Vividha: may be he had some work yesterday chachi, I will go and meet him.
Sujatha : Take this coffee beta and also give this coffee to atharv.
Vividha: okay chachi.
Vividha comes to atharv’s room with two coffees and see him sleeping.she smiles while staring at him.
Vividha : atharvji get up!!!she takes his index finger and dips it in the coffee.
Atharv (shouts): ha…………vividha tum? When did you come? And what is this yar???
Vividha : (she apologises by catching her ears ) oh sorry atharv… you look so cute while sleeping…
Atharv : okok your ice is going to melt! Apology accepted. Now tell me what’s the matter?
Vividha : I have a great plan for tomorrow. we all would go to that resort which is near that forest and celebrate there.
Atharv: what celebration?
Vividha : oh no!!! you’ve to consult a doctor for your amnesia problem. tomorrow is your birthday yar….
Atharv: How did I forgot my birthday!!!
Vividha : see u r becoming old dadaji….
Atharv beats her with the pillows and she runs. They had a sweet moment.

Next day…………
Atharv , vividha, their families come to that resort.
Ravish ( atharv’s friend) : Oh great vividha! Ur plan is excellent.
Guddi (vividha’s elder sister): ha vividha, he is right but ravish do you remember my birthday date ???
Ravish: ha guddi! How can I forget it! Its in November only na. No No its in august.
Guddi: ok then say all the 12 months and every day.
(guddi leaves angrily and ravish goes to console her)
Vividha (to herself)how will I express my feeling towards him?whether he too has same feelings towards me? If I say to him how will he react? Oh god please help me, give me some courage.
(Ravish comes there)Ravish: any problem?
Vividha : yes I want to say something to atharv and I have fear that how he will react to it!
Ravish: Ok then you can just go and say to him when he is alone. Just do whatever your heart says to you and rest leave it in the hands of god!
Vividha : yes ravish you are right.
(Vividha goes to atharv)
Vividha: atharv I have planned something special for you.
Atharv : what’s it vividha?
Vividha: shall we go trecking atharv?
Atharv: oh definitely!!!
Vividha : great you have accepted ,then get ready we will go.
Both vividha and atharv get ready and started trecking after informed to their families.
Vividha : climate Is nice na atharv…
Atharv: ha vividha I think its going to rain tonight.
After walking for one hour;
Vividha : I’m so tired atharv.you have water bottle na, give me some water.
Atharv checks and could not find it.
Atharv: oh no! I have left it in my room itself.ok don’t worry vividha you just sit her under this tree I will fetch some water in that lake and come.
Vividha: you cant go alone! I will also come.
Atharv: oh jansi rani you can stay here safe I will go , fetch water and will come quickly.
Vividha: okay Mr.atharv sujatha!
Atharv goes.
Vividha thinks: After he comes I will say to him.

Here since the lake was somewhat low , he took a stick and was carefully getting down . But suddenly , he slip and rolls down. His head started to bleed after hitting a stone. He loses consciousness.
Vividha waits for atharv for nearly half an hour and thinks where did he went. Is anything happened to atharv. I will go and see.
She searches him near the lake and found him unconscious near the rock.
She shouts atharv………….
She goes near to him and turns him. She notices his head bleeding.
Vividha : atharv please open your atharv, atharv atharv….
Tears from her eyes rolls down her cheeks . She cries.
Vividha : help….is there anybody …..help!!!
Atharv gets conscious and open his eyes.
Atharv: vividha I am fine.
Vivdha: what fine see you are bleeding atharv!
She ties her duppatta in his head.
Vividha: you should be careful na . If anything happened to you then….
Atharv : then what vividha?
Vividha: I will slap you beat you and then kill you.understood!
Atharv: okay vividhaji!
Its evening and the moon and the stars began to shine.
Atharv : will you bring whatever I ask?
Vividha: definitely atharv. Ask me!
Atharv: I will never ask you to bring the stars for me but I would love to sit and watch them with you!!!
Vividha: atharv!!!
Atharv: yes vividha I wanted to say this before itself . but I took some time to know whether you too have same feeling towards me. Today I have noticed it in your eyes. The concern you have towards me will you show throughout my life?
He kneals down and shows her a ring and asks “ will you be my life partner?”
Vividha: But atharv I don’t have such feeling towards you. How can you think like this atharv? We are just friends. That’s it.
(Atharv cries). Atharv: but vividha I can keep you happy for the rest of my life.I promise you and I love you vividha!
Vividha smiles and says “ I don’t need cheesy ‘I love yous’ just hold my hand and tell me “I’m here with you”.”
Atharv gets surprised. Atharv: vividha!
Vividha: yes atharv I love you a lot. I too wanted to say this but you surprised me.
She kneals down and asks “will you marry me Mr. atharv sujatha.
Atharv holding her and says: ha vividha I will marry you and I promise ‘no tears will come out of your eyes in pain’
They hugs and cry happily.

They reached resort and tell those incidents happened. Everyone gets shocked.
Sujatha: atharv are you ok beta? Shall I call doctor?
Atharv: no need ma!
Sujatha does aid to atharv.
Vividha: I wanted to say something to you all.
Guddi : what vividha?
Vividha: it’s a happy news and she blushes.
Atharv: I will say. We love each other.
Kailash: what?
Atharv: ha uncle today only we both came to know that we love each other. And uncle I’m sure that she will be happy with me and I will take care of her throughout my life.
All laughs. Atharv and vividha looks on surprisingly.
Vividha ; why you all are laughing?
Ravish: we all know this before itself.
Kailash: ha beta already I asked sujatha about this wedding and she too accepted. How will i miss atharv for you?
Vividha: oh papa thankyou so much papa amd ma…
Uma: ok vividha you can thank us later also now its time to celebrate…
Ravish and guddi comes holding the cake.
Atharv: wow!!! This is great!
Atharv cuts the cake and all sings the song.
He gives cake to his mom and vividha and they had a beautiful moment.
He then gives the cake to everyone.
Ravish comes to guddi and says “ your birthday is on 12th may,
your favorite colour – navy blue
favourite food – paneer masala
actor – sharukh khan
actress – priyanka chopra
dress – salwar kameez
you like to read more novels and the harrypotter series is your favourite. You enjoy rain. We have first met on 2nd week of febrary that is on 10th feb. I was wearing a formal shirt and pant and you were wearing a salwar in red colour. He stops and smiles seeing guddi.
Guddi gets surprised and hugs ravish. “I was wrong ravish You pay much attention to me. I love you ravish!”
Atharv and vividha smiles seeing ravish and guddi together.
Atharv lifts and hug vividha.
Atharv: you have so fat vividha!
Vividha: atharv is I’m fat?
Atharv: now itself you are fat then after marriage… oh god !!!
Vividha : atharv I will beat you.
Vividha beats atharv and he runs. She chases him saying “I will not leave you tonight”
He stops and says: you should beat your would be before marriage vividhaji. You can do it after marriage ha….
Vividha again beats him , atharv runs shouting vividha stop it ya.
All see them and laughs….

My story end here and I hope you liked it and enjoyed it. Thankyou for the opportunity…

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    I vote for it…
    I would give 10/10

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    Nice is . Shwerav and vitharv join nice . The story had only two or three scenes . Atharv house, party and hill could have added more 9/10

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    Story is simple and sweet.
    I vote for it. 9/10

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  11. Pnap

    superb & i vote for it

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    super really great all the best….
    MARKS 10/10.

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