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Story of Shivika

A girl is talking to her friend.
Frd: why don’t u believe in love dear?
Girl:I too don’t know roshni.
Roshni: But do u remember u r one who made me unite with my love “sid”.u always supports love and also helps the lovers.but u itself don’t believe in it? what is this ani?
Anika: haa roshni.i always supports love.but in my opinion love never comes in life when we want,it comes to life when love wants to come. once it comes naa it will never leaves u.thats the magic of love
Roshni:and I really wish that magic to come and fills colours in your life. i hope so.
Roshni’s phone rings and she picks the call

Roshni:haa sid I’m coming.actually I came to anika to meet her.we r leaving now.bye.
Anika and roshni leaves for there home.ani sees some people are beating the person.ani gets down the car and she picks the rod and starts beating the goons.mean while roshni calls sid and informs him the situation.
Sid comes there with the constables and arrests them.
Sid: r u ok?

Ani & roshni: yaa we r ok.
Sid:By the way u will never change ani. y u will always turn to jhansi ki raani,what is the need to get into everyone’s problems haa???
Ani:I just helped him.i cant see if anything wrong happens infront of me.Actually where is he?
Everyone sees the person lying on the road. they rush to him. Roshni sees the pulse and says he is ok but unconscious.
Ani: he will be fine naa?
Roshni: sure ani. He is perfectly alright.
Now what we have to do. We don’t know who he is?
Ani:I will take him to my home.when he gets conscious,he will leave.

Sid:but how can u take him to home ani? thats not at all safe.
Ani: Its ok sid.i will take care of me.ok
Ani leaves for her home along with that person
Sid & roshni also leaves.
In the morning:
That person wokes up and comes out of the room and sees ani talking to someone and explaining what happened in the last night.a smile comes in his face and a lot of curiosity to see her face.anika turns back and slips and closes her eyes in fear of falling down but to her surprise ntg happened like that.she is landed in a safe arms of that person. ani slowly open her eyes and they both have a cute eyelock.
Anika:hii!im anika. How r u???

Person:hlo,im shivay.yaa I’m gud.
Anika: have a seat ,I will bring a coffee.
She goes in kitchen and comes with 2 cups of coffee.theyboth have a normal talk. Anika tells him that today morning u r bro called u. I received the call.actually I shouldn’t take the call then I thought that may be they will be worriying for u. Im sry.
Shivay: It’s ok.And he says her bye and starts leaving but he gets a pain in his leg and starts writhing. (Actually he is doing drama so that he can spend some more time with her)
Anika:u r not at all ok? U r not able to walk also? How can u go? U better take rest for some more time here and then u leave. ok tell me what will u eat for breakfast?
Shivay: Aloo paratha.

Anika:Aloo paratha??(Omg aloo paratha? o anika phel Gaya raita, u don’t know how to make paratha & he is asking aloo paratha) she starts making different faces ???and says ok. Sure u just go and get freshup.i will prepare.
Anika immediately calls her sil(sister in law)and asks her the recipe of aloo paratha
Sil: what! Y u need the recipe my dear?
Ani:bcz today Im going to prepare it as I want to eat.

Sil: don’t say jokes ani! U r making AP (aloo paratha)? U doesn’t know even how to prepare dal & u r trying to prepare AP? She can’t control her laugh & starts laughing loudly.
Anika gets angry and cuts the call and starts thinking how to make this ap?
Meanwhile shivay comes there &understands the entire situation. He goes to her and says anika, my mom says that I will prepare very delicious ap,so can I make it for u?
Shivay prepares alooparatha and both starts eating their breakfast, meanwhile anika gets call from orphanage and anika offers shivay to accompany her. Both have a great time in orphanage. They both became very good frds.
Next day shivay left for Mumbai. But they both are in touch with each other in whatsapp.(now a days whatsapp plays a major role in uniting lovers)very soon their frdship turns to “love”.?In a very unique way shivay proposed anika and they said to their families. With the permission of their families both the couples tied a knot and get united.
1st anniversary of shivika(shivay and anika)

A grand party was organized and next day of their anniversary shivay got to know that he has a twin brother, named “mahi”& staying in Delhi with his maasi “kamini” (pinky’s sister).shivay without informing to anyone went to Delhi in search of his brother. There he gets shocked seeing mahi who is exactly like his mirror image. Anika gets tensed as he went away without telling her anything. Shivay phone rings and displays “anika”, seeing the name a smile appears in his face and his bro mahi understand that the call is coming from his cute “bhabhi”.shivay picks the call
anika: shiv where r u?do u know how much Im getting tensed?
Shivay:ani!ani!cool yaar. Im perfectly alright.now do what I say just catch the next flight and come to Delhi.
Anika: is it everything ok shivay? u r fine naa?
Shivay:haa ani im fine.u just come.i will explain u everything.
Anika:ok im coming.
Anika reaches the delhi and calls shivay. Shivay asks her to come iskcon.i will be waiting there.
Anika goes to iskcon mandir and shivay,mahi and kamini also reaches there.
Mahi sees anika and gets mesmerized by her beauty and he stares at her.
Shivay starts searching anika and comes to mahi and sees him staring someone but shivay can’t see the one whom mahi is staring as there is a crowd he could not able to find the one whom his bro is staring. He goes to him and shakes him

Shivay: mahi! Where r u man? where have u lost???
Mahi:shivay!shivay!shiavy!im in loveeeeeeeee
Shivay: what ?how?when?who?
Mahi:slowly shivay ask me one by one.i will explain u. first of all I just saw her and I liked her and I loved her.
Shivay:ohoooo!soo love at first sight haa.ok where is she?
Mahi:yaa she is there .oh nooo where is she???she went away
Shivay:don’t worry we will find her.but first help me in finding u r bhabhi.she is somewhere. Im not able to find her.
Mahi:ok, soo bhabhi came here,call her and asks her where is she?
Meanwhile mahi and shivay sees anika and says together “I found her”
Mahi:shivay!my lover is there..
Shivay:my ani is there…
Both the brothers indicate their hands towards anika but unfortunately first mahi sees shivay’s hand indicating towards anika and understands that his first love is none other than his bhabhi; his brother’s wife; he feels that his life has been taken away from him. Shivay runs to anika(wants to hug anika but guys as I have already mention u they r in temple, so..) and says anika u have a surprise.

Anika: what shivay?
Shivay:im going to introduce u my brother whom my family lost 25 years ago and here he is..my brother “mahi”
Anika gets shocked seeing mahi as he is same as shivay except his eyes.

Then all the members enjoy and have a great time in delhi but anika gets an emergency call from Mumbai so she has to leave for Mumbai immediately. but her heart says “no, don’t go yaar.dont leave shivay alone”. Atlast she decides to go as shivay promised her that he will come back to Mumbai very soon.she leaves from there. she does her work in Mumbai and she also gets to know that she is “pregnant”. she calls shivay to inform him the good news but he did not pick the call, then she decides to go to delhi and inform him directly. She catches the very next flight and leaves for delhi. When she reaches there no one r there in home. she called shivay but he did not pick the call then she called mahi and asks him where is shivay? i came to u r home. but there is a lock. first tell me y shiv is not lifting my phone?plzz make me talk with my shivay?
Mahi wipes his tears and with a wobbly tone –

Anika come to the city hospital immediately.
Anika:what?what happened mahi?shivay and kamini maa r fine naa? Tell me mahi wht happened???
Mahi: don’t ask me anything,plzz come to the hospital and he cuts the call.
Anika rushes to the hospital and sees mahi with full of blood stains in his shirt,sat on the bench and tears are slowly falling down from her eyes she too don’t know y she is crying.she runs to mahi and asks him about shivay,mahi doesnot say anything.anika gets angry and holds his collor and shouts at him where is shivay???kamini comes there and calls anika.anika turns and sees kamini,and runs to her asks her about shivay.she gives shivay’s shirt to her and takes anika to the ICU where shiv is being treating by the doctors. anika sees him from the glass

Anika:sh…..shi…..shi…shiv…….shivay…….tears are continuosly falling from her eyes.
Mahi and kamini also cries a lot. But anika remembers the promise made by shivay before going to Mumbai that “I will come ani,I will come” and she wipes her tears and asks kamini and mahi also not to cry as everything will be alright and nothing will happe to shivay as shivay never breaks his promises he will come with fit and fine,don’t worry.she sat on the chair and remembers all the moments of them and smiles thinking that they are going to become parents.
Doctor comes out
Anika and mahi:how is shivay doctor?he is fine right???

Doctor:im sorry…….we tried our level best but …….
Anika: but…what doctor???
Doctor: he went to “coma “we can’t do anything. Im sooo sorry saying this he left from there.
Anika didn’t spell a word ,she goes to shivay and cries a lot and says to him by holding his hand-
Anika:shiv,do u know y I came to delhi,I came here to inform u the news which will change our both lives,as a new member is entering in our life who is just like u, “junior shivay”
Mahi and kamini gets shocked listening this
Anika:haa shivay, do u know what junior shivay calls u ? he calls u as “papa”and me as” mumma”.shivay im “pregnant”come on shivay now u have to wake up not only for me ,but also for our “prince”seeing nothing change in shivay’s state, she goes out.

She slips from stairs and fell unconscious. Doctor checks her and says that she is fine now but we can’t save her child. Mahi stood in shock as he don’t know how to inform this to anika. She lost her husband and her child too.he takes shivay and anika to his home as doctors informed them that there is no scope for shivay’s to come back to normal. But anika is not ready to accept that as she believes that there is no life for anika without shivay. As she is alive it means shivay will come back. she goes to Mumbai to inform the family about shivay’s condition but when she reaches there she sees dadi lying on the bed.everyone says that dadi got a mild heart attack and doctors also informed not to tell her anything which may harm her life.anika decides not to say anything about shivay and asks mahi to help her
Mahi says “I will be always there for u anika”,anika places mahi in shivay’s place and goes back to delhi without telling anything about shivay’s condition.

Everyone in the family thinks that mahi is shivay and anika went for some office work to the delhi. Anika takes shivay to the different places in the country for his treatment but no doctor got success in able to bring shivay in normal.3 years passed.everythging changed a lot but anika did not changed a little. She has still a hope that shivay will come back to her. Everyone in the family thinks that anika became very careless, she neither think of her family nor shivay, always stays in delhi. Pinky used to think that-don’t know what she is doing there, she calls daily but what is the use of that she is not with my son shivay naa ,my Hera beta is alone here, thinking of that girl he is spending his life, this is not at all correct .I have to do something……….

Shivika’s 4th anniversary:

anika cuts the cake along with shivay and she talks to shiv
Meanwhile she gets a call from pinky and asking anika to come to Mumbai immediately as daadi’s condition is critical. Anika kept kamini to take care of shivay and she comes to Mumbai to see the dadi. But when she comes there she finds the environment is fully different from her expectation, she sees everyone r dancing and enjoying the party. Anika gets very angry and scolds everyone for saying that type of worst jokes. Everyone says sorry to her and requests her to enjoy the party as it is her 4th anniversary. She felt very sad seeing the concern for her by the family. in the evening pinky asks shivay(mahi)and anika to exchange the rings and gives then the rings but anika says no….

Everyone says whtttt…anika says I mean I have some important work, so I have to go, saying that she leaves to her room and cries thinking about shivay (shivay I can’t wear a ring to anyone other than u)she gets a call from kamini
Kamini; anika doctor is saying that shivay condition is critical.
Anika: im coming maa, Im coming saying this she takes her bag and leaves for airport.
pinky stops her saying that she should not put a step out otherwise the relation of the family with her will be ended forever. Anika without turning back leaves for airport as shivay needs her more.

After anika left, everyone feels very sad with anika’s behavior and mahi requests them just listen to him once. I want to show u all something. Can u plz come. After seeing that u people do whatever u want to do with anika. Everyone agrees for that .he takes them to the airport and all left for delhi. Meanwhile anika also reaches delhi and gets tensed as doctor informs her that shiv’s body is not responding to their medicines. Anika goes to the shivay’s room sitting beside him and cries silently. Mahi and entire family also reaches delhi and all goes to his home. He requests them to see what is going on inside and plz don’t say anything, just listen, everyone sees anika sitting there and crying and also sees shivay lying on bed and gets shocked
Anika: wiping her tears, shiv how many have I told u haa plzz don’t leave me, I can’t live without u,shiv…..i know u r angry on me as I went to Mumbai on our anniversary day that too leaving u here, but what can I do shiv. Do u know, maa called me and asked me to come immediately otherwise I did not go ,u too know that. What is this shiv? u only taken promise from me to take care of u r family, when im doing u r getting angry. This is not fair haa. i can’t leave u even for a minute shiv…

Anika: shiv-actually on our 4th anniversary I want to ask u something? But maa called me and I went to Mumbai, so there is no chance to ask u, now im going to ask u can u give that-
U even can’t imagine shiv how I lived these 3 years. Im just living with this hope that u will come and hugs me and says ani “im back”. I can’t live without u shiv plzz come back soon .everyone cries listening anika’s words and feels very sad as they are blaming that innocent girl.After 3years and 3 months anika’s love and faith wins. Shivay came back to his normal state.
Anika and shivay’s love wins and shivay and anika once again became “shivika”
And no one can separate them even god.

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