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ANIKA’s POV: Nineteen years ago, when I was abandoned along with chutki, I never thought we would be able to survive in this cruel world. I was just having seven years of encounter with this world when my parents left this world leaving behind my beautiful sister of age 5 with me, left all alone !! The bitter full separation we faced in the orphanage when chutki was handed over to a lady and I was taken by a man carrying a cart of soaps was still afresh in my mind. We didn’t know that after receiving a new mother and father, we will never get a chance to meet each other. Time healed the wounds, sahil became the best brother in this world and after the demise of sahil’s parents, buaa became the new sorrow factory in my life, she turned into a machine which planted all sorts of misery in my life. Her attitude towards me made me realise how Cinderella and snow white struggled in their life because of their step mother. BUT, life made a beautiful turn when I met the great SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. Our first few encounters didn’t go well, but fate has its own game to play. The gobar, cricket bat , window glass , water of course , sairabanno , helicopter well….Chopper in Mr.SSO’s words and my chaand bracelet played a very important role in our Tadi filled love story. Now we both have become so much important in each other’s life that we can’t imagine a moment without the presence of each other. Hmm… My thoughts with mixed emotions were disturbed by my sweet baby devar, rudra.

RUDRA: “bhabi are you in history class to sleep with your eyes open? Come fast… Today itself is the haldi ceremony.”
ANIKA: “okay babaa… iam coming. Let me just slide on this bracelet. And rudra, where is shivaay?”
RUDRA: “who? Parayadhan? Might be there, finding a chance to hold you bhabhi”
ANIKA: (blushing) “okay…You go right now. I’ll be there in a minute.”
Anika was heading towards the living room. Anika kept wondering what had happened earlier that morning. Shivaay had pulled me towards him as I’d just come out of the shower wearing a bathrobe and he was stroking my wet hair with one hand and his kanji eyes had its gaze fixed at me. His arms felt so safe and protective around me. Anika was sure that this time also shivaay must be waiting for a chance to pull her towards him and make her red as a tomato. So, Anika kept each and every step with great conscious so that this time shivaay doesn’t get a chance to become romantic Singh oberoi. “Swoosh”…. Anika was pulled by shivaay under the cover of a huge pillar which can cover their entire romance.

SHIVAAY: “were you hiding from someone else or… from me?”
ANIKA: “shivaay… You are here? I thought…
Shivaay went near her face, his hot breath made her spine shiver. “What did you think Mrs. shivaay Singh Oberoi?” murmured shivaay under her neck. Hearing Mrs. shivaay Singh oberoi from his mouth always created a sense of flying butterflies in my stomach.
ANIKA: “shivaay…this is not the time for romance. The haldi ceremony of omkara and gauri is going on, followed by shaadi. There are lots of preparations left. Now leave me.”
SHIVAAY: “okay. I’ll leave you, but on one condition. First you have to give me that special gift that you promised to give me today morning. You said about some surprise right? Where is it?
ANIKA: “shivaay, in the first place it’s a surprise so if I say it now, it won’t remain as a surprise. Secondly, I even said that, I’ll tell you about this after their marriage.”
SHIVAAY: “ya ya fine. What is so much special about this surprise?”
ANIKA:” shivaay, you will get to know everything. But please wait, because you won’t be able to handle the happiness that you get from this gift and the happiness of omkara’s wedding together. First you enjoy this moment, because by seeing my gift, you will get plenty of time to enjoy it. First enjoy the wedding, my patiparameshwar.”

SHIVAAY: “okay my Jhansi ki rani. Now, give me another gift.”
Shivaay went near Anika; she could clearly understand the naughty intention of her charming husband. This time, even she couldn’t resist. She decided to reciprocate for whatever he is up to. Shivaay stretched, kissed the top of my head. “I love you Anika… I can get anything from this world for you, even the stars from the sky to keep your smile constantly on this beautiful face”
ANIKA: “I’ll never ask you to bring the stars for me, but I would love to sit and watch them with you…”
SHIVAAY: “wahhh, Mrs. Shivaay Singh oberoi sounds soooo romantic today.”
ANIKA’S POV: I threw my arms around him. “I love you” I said. “Like I love you” he murmured near my neck. He kissed me, it seemed like our first kiss, and however it wasn’t. But this was different. Someone cleared his throat. Of course, RUDRA. We had completely forgotten that right now we have to attend a haldi ceremony and we are still busy romancing. I took a step away from shivaay, feeling embarrassed.

SHIVAAY: “how long have you been up here?”
RUDRA: “just a few seconds ago, actually didn’t want to disturb you both”
Prinku’s laughter can be heard behind rudra.
RUDRA: “what were you doing last night? Didn’t get time to romance? Discussing about champa, chameli and business deals?”
SHIVAAY: “shut up rudra.”
Shivaay pulled Anika along with him, followed by rudra and priyanka. Now they have to make this day and each and every moment special for Om and gauri.

SHIVAAY’S POV: My family is indeed my weak point, but it’s my strength also. After Anika came into my life, everything took a colourful change. Every change was acceptable. She completed me and my family. Now her sister chutki, Mmm…Gauri is going to enter my brother’s life. She is just another phase of Anika. Iam so glad that Anika had reconciled with her long lost sister, gauri. I felt immense pleasure when I was able to decode the sisterly connection between gauri and Anika. Finally, I could do something valuable for my Anika. She had done many sacrifices for my family and for omru. Now by returning gauri to her made me pay off my debt to her. Both the khidkithod sisters are now a part of oberoi family. Iam sure, just like how Anika turned NO.1 in my life, gauri will also be NO.1 in Om’s life. But it won’t be taking much time because Om loves gauri and their marriage is happening by love. Me and Anika never had such a special feeling at that time or… in other words, we didn’t confess it. But now, we both know how much we love and care for each other.

The entire family has accepted Anika and gauri just the way they are. Now I have to catch hold the pandit for rudra and saumya’s marriage, this time with full conscious.”
/// .. The haldi ceremony flowed into the marriage smoothly. The oberoi mansion felt no less than a heaven. All thanks to Anika and her planning. The twilight lights hanging, the mandap was decorated with thousands of flowers, the white blossoms that hung in garlands gave a great contrast with the peat moss green.

Now counting on the never ending guests and friends, there stands Mallika and siddarth, symbolising another happily married life. Oh yes, the tiny figure of a few months old baby playing with his mother and father was clearly visible. Well of course, Tia and dushyanth was having a great family moment. Next to the groom, there stands mahi and shivaay, the acceptance of mahi by the oberoi family went smoothly without much drama. All thanks to Om’s shayari, rudra’s silly talks but with a great meaning behind it, and Anika and gauris’s non futile attempts. The relationship can be illegitimate but a child born out of that relation should never be tagged illegitimate, the existance of that child is not illegitimate but it’s legitimate. That child should not be cursed for the mistake done by the other two individuals, everyone has its own intrinsic value, and we have to value and respect it. It was indeed a time of hardship for shivaay, when he failed in his own ideology, but with the support of strong pillars like Anika and his brothers, shivaay Singh oberoi didn’t collapse.
The wedding was grand; keeping up all the traditional rituals; omkara and gauri became one soul. Now it’s time for the oberoi family picture. In-between the shots, shivaay didn’t leave a chance to romance his wife.

SHIVAAY: “Anika… where is my gift? Now the marriage is over, its time”
Anika blushed; she took Shivaay’s hand over hers and placed it over her belly lovingly. She turned her gaze towards shivaay and gave him an ear to ear smile filled with shy and happiness. She whispered “congratulations, you have got a new promotion from patiparameshwar to superhero dad”. Shivaay couldn’t believe his ears. He is going to become a father! His child will be playing in his arms after a few months, shivaay felt that the universe had poured all the happiness to his life. He hugged Anika with great love and affection and bends down and gave her belly a kiss for the symbol of their love. The family members were puzzled with their sudden public love exposure, but our ishqbaazi dadi understood everything. The good news spread like a wild fire, Om, Mahi and rudra was happy beyond any limits. They were going to become chachu! Om and gauri thanked shivika for the best marriage gift. “CLICK”… and there goes the perfect family moment, with everyone surrounding shivika while; om, rudra and mahi bends down low enough to reach the new family member and to get a perfect snap with him or her.

The oberoi family has again gathered in the hall for another family picture; this time with a new family member. She looks just like an angel, having inherited the kanji eyes of her father and innocent smile of her mother. Her hair shines like omkara’s hair and naughtiness is filled in her just like her chachu rudra.
She fancies sparkling things just like her dadi who hums “oh my mata” filled lullaby for her. When mahi came to meet her in the hospital, she stretched her delicate tiny fingers to hold his hand. That was such an “awwww” moment.
The family photograph was taken, with MAHIKA SINGH OBEROI sitting on her mother’s lap surrounded by the entire family; loving her to the deepest core of their heart; and giving the lovable smile of the universe, with the entire oberoi family chanting “ DIL BOLE OBEROI”.


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