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The night was twinkling with the moon and stars , as always I’m sitting on bench admiring them like I do from the past three years. From the past three years I come in this park every single night , sit on this bench to fulfil your wish. As I come here I get lost in your memories , by watching the stars I feel your presence around me , as I look up to the moon I see your face in it smiling at me. “I’ll NEVER ASK YOU TO BRING THE STARS FOR ME, BUT I WOULD LOVE TO SIT AND WATCH THEM WITH YOU…” everytime your voice rings in my ears when I come here . A smile crepts on my face remembering our moments spent here.

Flashback 1
‘‘THE BLUE FOUNTAIN BIRD PARK’’ that’s what the giant board of the park stated. A girl in her early twenties is seen giving a rose to a boy in his mid-twenties. The boy happily accepted the rose but , as soon as he held the rose water splashed on his face from the rose , the girl started to laugh out loudly watching his wet frowning face . The boy angrily stared at the girl and said ‘‘when will you stop playing pranks on me panikka’’ the girl stopped laughing and said gritting her teeth ‘‘don’t spoil my name billuji’’. Now the boy’s anger reached its peak ‘‘don’t call me that’’ he said with rage. The girl smirked knowing that she has found out the boy’s weak point . ‘‘Billuji , Billuji , Billuji , Billuji’’ that’s what the whole park listened . Then the park witnessed something which was very usual for them . The boy picked up the girl and jumped in the pool nearby . They came out of the pool and stared each other angrily then they started laughing like mad people . An old couple who was observing them for a while shook their head in disbelief. ‘‘Nothing can be done of these two’’.

Flashback ends
I chuckled remembering our senseless and childish water fights . The cold breeze flew around me making me realise that you too remember our silly fights. I lay back on the bench feeling your presence all around me . As I touched our couple name carved on the back of the bench by you , my lips curved into a smile remembering my proposal ,suddenly the wind blew hard reminding me my mistake , it was not my proposal but it was her. Yes I know you might be making fun of me now ani , that the shri shri 1008 kanji aankhon wale bagadbilla was afraid to propose you . But in reality I was not afraid but I was nervous , I confess keeping my ego aside that the Shivay Singh Oberoi aka the mighty sso was nervous to confess his love to his only his pannika .

Flashback 2
Shivay was seen sitting on the bench writing a proposal speech for Anika , but every time his speech ended up in a disaster . Being frustrated he broke his #126th phone and fisted his hair , and sat on the bench with a thud . Suddenly someone tapped on his shoulder making him turn to meet a nervous Anika holding a bunch of white roses in her hand. Seeing Anika , Shivay quickly got up he was about to say something but his sight got hold of something attractive , his favourite white roses wrapped neatly in a red paper which had some uniqueness cause it holded a pattern , the pattern was a couple name ‘shivika’. Seeing it shivay’s eyes got wide and he gasped . He turned to look at Anika not believing what he saw was true . Anika took a deep breath and sat on her knees making Shivay amuse of her act . She closed her eyes and stared speaking her heart out , ‘‘I know you must be thinking what I’m doing so to make you clear I’m kneeling in front of the person I love , and I want to confess my feelings to my angel which happens to be you. Don’t think it’s my attraction towards you or infatuation ,

I wanted to tell you this before but I was not having the courage to tell you . I love you Shivay , only you , your my first love , my last one , my true one and my childhood love , you might not believe it but I loved you since the day I met you . Being a girl of thirteen I fell for a boy of sixteen . Remember our first meet , when we dashed into each other making you fall upon me , causing me to get lost in your blue orbs for my life time . Your smile stole my heart , your eyes made me fall for you every single moment , your gestures touched my soul , your talks were the medicine for my heart , your antics would make me laugh , your face would make me smile . Your golden heart became my reason to breath . Your one smile would make my day memorable , your happiness would give me pleasure , your care towards me made me feel I’m special , you’re the reason I live . Your pure soul is the reason for my heart to sink every time deeply into your love . Your one tear is sufficient for my heart to be stabbed , your sadness is enough for me to cry whole night , your anger is efficient for me to make its cause end .

My life is dependent on you Shivay , you’re the first thing in my mind when I wake up and your last thing in my mind when I sleep . Your pain makes my heart ache . you’re the best thing that had happened to me till date . Your presence is like a drug to which I’m addicted . My consciousness is intoxicated with you , my sleep is more like unconsciousness in your dreamland . I can’t imagine my life without you’’. She opened her eyes to watch an emotional Shivay overwhelmed by her confession. ‘‘ Would you like to accept me as your soulmate shivay’’said Anika looking into his deep blue orbs which only reflected his immense love for her. ‘‘YES’’ said Shivay only to get pounced by his ani in his arms with tears falling from both their eyes conveying their love for each other.

Flashback ends
How much we were happy that day ani . It was like you were mouthing my words from your heart for me . Do you remember the night which we were telling each other our wishes and I asked you what’s your wish , and you snuggled in my arm watching the moon and stars in the night sky and said , “I’ll NEVER ASK YOU TO BRING THE STARS FOR ME, BUT I WOULD LOVE TO SIT AND WATCH THEM WITH YOU…”. But why did you left your wish incomplete , why you left your billuji ani why?

Flashback 3
City hospital is seen , outside the operation theatre Shivay is walking worriedly tears are flowing from his eyes , murmuring ‘‘you can’t leave me ani , no you can’t’’ suddenly the operation theatre’s light gets off and doctor comes out , Shivay rushes to him and asked him is she okay ? the doctor nodes no and said she has only few hours left . Shivay holds his collar and said ‘‘you don’t know who I’m , I’m Shivay Singh Oberoi I will cancel your license if you don’t save her’’ the doctor looks terrified and explains him he tried his level best but if he could have brought her earlier her CANCER could have been treated. But how could he have brought her earlier when he himself got to know this few hours before . Wiping his tears he went inside to get surprise to see a smiling Anika . ‘‘Why are you smiling ani , and why didn’t you tell me about your cancer’’said Shivay angrily wiping his tears , but her answer shocked him . ‘‘If I had told you before you would have done your ssogiri and would have caged me to this 2 rs hospital for my lifetime , which is making me feel michmichi .

And I wanted to spend my life’s last days with you not with this boring hospital , so just forget about my cancer and let me spend my last few hours with you in peace’’ . ‘‘ How can you say that you will leave me , how can you leave your soul behind . no you can’t , you can’t no…..’’saying this Shivay started crying loudly in Anika’s arms while she consoled him . ‘‘So where do you want to go’’ Shivay said smilingly making Anika smile brightly and jump on him causing him to stumble a little . ‘‘the blue fountain bird park’ ’said Anika excitedly with sparkling eyes to shivery who shook his head knowing her answer. After a few minutes of driving they were in front of the park , Anika in the arms of shivery as they stepped inside the park every one gave Anika her favourite white lily and a warm smile and left the two alone after bidding Anika a goodbye . ‘‘so what do you want to do?’’ asked shivery smilingly watching his life adoring the lilies in her lap .

‘‘First I want to eat a chocolate ice cream sundae , then feed the ducks , after that watch the night sky in your arms then sleep peacefully for life’’ ‘‘fine then let’s do it’’ said Shivay back facing her but Anika knew he was hiding his tears from her. After a couple of minutes Anika was eating her favourite chocolate ice cream sundae sitting on the bench with Shivay by her side laughing at her way of her eating because she has spread the ice cream all over her face , but she was very busy in her ice cream that’s why she didn’t mind his teasing . After that they fed the ducks then they sat on their favourite bench refreshing their memories related to the place . After a while the sky was filled with twinkling stars all over and the beautiful moon adoring the night . Anika was admiring the night and Shivay was admiring her because he knew she was always fascinated with the night she likes to admire them . ‘‘Will you fulfil my last wish shivay?’’laying in his arms she said her eyes still on the sky .

Shivay just nodded his head in response , his throat dried he knew she is going away from him forever , tears brimmed in his eyes . ‘‘Will you come here and sit on this bench every night and watch the night sky ?’’ she asked him her eyes still on the night sky . ‘‘hmmmm…..’’ ‘‘well I think it’s my time to wish you a goodbye then’’ she said as the tears spilled out of her eyes as she saw Shivay nodding no with tear filled eyes . she smiled sadly as Shivay hugged her tight not wanting her to leave , tears falling from both their eyes explaining their helplessness . ‘‘Don’t go please ani I beg you please don’t do this to me please’’shivay said tightening his grip on her ‘‘shhhhhh……listen to me who said I’m going to leave you ha , it’s just my body is telling you a ta-ta goodbye but my soul is always with you . Whenever you will come here you will feel my presence around you , in the night you will feel I’m near you . When you be alone you will find me near you it’s my promise understand , and now like a good billu give me a bright smile , come on this is how you will bid me bye billuji .’’

Shivay wiped their tears and smiled to see his panikka smiling at him . he opened his arms for her and she just jumped into his embrace . ‘‘good bye Shivay , I love you’ ’she said in tears . ‘‘goodbye ani , I love you too’’ she smiled and stopped her breathing in his arms feeling heaven . Not sensing any movements he saw his love lying lifelessly in his arms in tears with a smile adoring her face . He smiled seeing her smile and pecked her forehead and whispered ‘‘I love you ani , goodbye my panikka’’. Tears spilled on her face from his eyes reflecting his infinite love for her.
Flashback ends

I love you ani I said looking at the sky . ‘‘I love you too’’ I heard as I closed my eyes smelling your fragrance indicating your presence around me . I smiled and opened my eyes to watch your soul in front of me smiling .


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    Literally brought me tears
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  6. Harsh Upadhyay

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    When randomly picking few OS to read..I chose this one… and trust me I don’t regret it… literally you brought tears in my eyes…
    I would give you 10 out of 10 for this…as it is strictly said over dramatic scoring would mean not counting that score..And I would not like that….
    So… I vote for you… 10 OUT OF 10

  15. Nikita_jai29

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    Superb Work Done By Writer Of This OS.

    Perfection overloaded in describing each and every feeling and emotions.

    Something touched my heart which bring some drops of salty water in my small eyes.

    RATE : 10/10.

    My Dil Goes ummmm …

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    U know for such a good piece if we get only 20 comments
    It is a shame
    Today i read it again
    Again it made me cry with the fear of loosing a loved one

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    If there was 100 i could give u that as well

    Prolific writing

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