I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 9 & 10

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Heya my friends, I know I’m a bit late, but here’re the ninth and tenth chapters of my ff.

Here are the links to the previous chapters:
All Parts here
Hope you all would like it.


I ain’t sorry for loving you:

CHAPTER 9 – Suuurrrpriiiissee……..

Shivaay’s POV:

“What? At my Home?” I fumbled.
“Yeah, can I SIR?” She laughed; I had totally lost my senses.
“It’s 5 in the morning, have you lost it?”
“No, no, I’m fine. And it’s just a morning walk or better say, jogging” She was breathing heavily. I knew she was on her way.
“And what about TANISHQ, he might feel bad……” I assumed she got my point and yeah, she did.
“I have him too and am coming to you” She said in a cool tone.
“Okay then, I’ll be there in five minutes, Darling” and she cut the call while she did not let me speak a word.

What did she try to say? My mind was crowded up with millions of thoughts, most of them questioning her actions. Her house was not a long way from my Mansion, just a 15 minute walk. I was pacing up to and fro in my room, still in my trousers. What’s she up to? I heard a knock and after that opened the door, she was standing there drenched in sweat. I made her sit and gave her my hand towel. As she wiped the sweat off, I asked her “What is it?”

She made me sit beside her and before I could figure anything out, she slid a Diamond ring onto my ring finger. As she took her hands off, I saw the glittering diamond.
“TANISHQ, for you” She said, some tears in her eyes and a wide smile.
Again she said, as I was speechless, “I Love you.”
My eyes went wet “Is this for me?” A Stupid question, although.
“Yeah” She wiped off her tears “My special one.”
“So?” She asked.
Ahem, speak up, she is waiting for your answer DAMNED.
“So……” I fumbled, but managed to say “I……I……love you too…”
“So much of suspense!” She smiled and made me smile.

I hugged her tightly, loving the experience.

She broke the silence along with the hug “But I need a shower!” I held her by her shoulders and said “You have got clothes or not?” To my surprise, she had them. “Okay then, go” and I showed her my loo.


I ain’t sorry for loving you

CHAPTER 10 – My efforts…..in vain

Shivaay’s POV:

“You’re my angel.”
“Nah, Bhaiyaa, Guardian angel” Rudra said in a matter-of-fact voice.
“What about Suns and Moons and Stars too, I’ve awesome poetries up my sleeve.”
“Oh come on O, you have to snap out of your world of poetries.”
“Exactly Rudy, Om, by the way, she loves your paintings. And she bought some of them from your exhibitions too.”
“Oh really! It’s good to know.”
“Enough guys, concentrate.” Rudy’s shout brought us back to the reality.

Seriously, I hated creative writings. Love letters were worst. I couldn’t mince words, forget about suspense or thrill.
“You seriously suck at writing, Bro” O gave his opinion.
Of course I knew that.
“Guess what Shivaay, make a presentation and mail it to her!”
“Amazing O!” OmRu’s High-five angered me to peaks.
“It’s better you people help me.” I glared at them.
“Bhaiyaa, is it really mandatory to have something to accompany the solitaire ring?”
“No, but it would not make me look a miser.”
“Ironical, Rudy, do you know the worth of this stone?” OmRu guffawed, looking at the ring.
“Bad joke Om” I rolled my eyes.
“Bhaiyaa, you should keep it simple. And give it to her when she’s least expecting it.”
“Déjà Vu” We both exclaimed at the idea.


The Blockbuster Morning left me in a fix. Rudra had given the best idea. But I just couldn’t forget the events. I swapped my card and opened the office gate. The whole office stood still, seeing me smiling. Rajesh was just about to spill the coffee on Mr. Gupta. I thought my presence would bring in a disaster, if I were to stand there for a few more seconds. I hurriedly went to my cabin. I couldn’t forget, how she walked out, understanding my spell-bound situation. She knew I had gone dumb after all this, so she straightaway headed to her home in my car which I had forced her to board. How stupid of me? But she had made the things worse for me. I sat down on the couch with a thud, totally senseless of my surroundings. I was in a trance probably, not noticing her entry and sitting beside me, she kept her warm palm on my hand. It sent a high voltage to my spine. Without any second thoughts, I took out the Ring and placed it on her finger. She was in a state of shock, witnessing my reflex. She held my hand, warming it up. I held the nape of her neck, not daring to spoil its delicacy.

“I’m sorry for the worst reaction in the world.”
“It’s Okay. You’ve done the most romantic thing in the most unromantic way. Just the way I like it, with a twist.” Her diplomatic answer struck me.
“My actions would never be able to measure my love for you” Yes, I voiced my thoughts.
“Actually, they convey the depth of your love. It’s so deep that it can’t be measured. I would be a fool, if I ever thought of doing so.”
“You know, every other day I fall for you anew. It’s a novo feeling every day.”
“Now, what am I to say to that?” and she laughed away my doubts, resting her face close to my heart.


Author’s note: Friends, I decided to give you both their confessions, for I realised that too much suspense is not good for health. I am really sorry for a late update as I was really tired yesterday and was slumbering at 10.30 p.m. only…….I know the way they confessed was really weird, as I wanted to keep it out-of-the-box. Do tell me how the confession was and yaa, I’ll always try to give longer updates.

Copyright: AditiB

(Be unique, be original, be you).

So how’s it my cuties? Do comment and let me know. I’m sorry for not replying, as I was out to College Street (p.s. I live in Kolkata) and was really tired after that. The reason for being tired……you would know if you ever go to College Street…..Ha ha….But don’t forget to comment okay…..

Lots of Bhalobasha (love),


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  1. Ruksy

    Loved the update totally. The confession was cute from both sides

    1. AditiB

      Thank you for reading, commenting and appreciating….. and keep reading :-))))

  2. Pooja26

    awwwwww a cute chappy…..
    amazing part dear…
    loved it !!!!!!
    post asap…..

    1. AditiB

      Thanks dear…. I thought I’ll get chamelis and chandnis for this…..Thank you for reading :-))))

  3. Unexpectable confession?…rock on

    1. AditiB

      A weird confession from a weirdo….ha ha …thanks for reading dear :-)))))

  4. Actually … It was so prefect in weird manner ..as V knw the couple themselves r a weird one … It was superb yaar.

    1. AditiB

      Believe me I’m even more weird than this….. kidding ;-)))))))
      Thanks for reading…. :-)))))

  5. Awesome….
    Anika’s proposal was just so unexpected…I was as shocked as Shivaay perhaps…
    Loved it….
    Waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

    1. AditiB

      Thank you for the appraisal and keep reading ….. I love all the people who comment and even those who read it….. :-))))))

  6. That’s one of the craziest,sweetest and loving confession I have ever read Aditi.??…
    Unexpected twist dear. Awesome …..
    Post soon ????…..

    1. AditiB

      So sweet you are… I think I’ll get diabetic out of the sweetness of all my commenters… Thanks for the support :-))))))

    1. AditiB

      Thank you dear and keep reading…. :-))))

  7. It is superbbbbbb dear…

    1. AditiB

      Thank you and keep showering your love on me and my ff…. :-)))))

  8. Loved it!! although the confession was an unexpected one..
    Update asap!

    1. AditiB

      I know that it was weird, but you people loved it…. vahi mere liye kaafi h…. :-))))

  9. Superb….loved it…

  10. Ria

    Jano tomar lifetime jail hovaar ucchit? Eke toh, eto bhalo lekho taropor eto choto chapter? ? Please lomba lekho na ?
    And getting back to the chapter, I must say it’s amazing. Although, a simple confession, yet beautifully penned. I’ve absolutely loved the ‘Out-Of-Box’ idea, and alike Anika, even I fancy simple confession over a highly grand one. I’m looking forward for the story to unravel further ahead. You know what I mean, right? If not, then please, I’m already praying you aren’t tired today and can update us soon. ?

    P.S.: Have heard of College Street. Too tiring, eh?

    – Ria

  11. Hey Aditi it was an unexpected but cute confession dear….. Luv this weird confess……

  12. Jerry_36

    Hey Aditi !! Its amazing dear. Beautifully written and expressed. The confession was? Words are less to praise. And a big sorry for late comment.

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