I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 8

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Heya friends, here goes the eighth chapter of my ff and I must say I’m overwhelmed with the amazing comments I’m getting every day. Thank you so much for all your support and keep reading and writing comments.

Here are the links to the previous chapter:

Chapter 6 & 7

Hope you all would like it.


I ain’t sorry for loving you:

CHAPTER 8 – Her present, my confession:

Shivaay’s POV:

I couldn’t believe that she gave me one of her deceased father’s favourite belongings. I have seen people fight for such things selfishly. I had lost all the doubts I had of her not feeling for me. But it could be that I’m just a special friend. That’s it. I was in great turmoil again, sinking in deep sadness.

“Hey Bhaiyaa, give it to me once.” Rudra asked me for the Brooch. It was the only thing I couldn’t give him.
“Bhaiyaa, come on, just a look.” I couldn’t fight his curiosity and gave up.
“My goodness, it has diamonds!” Om’s eyes went round.
“No wonder that person had the same tastes as you” Rudra exclaimed, referring to me.
“That is why she gave it to me,”
“And you are taking a good care of it.” Rudra gave it back to me. They patted at my back and went off.

I looked at the giant Ruby, the centrepiece of the whole jewel. It reflected my face on it and suddenly some sad tears clouded my vision, remembering her words. “Special” I said, smiling at my reflection.


I thought of telling her whatever I had in my mind. Om had been pestering on me for days. He was so hell-bent on convincing me. Rudy had turned totally hopeless. He knew me better. So he never talked to me about it. OmRu had said-“It has to be Special” and I had asked mindfully “What?” They had said angrily- “The confession, you Duffer!” But I would be a duffer thinking of ways to make it ‘Special’. I knew she hated Grand surprises and that too, those cheesy rose-petalled-bollywood-type-candlelight dinners, were definitely not her type. She would straight away take a U-turn if I thought of anything like this. So I thought of keeping it simple. “What to do now?” My mind asked me. Practical Question – “Where would I propose her?” “What say of the office?” “Nah, she would better kill me than saying yes.” So I thought of her house, “Yeah, a good place” my heart chirped.


Author’s note: I know I might have disappointed you people with a really small chapter, but believe me I just can’t help it, I’m going according to the storyline. The IMPORTANT NOTE: CONFESSION AHEAD…… I know the confession is going to be super-duper ___________…Ha ha… I want you all to fill in the Blank and tell me who’s going to confess before, my Prince or his Princess……..Keep guessing and……mmm…..wait for the surprise!

Copyright: AditiB

(Be unique, be original, be you).


So how’s it my sweeties? Drop down the comments below and don’t forget to comment and definitely read the confession…….I know the suspense gets on nerves…….. But still stay tuned……

Lots of Bhalobasha,


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  1. Amazing epi…. eagerly waiting for next…..

  2. Simrat_14

    Love it ?. Waiting patiently for the confession

  3. Ruksy

    Loved the update I feel like shivay is planning to confess but Annika will first

  4. Ohh my god .. U r such a writer I’m seriously dying to knw about the confession… Plz post it soon yaar..

  5. Awesome

  6. Wow! Superbbbbbbbbbb one…
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt..update asap!

  7. Thedreamsoul

    Awesome one Aditi , this is mindblowing . Waiting for for next part eagerly , update asap .

  8. Hii ishqies… Jaldi se update kro nhi to mere comments next update pr nice dekhne ko milaga… Because I am dying to see your next update asap please…

  9. Adit di , how can u do this to me?
    The suspense is getting on my nerves so badly!
    And as long as the other reciprocate, I don’t mind who confesses first . U r an amazing writer and am glad u r my friend.
    Love, vivikhta ?
    ps what is the meaning of bhalobasha?

    1. Ria

      Bhalobasha means love ?

      1. Thanks Ria di
        Lots of bhalobasha to you

  10. Awesome

  11. Hi aditi!? Awesome update dear ?. Eagerly waiting for shivika’s confession!!!

  12. Ria

    I love your story! Shotti bolchi. It’s written so beautifully and the words used are just ‘Apt’. I really, really appreciate your writing skills. And lemme tell ya, whether it’s Shivaay’s or Anika’s POV, it never fails to amaze me. ?
    Well, about the admission, let anyone confess first, but the feelings hopefully would be reciprocated, yeah? Lastly, there’s one complaint I’d want to submit. I’d really like to read longer chapters, if possible. By the time, I get into the story, it’s always over. ? So if you could, please make the chapters longer. ?

    Ar taratari post Koro. Ami wait korchi, raat er jonne? ?

    – Ria

  13. Luv it Aditi…… Eagerly waiting 4 confess…… I think Anika will confess first (wild guess)…….. Post soon dear……

  14. Jerry_36

    Lovely. No words to describe it. Post soon☺

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