I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 13

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Heya Friends…. I’m here with the thirteenth chapter of my ff based on the magical couple ShivIka…I just hope I’m able to keep the magic of the couple alive, though I’m very much unromantic and not that good at writing Romantic stuff, so I’d always try to define the feelings using the perspectives and don’t worry this story has Love stuffed in it at every nook, corner and part…….

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Hope you all would like it.


I ain’t sorry for loving you:

CHAPTER 13 – Life with My Love:

Annika’s POV:

My married life was heaven, going perfectly well with my perfect Husband. I could never ask for more. He was now a way of life for me, all my habits changed dramatically. Considering the events after the marriage, his thought processes shocked me, though I knew him well. And one such event made me wonder whether I even deserve him or not.
No wonder he had visited my home a lot many times, I couldn’t take them as enough for knowing a person’s tastes and sense of decorum. But he had observed every other feature of my way of life and had made changes accordingly to his room, that was now ours. I was surprised to the core and could barely face him, I was now ashamed of my intentions. It made me fall for him truly, and looking at him I found my new life. He stroked my tresses and came closer to me, only to hold me back ways and bury his moon-face in my mane, as dark as the life he had lighted up. I love him and can’t do without him, definitely not – my mind realised this fact. I turned around to face him and that smile made me lurch in pain.
I was choking with tears and did not have the courage to voice my feelings. His orbs radiating the light of his love came to my rescue. Caressing his face, I said half-choking- “Is….this all…..for…me?”

He was surprised with my stupidity and said “These, for the Love of my Life. I would tell her when she’s back, not the sissy wife I’m holding in my arms.” A smile made way to my lips and no wonder His Love who’s somewhere within me, became my dominant trait.

“Now that you have made so much of efforts,” I wiped off my happy tears, “I’m sorry to say, but I badly need your room as completely yours.”

A serendipitous reaction on his face and some words “Everything as it was?”
“Yes, my dear Hubby.”
“But Honey, I wanted it to suit all your interests. After all, it’s not all mine anymore.”
“The Room might not be only yours Shivaay, but I’m all yours for sure, am I not Dear?”
“Of course, as you wish; I love You, my sweetie.” He beamed with happiness and stroking my hair, he held me again in his comforting arms.
“Love you too, Honey.”


I never wanted him to know anything about my plans, but now that I was near my target, my mission was about to get accomplished, ‘cause I had all the proofs. Now, I gave it a thought, to tell him everything. It was hard to hide from him, I was guilty that I had to. I love him so much, that I can’t imagine him getting hurt. I had lost the apathy I had. My Mom’s words repeatedly ringed in my ears, what if he leaves me after all this; NO; how would I live without him? I needed a break.

I drowned myself in work, to avoid my idiosyncrasies. My stupid fears never gave way, but grew stronger, when I saw him shattered. His parents always fought bitterly; surprisingly they never ran out of arguments. This time they involved him too, considering this Shivaay couldn’t stop their heartless fight, so was deeply hurt in the end. He lashed out at them and stormed into our Room, not letting anyone enter it.
“He’s deeply hurt Rudra, come let’s not disturb him.” Om’s words explained the gravity of the situation.
Rudra was crying profusely, he begged me to go and talk to his Brother. Om approved it and I knocked the door.
“SIR, may I come in?” I asked the way I used to.
There was no response. The door was ajar and suddenly I heard a vase being broken.
I entered, resolute not to give up. He was facing the wall, sitting there like a four year old, cuddling a photo frame.
I ran my hand through his soft mellow hair. He held my dress tightly, as if asking me to sit down near him. I sat down and covered his hand with my palm and met his blood-shot eyes. That lovely face was covered with despair, I hated myself now. May be I won’t be there next time to cool him down. I might be the reason for his anger then.
He cuddled me like a small child and I just basked into the moment. I could feel him cooling down, as he fell asleep in my arms.
I placed his head on my lap, waiting for the Sun to rise.


Author’s note: A small one though an important chapter, it creates the base for the future events. Big things are on the way, many blames, many revelations, the next chapter would bring in the biggest twist…..and my dear readers, the ones who asked whether Annika is negative or not, I leave it upon you all to decide if you find Annika positive or negative……’cause she might be negative because of the twists, but as I always think, intentions and circumstances don’t define a person, I am cent percent sure she loves Shivaay to the core and would never ever harm him in my story…… the rest I’ve already defined how she feels hiding the truth from Shivaay. And…..Stay tuned.

Copyright: AditiB

(Be unique, be original, be you.)


So how’s it my friends? I told you all that this ff is a short one, but I’ve a story already in my head, the fact is I didn’t write it down as my boards were on and now…..well you all know I’m half-dead *wink*…I wrote this first story when I got those long gaps between my board exams but couldn’t resume the second one…..But I would come up with it in July or August, after I get admitted to some law college…… hope I’d get admitted…… And don’t forget to comment okay?

Lots of Bhalobasha,


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