I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 11 & 12

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Heya Friends these are the eleventh and twelfth chapters of my story. I hope I am able to keep you people hooked on to my story.

Here’s the previous chapter:
Chapter 9 and 10

Hope you people would like it.

I ain’t sorry for loving you:

CHAPTER 11 – My Mind had My Mission:

Annika’s POV:

“I can’t believe this, you proposed him or what?” My mom was horrified.
“I know it was not a part of our plan, but it’s good way to reach the father via his beloved son.”
“Its mean bachha, he’s innocent.”
“I know mom, but trust me, it would go smooth.”
My mom talked sense and this time too, she was right.
“What if He gets to know of the truth, he would leave you.”
“Can’t help it mom. It has to happen one day. But I can’t take my hands off it anymore.”
“I just hope you would be able to handle it when it happens.”
My mom was my strength. But I could sense Shivaay had made a way to this part if my heart, where my mom reigned. I had actually fallen for him, fortunately or unfortunately. But I couldn’t hurt him and knowing him so well as I did, he would be broken to pieces. I couldn’t afford to lose him, he was my breath now. But all I had to do was never let him know anything. I had to create an uncertain aura about my plans, at least until the wedding.

I visited the Grand Oberoi family with their Son. Not that I was meeting them for the first time, I had already known everybody. I met them as their prospective Daughter-in-Law, and was heartily welcomed by everybody, even his father. They gave us some time to ponder upon our decision, but Shivaay was rushing like hell. Even I wanted a courtship period, for some sweet memories. Heavens forbid, he was so desperate! It made me worry and I started to find out every other fact that could be a potential reason for his rush. I checked every document, contract, record, project paper, archive, to know of any deadlines that would make him do so, but couldn’t get any. I knew of every deal he had cracked, recently and past too, but there were no conditions as the reason for his rush. Only then I decided to confront him. We met near the Jacuzzi, after he had returned from Mumbai, back to Delhi.

I could see the longing in his eyes. He gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek and hugged me tightly. His warm presence and his sweet scent made me feel so good. But I was not ready to be distracted.
“How was the trip?” He fiddled with my fingers, while I asked him.
“Amazing, but I missed you. I would give you all the details once we head to Office.” He was so happy.
“How’s your mom?” He impressed me, again.
“No wonder she’s doing well.” “Would you tell me something?”

“Why not dear” He clasped my hand and kissed it.
“Why are you rushing into marriage?” My straight question made his smile fade away.
He met my eyes, his bluish orbs resting on my golden ones.

I could see him stiffen. “Why are you asking me this?” He turned cold again.
“Because I think we need some time. It’s a huge responsibility, this marriage. I want to be perfect at it and I need this to go at a proper pace.” I explained my point.
“I’m sorry, but I have my own reasons.” He said, not ready to answer me.
I knew him too well and could anticipate the reasons. But I had to be lenient. He expects that from me.
“You need not be sorry, I’ll manage.” I concluded with a smile.

The marriage was nearer, every other day increased my anxiety. I knew I couldn’t voice my fears and speculations, but it seemed that he could make things out of the pale face I carried. I never asked him anything, but couldn’t fathom what was going in my mind too. I had confessed and was now about to marry the love of my life, though with larger interests. In ordinary circumstances, a girl was supposed to be happiest, but here I was, the grumpiest. The sad emojis I emanated and the negativity surrounding me, caught the sight of Badi Maa or better said, Janhvi Aunty.
“Annika dear, what are you up to?” She asked me with a beaming and heart warming smile.
“Huh?” She asked me what I was up to?

“I mean, are you planning to be in the Bidaai mode for the whole marriage?” Her question made me wonder what Bidaai was. No matter I was lost. That being the Bride-to-be here, I forgot what’s Bidaai.
“Oh! Certainly not Aunty….. I was just worried for my mom, she’s a bit unwell to come here.” I had lied, ahem, my mom was in the coffee shop. Sorry aunty, my mind said, I can’t afford to bring my mom here.
“So you are worried on a matter that’s just petty and worthless, dear” Tej Uncle joined the conversation.

“Yeah correct Tej, we both would be more than lucky to have your daughter rituals done by us!” Janhvi Aunty was just the opposite of my to-be-mother-in-law.
“No wonder I would be equally lucky, Uncle and Aunty.”
“You are trying to shake us off like this? Uncle Aunty, seriously?”
“Tej is right. We are supposed to be Badi Maa and Bade papa, right Annika my child.”
“Absolutely. My bad, Badi Maa and Bade Papa.” I was really happy to find the new family so humble and hospitable.

The work load in my office was just ever increasing. We both had to go for the board meeting just a week before our marriage. I was more than comfortable in the Office, with the familiar faces and surroundings than that of the Mansion, where the majority of the rituals and the relatives were always out of the reach of my impressing powers. I was waiting for Shivaay, in the Tapestry while he had to be fore bearer of every other conversation his parents had. I signalled him and making an excuse, he hurriedly came to my presence. I hadn’t got a chance to inhale his toxicity for a long time and this time when I did, it drove me crazy. He came nearer to me, squeezed my hand and gave me a kiss on my cheeks.

We left for the Office in his car.
The board meeting was a success; I could feel a pair of eyes staring at me intently for the whole duration of my presentation. After the dismissal of the meeting, I looked up to him while his eyes displayed longing. They pulled me towards him and I just couldn’t avoid him anymore. Yeah we had not been talking for a long while now, as he had his meetings and I had my mission.
He held me tightly in his embrace while I basked in the essence. He did not let me speak and placed his fingers on my lips, while he spoke, for me to hear.

“I know you have been lenient; but you know I am bad at expressing stuff.” I saw the helplessness in his eyes.
“I have been apprehensive, ‘cause I love you and you don’t need to express your fears. I am here to make you stronger, not much weaker.”

“Your love is the only thing that can make me as well as break me.” He said while resuming the embrace “I just want your love Annika, that’s enough for me.”
I just didn’t know what fears he held in his heart. But considering the fact that I had already scratched his wounds once, I didn’t wish to repeat it again. So I thought of diverting the topic.
“How was the meeting with the Shekhawats, Honey?” I made it sound as sweet as possible.
“Darling, what do you think it was like?” He played with my fingers and looked at me with eyes filled with love.
“Bang on, what else it would be?” I said, sure of my answer.
He smiled nah grinned at it and playfully held my waist “So you know your future husband really well.”

“Yeah, alike him, ain’t it, Rajesh?” He left me hurriedly, searching for the Rajesh I was referring with a whole lot of Disappointment.

I ain’t sorry for loving you:

CHAPTER 12 From Shivaay-Annika to ShivIka

Shivaay’s POV:

I knew I had bizarre reasons for this rush and couldn’t voice them. But her questions had made me rethink my stand. I’m extremely insecure. Not of the fact that I doubt her, I can never do that, but I’m insecure of my fate. My fate took away everything dear to me. Other than my brothers. They were not a part of my insecurities and I trust the more than myself. I wanted her to enter my life as soon as possible, not to let her go this time.

So I made sure the marriage went well. She did not want it to be Grand, to my means, as its very much clear she hated Grandeur. It was a normal wedding, though I made it Public that she was my wife and she was fine with it. That day she questioned me for the last time. She strangely did not ask me anything; not that we didn’t talk, we had amazing conversations, but never a heated argument. We both knew each other too well to fight at petty matters.

The family accepted her completely, but my Grand Mom was a bit disturbed that my wife’s Mom didn’t participate in any of the rituals. She had an ill-health, so Badi Maa took her place. Surprisingly my brothers and their respective Ladies bonded well with my wife. Rudra was a Fan. He would just hover around her all the time praising her perfection. O was equally impressed and had already painted a series on her and I just never had enough of her.

All the rituals were over, our marriage perfectly done, but there was one thing that struck me about her. She used to go under-cover sometimes, not letting anyone know where she was. This strange thing happened one day, I wake up to her calls every day, finding her beside me, smiling. But that day she was nowhere to be found, no one knew where she was, nobody had seen her. After half an hour, I could sense her near the Jacuzzi. She was sitting there all bundled up, no one saw her when they came here to find her out. What was she doing? I had hundreds of questions, but dismissed them, thinking she missed her Dad.


I never asked her anything; she told me every other thing herself. But I could dig out that she was up to something secretly. She was a fan of weird surprises, just the way she had proposed me. So, it could be that she was planning some other surprise. Oh God! Her surprises; they would scare me to death every time. But those papers looked like proofs, I don’t know what they were. I just love her too much; too much to question her. She had come to be my everything, my peace, my solace, shelter, happiness; everything. I don’t know what I’d do without her; probably go crazy!

Author’s note: Finally these chapters are longer ones. And I skipped the rituals as I am really ignorant toward marriage rituals, even Punjabi ones. I just focussed on my lead pair and their bonding and sorry friends, I’m busy with my Law entrance preps, so I won’t be that quick now. Wish me luck for my future career friends………….and Stay tuned!

Copyright: AditiB

(Be unique, be original, be you).

So how’s it my cuties? Do comment and let me know. I’m really sorry for my short chapters and sad to say this story is a really short one. I hope after ending this I would be able to come up with a new one someday……..

Lots of Bhalobasha,


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