Ahista .. Slowly..BeHir AjiVish FS Part 3

Unfortunately on the picnic day Ajitabh and Vishaka had a mission.So they both rang up Mahir and Bela.

Ajitabh:Sorry Bela..I can’t come because of emergency work.
Bela:Bhaiyya…you are not available on any special occasion.

Ajitabh:Sorry Bela..it’s because i can’t leave my work and come.
Bela:Ok Bhaiyya..I understand.
Vish:Sorry Mahir.I can’t come as I am caught up with work.
Mahir:Oh no.Without you it will be boring.

Vish:Don’t think like that.You and Bela go together.I am sure that you both will enjoy.
Mahir:Ok..take care.

Mahir and Bela reached the place.
Bela:This place is so beautiful Mahir.
Mahir:Ya.Very beautiful.

Ek khwaab ne aankhein kholi hain
Kya mod aaya hai kahaani mein
Woh bheeg rahi hai baarish mein
Aur aag lagi hai paani mein

They went boating.
Bela rested her head on his shoulder:It’s lovely.
Mahir smiled seeing her head on his shoulder:Yes lovely.

Rab labbha papiya nu
Jeehna change kaam na change lagde
O kiven pind kajiye
Assi chol paake vi nange lagde

Aa. aa. aa.

While walking Bela’s leg started aching.
Bela:I don’t know why my legs are paining.I can’t walk anymore Mahir.
Mahir:It’s ok.I will carry you.
He lifted her up in his arms.

O zindagi yun gale aa lagi hai, aa lagi hai
Koi khoya huaa barson ke baad aa gaya

Carrying her in his arms he walked.

O pheeke-pheeke the din-raat mere, saath mere
Chhuaa tune toh jeene ka swaad aa gaya
Ek tarah ke awaara thhe
Ek tarah ki awaargi
Deewane toh pehle bhi thhe
Ab aur tarah ki deewaangi

Mahir:Are you comfortable Bela?

Bela:Yes I feel secure in your arms.
He smiled.

Sajde bichhawan ve
O gali gali, o gali gali, o gali gali
Jis sehar vich mera yaar vasda
Kamaana painda ae. oh khadke oh khadke
Ho itthe Rab na koi udhaar labhda

Suddenly it started raining.
Bela opened the umbrella.

Unknowingly their eyes got locked onto each others.

Ek khwaab ne aankhein kholi hai
Kya mod aaya hai kahaani mein
Woh bheeg rahi hai baarish mein
Mmm. aur aag lagi hai paani mein

Suddenly the cool breeze blew and the umbrella flew away.

Mahir:Oh no.We lost our umbrella.
Bela:It’s ok Mahir.Let’s enjoy rain.

He smiled.

Khwabi khwabi si lagti hai duniya
Aankhon mein ye kya bhar raha hai
Marne ki aadat lagi thi
Kyu jeene ko jee kar raha hai

The rain drops kept falling on them.

Pehle to begaani nagri mein
Hum ko kisi ne poochha na tha

Mahir managed to get the umbrella and opened it.

Saara sehar jab maan gaya toh
Lagta hai kyun koi rutha na tha

They walked towards the river.

They sat near the river.They dipped their legs into the river and looked at the beauty of the river.

Sajde bichhawan ve
O gali gali, o gali gali, gali gali
Jis sehar ‘ch mera yaar vasda
Kamaana painda ae. oh khadke oh khadke
Ho itthe Rabb na koi udhaar labhda

They kept chatting.

O. zindagi yun gale aa lagi hai, aa lagi hai
Koi khoya huaa barson ke baad aa gaya
Ek tarah ke awaara thhe
Ek tarah ki awaargi
Deewane toh pehle bhi thhe ab
Aur tarah ki deewangi
Sajde bichhavan ve
O gali gali, o gali gali, o gali gali
Jis sehar ‘ch mera yaar vasda

Bela: I think now my legs are better.Let’s walk Mahir.
They both walked smiling at each other sweetly.

Kamaana painda ae. o khadke o khadke
Ho itthe Rab na koi udhaar labhda
Sajde bichhavan ve
O gali gali, o gali gali, o gali gali
Jis sehar ‘ch mera yaar vasda
Kamaana painda ae. o khadke o khadke
Ho itthe Rab na koi udhaar labhda

(Kill dil)

Ajitabh and Vishaka were looking at the photos of some criminals.
Vish:They are the main suspects.

Ajitabh:Full history is there in this file.
Vish:They all are involved in this murder.
Ajitabh:We have already caught some of them.But who is the real killer?We have to find out that.
Ajitabh and Vish were discussing whom they suspect as the main culprit.
Ajitabh opened the tiffin box and starting eating.
Ajitabh:Ramonaji..are you not having lunch?
Vish:Here we are in great tension and you are thinking of eating.

Ajitabh:If we skip lunch will we get peace of mind?And we don’t have proper food as police officers how will we get the strength to fight against our enemies?Come join me.

Slowly Vishaka joined Ajitabh and started eating.He smiled.

Vishaka got a phone call.She was shocked.He realized that Ajitabh was in the washroom.Immediately she got inside the car.Ajitabh came running towards the car.

Ajitabh:Where are you going Ramonaji?Are on going for a drive?
Vish:ACP Ajitabh,I have no time to hear your jokes.

She drove away.
Ajitabh:Why did she go like this?Something is wrong.
Vishaka reached a lonely area.She saw a masked man.
Vish:Remove your mask.I know that you are the main killer.I want to see who you are.
Suddenly he held her by her neck and started squeezing.Suddenly somebody shot his hand and thus Vishaka got released from him.Vishaka was surprised to see Ajitabh there with the gun.
Though wounded he ran away.Ajitabh and Vishaka ran behind him.But he just escaped.
Vish:Damn it.Lost a good chance to catch him.
Ajitabh:Why did you come here all of a sudden?

Vish:I had arranged some spies to get clue about the killer.I was informed that he is here.I realized that you were in the washroom.I knew that if I don’t leave fast I won’t be able to catch him.But that masked killer escaped today also.
Ajitabh:But how could you come here alone?It was not at all safe.What would have happened f I had not followed you…?
Vish:Thanks for saving me from him.Otherwise he would have killed me.
Ajitabh:When I am there nothing will happen to you.You know how scared I was?I feared if I will lose you.
Vish looked at him emotionally.

Aahista aahista
Mujhe yakeen ho gaya
Aahista aahista
Yeh dil yahin kho gaya
Yun gira gira hai chand ya
Teri hai roshni
Yun udi udi si hai zameen

Ajitabh:I can’t imagine a life without you.I love you.
Vishaka was stunned.

Ho… ho….ho…..
Hua yeh pehli baar
Mujhe ho gaya hai pyaar


Ajitabh:No need of saying anything now.Let’s go back.

Ho… ho….ho…..
Hua yeh pehli baar
Mujhe ho gaya hai pyaar

They reached the police station.
Ajitabh gave her water.
Ajitabh:Relax.We both will solve this case together.We will catch that masked killer by tearing his mask.
She smiled.

After 2 weeks….

Vishaka and Mahir were sitting together.But they were thinking of Bela and Ajitabh with a blush on their face.

Both noticed each other.
Mahir:What Vish?
Vish:Nothing.And you?

Later both decided to reveal everything to each other.
Vish:Mahir…I thought I will never fall in love.But now I think ..I love Ajitabh.
Mahir was surprised:What?You love Ajitabh?
Mahir:You know what?I have fallen in love with Bela.
Vishaka was surprised:You are in love with Bela?
Vish:I am so excited.We both are in love with a brother and sister.
Vish:Yes.So our sasural will be same.
Both giggled.

Mahir:But i have not confessed my love to Bela yet.But seeing her eyes I feel that she too loves me.
Vish:That’s great.Go confess your love.I am also going to confess my love to Ajitabh.
Mahir:But one problem is there.We are officially engaged.
Vish:Because we thought that love is impossible for us.But now since we are in love after confessing our love to them we will convince our parents to call off the engagement and marry the person we love.
Mahir:Right.We need to tell Bela and Ajitabh too about our engagement.
Vish:Yes.But on confession day if we tell we they will be mood off.So we will tell later.
Mahir:You are right Vish.

Vishaka and Ajitabh were in the police station.
Vishaka was staring at Ajitabh.Ajitabh became conscious.

Dekh loon yeh khwab main
Ke raaton mein tu aa key eh kahega
Ke tu ji rahi hai meri zindagi
Sochi kya baat hai

Ajitabh:Why are you staring at me Ramonaji?What is in your mind?

Yeh ankhon se tu dheere se sunega
Kyun na rok loon main yeh din yahin

Vish smiled in a flirting tone:You want to know only about what’s happening in my mind?Don’t you want to know what’s happening in my heart?

Kissi se bhi na
Kahenge hum na
Yahin pe kho jayenge

Ajitabh looked at her eagerly.He thought:What is she up to?
Suddenly Vishaka pecked his cheek shocking him.

Yun gira gira hai chand ya
Teri hai roshni
Yun udi udi si hai zameen

He was numb for a few moments.Then he blushed.

Ho… ho… ho….
Hua yeh pehli bar
Mujhe ho gaya hai pyaar

Ajitabh:What did you do Ramonaji?This is a Police station.Not a private place.
Vish:Ok.Then next time I will kiss you in a private place.
He blushed.Vishaka smiled seeing him blush.

Mujhse ik pal mila
Yeh lamhe saare sab se chuppa lo
Teri jo kahani suna chala

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Aur uss pal mein hi
Tum aa ke mujhe apna bana lo
Mujhko mera har ik kal mila–Bachna Ae Haseeno

Mahir and Bela were having lunch in a beautiful eco- friendly restaurant which was full greenery and flowery.
Bela:This place is so beautiful.Our nature is really beautiful.
Mahir:Yes..just like you.
She blushed.

Piya tu piya woh nahi
Man basiya woh nahi
Preet se dil ko kahin
Moh liya toh nahi

They finished their lunch.
Bela:Mahir..this is a beautiful place.I don’t feel like leaving this place.
Mahir:This place is romantic too.That’s why I brought you here.

Badli si meri duniya lage
Pagli meri paijaniya lage
Pooche toh kiski joganiya lage
Yeh nish din sataaye piya (x2)

Mahir pulled her closer passionately.Bela was stunned.They shared an intense eye lock.

Jiya re jiya woh nahi
Teri batiya woh nahi

Dil mein jala hai kahin
Prem diya toh nahi

Bela:Mahir…what are you doing?

Mahir embraced her softly.Bela was lost in his sweet embrace.

Man mein kabhi they shikwe gile
Bhul ke usko humse miley
Aake tu lag ja gale se mere
Ke tere bin na laage jiya (x2)

He moved his lips towards her ear and whispered romantically:I love you Bela.

Jo tu bani humsafar hai
Dil ki zameen thar batar hai
Kyun mujhko samajhne mein
Itne zamane lage (x2)

Bela was surprised.
He blew at her ear romantically.Feeling his breath over there she closed her eyes.

Puchu toh aankhen churane lage
Ke nis din jalaye jiya (x2)
Baahon mein kasne lage ho
Phir bhi tarasne lage ho
Sajan teri nazron se jaldi pighalne lagi (x2)

Slowly he looked at her.She was blushing.

Tere isharon pe chalne lagi
Ke tere bin na laage jiya (x2)

Mahir:Please answer me Bela.I can’t wait for that.

Bela blushed:Yes.I also love you Mahir.

Piya tu piya woh nahi
Maan basiya woh nahi

They smiled happily and embraced.

Dil mein jala hai kahin
Prem diya toh nahi

Bela:Thank you for this beautiful date.
Mahir:Thank you to you for making this date beautiful.
They smiled.

Badli si meri duniya lage
Pagli teri paijaniya lage
Aake tu lag ja gale se mere
Yeh nish din sataaye piya (x4)(Dongri Ka Raja)

Mahir Bela Vishaka Ajitabh went for a movie together.There one middle aged woman came with her daughter.They saw Mahir Vishaka and went near them.
The elderly lady:Hey Mahir Vish..when is your wedding?Date is fixed?
Mahir and Vish became dull.
Elderly lady:After engagement there is no news about the wedding.
Bela and Aiitabh were confused.
Bela:Engagement?Whose engagement?
Elderly lady:You both did not tell your friends that you both are engaged?
Mahir Vish were dull while Ajitabh and Bela were shocked.
Elderly lady:They both are engaged.They are going to get married.

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