Agnifera 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi Steals Agni’s Engagement Ring

Agnifera 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi steals Agni’s enagement ring from locker and exchanges it with fake ring. Kishen hugs her from behind thinking her as Agni. She turns. He nervously apologizes her and says he thought she is Agni. She says Agni must be in kitchen. In kitchen, Agni over phone orders Mukhri to get all files ready, she will come and sign. She then searches something to eat. Kishan enters. Agni asks him to do something that their engagement should happen tonight. He says he will, but she should give reward. She says she puts behind bars whoever takes bribe. She asks to do it then and asks to give 2 kisses at least and tries to kiss her when maid enters. They get nervous, blabber and walk away. Maid stands smiling.

Kishan and Agni’s engagement ceremony starts. Daadi says they will play a game first, she will question and whoever answers right will get a gift. Kishan says good idea. Daadi asks if he had girlfriend. Kishan gets nervous. Father asks not to dig old grave. Daadi warns if she should dig his past. Kishen nervously says when he was in London, he had a crush on his neighbor girl. Agni asks if he did not inform about Julia. Kishan says even Agni had a crush and describes story. Daadi asks to finish engagement first. Agni and Kishan exchange rings. Daaadi sees Agni’s ring and says this is not family ring. Devi asks what happened to family ring. Chachi says this is fake ring. Agni says she gave ring to goldsmith fix it and he gave her this ring. Chachaji calls goldsmith who says ring was fake. Agni says she had this ring. Devi scolds Agni. Sakshi reminisces Sakshi going into Agni’s room and exchanging ring. Devi continues scolding if she cannot protect ring, how will she handle family. Daadi backs Agni, but Devi continues yelling. Yashi asks not to worry, she will search ring. Devi says lost ring will not be found and it is their family ring, how will engagement happen without it. Kishan asks her to relax, engagement can happen even without it and ties holy thread in place of ring. Devi fumes while others rejoice. Kishan says he will support Agni whole life. Agni says it is good Julia left Kishan, else she would have lost diamond like him. Family claps for them. Kishan says even he eats paan, if Agni has any problem. Agni asks to be ready to pay penalty. Kishan says he will follow all his duties and love her whole life. KD smiles while Sakshi fumes.

At night, Sakshi wakes up and looks at diamond ring, thinks without ring, engagement will not happen, she will not let any happiness near Agni. She walks away with ring. Agni wakes up at night and not finding Sakshi searches her.

Yashi pulls Devi’s wheelchair. Devi yells not to worry about her, servant will pull wheelchair. Yashi says she is worried for her. Devi yells she can do a lot for her and stop Agni and Kishan’s engagement. Sakshi walks to living room and finds Kishan sleeping there.

Precap: Daaadi shows mehandi design sheet for engagement. Sakshi spoils it. A lady holds Agni from behind. Kishan warns to leave his wife. Lady says would be wife.

Update Credit to: MA

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