Agnifera 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s Determination To Take Revenge From Agni

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Agnifera 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kishan angrily punches punching bag reminiscing Sameer insulting family. Sakshi tries to stop him requesting to stop punishing himself. He pins her to wall and says she will not understand as she also hates her sister like Sameer hates him and family. Sakshi walks to Yashi who reveals how Samar was thrown into hostel for a simple childhood fight with Kishan and since then Sameer hates his family.

Sameer reminisces Agni at his family home. Raghav informs him how Kishan married sisters Agni and Sakshi with 3 and 4 pheras each and about their fight, etc. Raghav asks after insulting his family, he still wants to take revenge from Agni. Sameer says he does not care about family and just knows money, he will take revenge from Agni at any cost.

Kishan walks to KD. KD gets ill remembering Sameer and requests him to bring Sameer back home. Kishan promises an dreaches Sameer’s hotel room. Sameer gets angry seeing him. Their arguments start and they punch each other. Kishan says he would not have come there if Daadi was not ill and remembering him. Sameer agrees and returning home feeds KD. KD asks if he will not leave her again. Sameer promises and pays rent to Vasu saying he wil not take anyone’s favor. After sometime, Agni walks to Sameer’s room. Sameer starts taunting and flirting again and says he promised to have coffee with her, now he is staying in same house. She warns to stop his drama, else she will inform Kishan. Sameer acts and asks not to inform her 3-phera husband and laughs. Next morning, Vaishali prepares breakfast for Sameer excitedly and waits for him. Sanjay says she started preparing breakfast since 4 am. Sameer enters and yells he does not like this breakfast. Yashi requests him to not reject his mother’s hard work and have her prepared breakfast, they will prepare his preferred breakfast from tomorrow.

Sanjay’s goon guards Revathi while Revathi is tied to a chair. Revathi requests him to take her to washroom. He takes her to washroom. She hits his head and escapes. He calls Sanjay repeatedly to inform him. Sanjay sitting with family gets tensed.

Precap: Sakshi falls in Kishan’s love. Sanjay rams his car on Revathi and speeds away. Severely injured Revathi is taken to hospital where Agni is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Summer

    I can see where the storyline is moving…Sameer will deliberately ruin Agni chances to spite Kishan and Sakshi will win the competition.
    As a result Agni hostility towards Sameer will intensify. Kishan will resent Sakshi and unwittingly, oblivious that he is starting to develop feelings for Sakshi.
    Sameer will help Agni find culprit for Dadi Revathi injuries, they bond. Agni confides in Sameer Sakshi’s hostility towards her.
    Sameer will help Agni find the truth to prove that her mother Ragini is innocent and they both mutually will start developing feelings for one another.

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