Agnifera 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Baiju is Back in Shristi’s Life

Agnifera 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baiju asks Shristi to give mangalsutra. Shristi says she will not as it is her mangalsutra and she considers him as his husband even now. Baiju says Damini has right on this mangalsutra and she will be his wife and not Shjristi.

Anurag shows photo collage to Ragini and fixes Vikral and his photo with Ragini’s. Ragini happily thanks him and shows him family photo.

Damini waits for Vishu in temple. Vishu walks in and scolds why did she call him here, he will pay her money. She says Shristi told he called her here. He says he did not and she sent him message instead. Shristi walks in and takes them into temple and shows wedding arrangements, says when they love each other, then they should marry. Baiju and Damini get tensed and asks what drama is this. Shristi asks panditji to start mantras. Panditji asks mangalsutra. She says she will give her mangalsutra, she just wants to see Baiju happy. Rituals start. Baiju stops. Shristi reveals that she doubted Damini and found drama certificate in her bag and realized she is an actress. Damini thanks god that she does not have to marry Baiju, she is stuck between Baiju and Shristi’s love. Shristi asks Baiju if he does not care for her. Baiju says he loves her a lot, but wants her to return to Vishu. Shristi says how can he think like that, she loves only him and he is her husband and not Vishu. She hugs him emotionally. Baiju prays god not to examine him repeatedly.

At home, Vishu panics that both Baiju and Shristi are not at home. Revathi tries to calm him down. Baiju returns home and says Shristi was feeling unwell, so he took her to doc. Vishu gets concerned and asks Shristi if she is fine, holding her hand. She pushes his hand, yells at him and leaves. Revathi fumes noticing everything. Dulari taunts Revathi that her plan is backfiring on her.

Shristi and Baiju’s romance continues. They hug each other. Ragini passes by and seeing them coughs. They get alert and act nervously. Ragini taunts him and leaves. Their drama continues…

Precap: No precap.

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  1. I bet Baiju is gonna die. There is no way in an indian drama that a woman can change her man after she consumated her marriage with him (vishu).
    It is just not their style.
    I personally don’t like shistri x vishu, but I know that is gonna happen.

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