Agnifera 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni and Sakshi Meet

Agnifera 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni returns to polie station and sees constable dinking liquor mixed in cool drinks and talking about Agni’s failure. Old constable says he did not feel such a humiliation in 40 years of his career. She walks to them and insists to have cool drinks. They hesitate. She says she knows it is alcohol and assures them that she will find thief soon.

Agni then goes to Vidhvan’s old dilapidated house and sees lock already open. Sakshi inside house celebrates her parent’s birthday with their photo and cake. Agni waks in holding torch and checks whole house. She enters Ragini’s room and finds her essay about her daughter who will do justice with everyone. She cries emotionally and think when her parents are so good, how can she do wrong to anyone. She then walks into another room and sees cake there and realizes someone is already present here. Sakshi walks in and asks who is it. They both point mobile torch at each other. Agni sees fan falling on Sakshi and rescues her. Sakshi falls down. Ragini runs to get water for her. Revathi comes and takes Sakshi back before Ragini returns.

Next day, Sakshi reaches temple with Revathi and prays god. Agni also reaches there. They both pray god together without noticing each other. Agni prays god to guide her right path. Sakshi prays god to take revenge from Ragini who killed her father. Revathi prepares flower garland without specs and cannot see. Agni helps her and takes her blessings, but does not identify her. Revathi thinks if Ragini and Shristi were alive, they would have helped her, their daughters would have been of same age.

Precap: Sakshi threatens jeweler to cancel his daughter’s wedding, else she will create havoc. H seeks Agni’s help. Agni catches Sakshi’s aides carrying huge box and insists to open it.

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  1. It is so stupid and ironic how Revathi thinks positively towards Ragini when, obviously, Revathi was the one that told Sakshi that Ragini killed her father, and made Sakshi hate Ragini so much.
    Like, stupid old hag, why would you first teach your “grandaughter” to hate someone so much then want her to move on from that hate?

  2. Summer

    I can see Agni and Sakshi falling for the same man.

  3. Biggest fan of Anuragini

    I have a problem that the Agnifera tellupdates is very late, even I can not see the serial in Zee5.
    I want to watch episode of October 5 but there is no tellupdate or episode. 😡😡😡

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