Agnifera 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kishan Blames Agni

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Agnifera 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi asks Vaishali to think something and stop Agni from informing Sakshi that they mixed glue in lipstick. Vaishali says she will do something. Agni thinks she will win competition first and then help Sakshi, Sakshi is suffering for her misdeeds anyways. Kishan passes by and asks if she byhearted Satyanarayan pooja’s story. She says she has prepared well and will win for sure. Yashi walks in next and asks him to go and get ready soon for pooja.

Kishan walks into Sakshi’s room to call her for pooja and sees her writing in pain with lips stuck together due to glue. He thinks Agni did this to win and thinks she should not have done this. He helps Sakshi deglue her lips with nail polish remover.

KD says pooja muhurath is passing by and asks pandit to start pooja. Pandit asks Agni to recite Satyanarayan story. Agni obeys, and pandit praises her. KD sya muhurath is ending, but Sakshi did not come yet, so Agni is winner. Kishan entes with Sakshi and says even Sakshi should get a fair chance and asks Agni if he is right, blaming her. Yashi sees Sakshi’s lips injured and asks how did it happen. Kishan says Sakshi fell and injured her lips, but she can speak now. Sakshi requests KD to give her a chance. KD agrees. Sakshi reads sholkas reminiscing Devi’s advice to even read meaning and explains its means. Pandit praises her. KD pronounces Sakshi as winner. Agni says it is injustice to her. KD says she just byhearted shlokas, but Sakshi even byhearted its meaning, so Sakshi is winner. Agni confronts if they want to announce Sakshi as winner always, then they should stop this competition. Devi yells this is Agni’s true face. Agni confronts if she should inform her misdeed. Devi and Vaishali get tensed. Agni says forget it and walks away. KD announces Sakshi as winner.

Kishan walks behind Agni. Agni confronts him that he also helped Sakshi and wandered behind her to make her win. Kishan blames Agni for mixing glue in Sakshi’s lipstick to win, he did not expect it from her. Agni says she did not seal Sakshi’s lips, though she did not help her deglue her lips. Kishan says Sakshi’s lips were bleeding, how could she. Agni says Devi and Vaishali did it. Kishan continues yelling to stop blaming Devi and continues blaming Agni. Agni says if he thinks so fine and walks way.

Agni gets commissioner’s call to meet a lawyer at a restaurant. She reaches restaurant and waits for lawyer. Sameer walks in and says he told her that she will have coffee with him within 24 hours and starts flirting with her. Agni warns to stay away from him, else he will be behind bars. He touches her saying she looks soft, but is very hot. Agni slaps him and warns to be in his limits.

Precap: Agni slaps Sameer and walks away warning him. Sameer thinks he will enjoy working with her. Sakshi falls in Kishan’s love and imagines him.

Update Credit to: MA

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