Agnifera 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi’s Hatred For Agni Increases

Agnifera 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni picks water glass. Sakshi snatches it. Agni confronts and takes it back. Sakshi as usual continues yelling. Agni tries to fix anklet. Sakshi snatches it and says it is daadi’s. Agni says daadi gifted it to her. Sakshi snatches it and breaks it. Agni scolds if she does not value people and emotions. Sakshi says not for her and if she cannot get what she wants, she will not let Agni also to get it. She walks out to speak to daadi/Revathi.

Kishan goes to his mother/badki and says she is angry on him for not accepting her choice, but he loves someone else. He shows his childhood photos and reminds how much she loves him. He says he got her whatever he liked and similarly Yashi maa did. He feels special when he is around Agni and would be happy if he marries her but only with his

mother’s consent. He leaves while Badki sits thinking on her wheelchair.

Yashi sees Daadi searching something and asks Chachi what daadi is searching. Daadi says something priceless. Yashi gets tensed and asks what is it so priceless. Daadi says her smile and says whatever the situation be, she should keep smiling and goes to Badki’s room to make her smile.

Sakshi walks into Revathi daadi’s room. Daadi feels guilty for misunderstanding and trying to play with her feelings. Sakshi calms down daadi and jokes she looks beautifuly when she gets shy, if daada used to call her gulbadan.

Agni walks into Kishan’s room and asks if he called her. She sees decoration and I love you written. Kishan enters. Agni asks what is all this, who gave him write to decide about her life, what he knows about her. He says he does not have any right, but he knows she is kind hearted, forgives her constables’ mistakes, protects her station jurisdiction, worried about Daadi and takes care of daadi, very kind hearted, he likes her for that.

Agni returns to her room confused about her emotions for Kishan. Daadi enters and consoles her and says Kishan is a good boy who is worried for his family, but openly expressed his feelings for Agni, her father had similar nature. She smiles and asks who is perfect couple according to her. She says her parents and chach-chachi, says Anurag was London return and Ragini zilla goon, they used to fight a log, but when they fell into love. Agni continues listening to daadi.

Precap: Agni gets ready for work and walks in uniform. Kishan walks behind her holding rose and falls down. Agni turns and notices him. Sakshi picks juice glass. Yashi says it is for Agni. Sakshi keeps it and mixes pills in juice. Agni drinks juice and leaves for work.

Update Credit to: MA

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