Agnifera 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: KD’s Challenge For Agni And Sakshi

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Agnifera 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KD tells family that during wedding’s 7 pheras, 7 vows are taken, and since Agni and Sakshi have taken 3 pheras each, they both have to follow vows, whoever wins will be Kishen’s wife. Chacha thinks he will get a lot of time in this drama. Agni and Sakshi agree to KD’s plan. Everyone one by one ask how can it be. Kishen objects and says he loves only Agni and considers her as his wife, Sakshi is a traitor with evil intentions,he never will love her, so Agni will not give any exam. He walks to his room. After sometime, Yashi and Devi walk into his room. He says he cannot change his decision, Sakshi is not his wife, so he will not let Agni take any examination. He continues confronting that there won’t be any exam as his wife is only agni. They both walk away.

Agni and Sakshi walk into Kishen’s room. Kishen repeats that Agni is his wife and not Sakshi, so there won’t be
any exam. Sakshi says he is afraid that she will win, so he is trying to stop her. She continues her commentary. Kishen confronts and asks if she thinks he will give up and accept her, she is wrong, he loves Agni and there is no need for her to compete. Sakshi continues and says she wants Agni to lose and wants to see Agni’s pin. Kishen asks her to leave his room. She says soon she will get into Kishen’s heart soon and will get Agni out of Kishen’s life.

Next morning, family discusses what exam ammaji has planned. KD brings 2 dolls and says both bahus have to decorate doll. Sakshi applies lipstick on dolly’s lips and says she will win competition for sure. Agni fixes her googles on dolly’s eyes. Sakshi continues she will win anyways. After sometime, Agni tries to follow challenge. Kishen stops her and says she does not have to do this. Their romantic discussion continues. Agni says she wants to win to prove Sakshi that she is right.

Sakshi looks at her parent’s pics and thinks her parents are with her, she will win over Agni and punish her..

Precap: Kishen’s father’s employee prepares fraud property documents and takes over house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Obviously Sakshi will win!
    I’m trying to figure out why do Indian serial directors make educated female roles dumb when in reality they will not tolerate such crap nor the family will stand back but kick a fraud out. As for Agni who is supposed to be educated and strong will surely she could arrest Sakshi for fraud and everyone witnessed this therefore this marriage should be void!!!
    Please directors- give a ladies with intellectual mind not bimbo. I just read updates at times rather than watch because this storyline portrays as fraud and bullying is acceptable & don’t get me started on Devi?

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