Agnifera 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ragini and Shristi Deliver Babies/Shristi Dies

Agnifera 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini cries in jail. Jailer enters and says she can sense which inmate is criminal and which is not, she can tell her story to her. Ragini says when her family is not trusting, how will she trust. Jailer insists. Ragini tells whole story how Solid peddled drugs and blamed Baiju, she tried to expose Solid with inspector’s help, and someone shot Baiju, Solid blamed her and even her family did not trust her. Shristi reads Ragini’s letter which she wrote before leaving to prove Baiju innocent and cries why did not she trust Ragini, Ragini told Solid is culprit, but she did not listen. She sees Solid going out and follows him.

Vikral goes to meet Ragini. Ragini asks if he believes she is innocent. He says he tried to make her like him and did not teach him difference between good and bad, he is ashamed of her. Ragini stands shattered.

Shristi follows Solid and sees him meeting Shekhar who reveals he killed Baiju and reveals how he took out bullet from Ragini’s gun and shot Baiju from behind. He then kills Solid also. Shristi shouts in fear seeing that. Shekhar sees her and says good she came here herself. She runs into jungle. He follows her. She sees temple in jungle with trishul, picks trishul and stabs Shekhar repeatedly shouting he killed her husband she will burn him alive today. She picks temple lamp and pours oil on him and sets fire. He shouts unable to bear burning pain and holds her pallu. She falls on her stomach trying to free herself and shouts in pain. A few eunuchs pass by and seeing her identify her as Vidhvan’s bahu. Ragini gets labor pains and delivers baby girl. Shristi also delivers, asks eunuchs to name her baby as Sakshi and passes away. Eunch sends her friend to bring Vidhvan. Ragini asks jailer to take care of baby and asks her to inform baby that her mother was not wrong and when family comes to inform that she delivered a dead baby and take her far away, name her Agni. Jailer promises her.

Vidhvan and Revathi reach jungle. Eunuch hands over Shristi’s baby to Revathi and says Shristi wished before dying to name her baby as Sakhsi. Vidhvan says this baby is Sakshi’s gift. Jailer takes transfer to Pune jail.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What a mess, but will all this people dead, I really wanted Anurag to die too. His behaviour is disgusting, how can he not trust the woman he loved? He deserves to die, why would you spare him?

  2. I am excited to see the twist where this Simran Kaur will act as the role which initially Yukti Kapoor was playing as Ragini and Yukti Kapoor will act as the role which Simran Kaur was as Shrishti. It will be fun to see the role reversal.

    1. I can’t imagine simran kaur as a 20 year old girl.

  3. Summer

    Ok, after seeing the precap, I am intrigued to see the new leap and development of the story so far. I wonder how Agni feels about her father, knowing the truth? Its a shame the truth does is not told, it was Shekar all along and he duped them all! shame that the truth that links to each character, remains buried with each one to their grave.

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