Agnifera 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shekhar Kills Baiju, Ragini is Blamed and Sent to Jail

Agnifera 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector takes Baiju out of cell and takes him along to Solid’s said place in jungle. They watch hiding. Solid takes Ragini to the venue. Ragini asks where is his boss. Man enters and asks where is drugs, he does not have time. Ragini shows him drug packet. Man checks. Baiju walks in. Solid gets tensed. Ragini acts and asks what is he doing here, he was in jail. Solid says it is his drugs. Ragini says her drugs, she will sell it. Baiju says it his child’s future. Ragini pulls gun and warns her to back off. Man says he does not want to fall in their fight. Solid says he will give him drugs. Shekhar shoots Baiju’s forehead hiding. Shristi and Anurag also come out of hiding and run to him. Ragini is shocked. Shristi takes Baiju’s head in her lap. Baiju says

he does not have time and is paying for his sins. He dies. Shristi shakes Baiju. Solid shouts Ragini killed Baiju. Ragini says she did not. Inspector enters and checks gun, says one hole is empty, so bullet is shot. Ragini says she did not fire at all. Inspector asks constable to send gun to forensic lab and dead body to postmortem. He arrests Ragini and leaves. Shristi continues crying.

Ragini is thrown in jail. Ragini pleads it is not her mistake. Jailer walks in and asks why did they bring here instead of taking her to hospital. Constable says they cannot until labor pains start. Ragini pleads to take her to Shristi. Doctor enters and makes her lie down. Jailer thinks she killed her own devar and is worried about devrani, she is seeing first time where a woman is worried about someone else than her unborn child.

Baiju’s body is brought home. Each family member reminisce time spent with Baiju and cry. Shristi sit widow for the second time sits senseless. Anurag, Vidhvan and other take Baiju’s body. Shristi gets up and asks not to take her Baiju away. Revathi and Dulari hold her. Solid lies that he saw Ragini going angrily and meeting drug dealer, Baiju came there and their fighting started, Ragini shot Baiju. Family believes him. He smirks.

Ragini pleads jailer to take her to Shristi as she is alone, she did not kill Baiju. Jailer gives her medicine and food for child’s sake and asks not to punish her child. Shristi cries holding Baju’s clothes. Jag Soona Soona Laage…song plays in the background. She reminisces time spent with Baiju.

Next morning, family goes to meet. Ragini asks where is Shristi, why did not she come. Anurag alleges her that she tried to peddle drugs and killed Baiju, why did she do that. Ragini says she thought he would believe her without any proof, but she was wrong. Revathi starts her yelling next and says Ragini did a sin and her sin will not spare her child. Family leaves while Ragini stands crying.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So each family member will get eliminated like this? In the 20 yr leap both daughters will enemies .. a bit like waaris!

  2. Just one word: disgusting.

  3. Summer

    What a shame!!! What could have been a beautiful ending, not even that, put a real positive development to the story has become a shambles. It was endearing to see Revathi, Dulari finally accepting the two Bahu’s and the whole family getting along, but creators had to spoil it with evil winning!
    So sad to see Baiju exit in such manner and as for Ragini’s outcome, Shekar certainly outwitted her! I can only hope that Solid will have some remorse and at least speak the truth to clear Ragini’s name. The new direction of the storyline reminds of the similar direction Ganga took…outcome – spoiled! I shall see how the new entries plays out, but should there be too much scheming, plotting and abundance of negativity, i won’t be watching.

  4. Summer right….ganga was…..but in today’s epi they’ll show shrishti overhearing shekhar n solids conversation about how they planned baijus death n put it on ragini n at last of promo shrishti is shown killing shekhar with mata ranis trishul but still this show deserved a better ending

  5. The precap showed….shrishti overhearing solids n shekhars conversation about how they planned baijus death n how the entire blame was then put on raging n at last it’s shown shrishti killing shekhar with matas trishul but still this show deserved a much better ending….n ganga was seriously…..

    1. Summer

      Hi Bhawan, yes, Shrishti did over hear , but why o why did she scream! Now she will put herself in danger and the truth never be revealed?! Shrishti is suppose to be a smart lawyer, disappointed to see her character from being strong willed, strong in emotional strength being diminished to someone who is uncertain! With Shrishti killing Shekhar, does that mean she will do time along with her unborn child? I know creators is looking to take a leap and introduce new leads, but what a shame they have rushed the ending. Too abrupt and too just much evil plotting!

  6. Bad ending bad story why kill beju and shrishti and y leap boring kar diya sab kuch

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