Agnifera 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Agnifera 27th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikral chats with Anurag and asks how is project going. Anurag says going well. Vikral asks if he needs more help, he should not hesitate. Anurag asks what help. Ragini nervously says he got his daughter married to her, that is his biggest help. Vikral continues chatting and leaves. He asks Vidhvan to forgive if his daughter makes any mistake. Vidhvan says Ragini is his house’s self-respect and crown, he will not let her sad. Vikral greets everyone and leaves. Ragini walks back to room and silently tries to keep previous cheque. Anurag scolds her that he told her not to take her father’s help and she brought cheque. She says for her, he is the biggest wealth and tears cheque. Anurag continues working. She thinks he is not deterred at all

Vishu sadly watches Shristi chatting with Shekhar and laughing. He sadly goes out to bring tea for them. Dulari watches them and fumes. Sumer comes home to meet Shristi and asks Divya to call her. Divya asks him to have tea or juice. He says when she is insisting, he has to have then. Dulari comes and yells that his sister is crossing her limits with her friend and he has crossed limit here. Shristi comes and hold her hand angrily and confronts. Dulari says she cannot do her heinous act here, if villagers watch it, their family’s name will be spoilt Shristi shouts to stop her dirty thinking, else she will slap her. Dulari starts crying. Revati comes and Dulari complains her. Revati asks her to apologize Dulari. Vidhvan comes and shouts at Revati to stop alleging Shirsti and takes her side.

Ragini sees Anurag’s phone ringing and picks it. She hears Anurag’s friend apologizing him for misbehaving with Ragini and says they apologized even Ragini on his insistence. She gets happy that Anurag cares for her. Anurag comes and snatches phone and says she cannot pick other’s phones. She asks if he asked his friends to apologize her. He says he would have same to even others. She thinks he cares, but is lying.

Shristi goes to her room and sees Vishu sleeping sadly. She asks if he is fine. He says yes, she can study. She asks why he did not eat food. He says he does not need. She goes to bring food. Dulari watches and keeps log near stairs for Shristi to fall down stairs as a revenge. Anurag walks with Shristi and slips with her. Ragini notices Anurag falls, runs and stops hhim from falling and herself falls on a ploughing equipment nearby. Anurag escapes with minor injury. Shristi sees Ragini injury and rushes to her. Anruag also sees her and makes her stand. She collapses. He sees blood on her back. Whole family gets worried. He lifts her rushes to hospital.

Precap: Anurag takes care of Ragini and says doc told to change dressing every 3 hours, he will ask Shristi or Dulari to change it. Ragini says she will change herself. He stops her and changes dressing. Sanam re Sanam re…music plays in the background.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What a disgusting behaviour of Dulari!!! How spiteful and mean…hope the truth reveals itself. I cannot understand why Dulari does not use her own brain and think from ‘right and wrong’, instead she willingly does Revati dirty deeds.

    1. Mona146

      both revati and dulaari are uneducated typical village people who have a narrow mindset. these people can never change. For them the rule is whatever they do is correct and need control in their hands and whatever others do to even survive is wrong. Others dont have a right to live happily since these people cant bear others happiness.

      1. Hi Mona,
        Indeed they certainly are! It is sad that they find joy and pleasure in other people’s misery and misfortune.

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