Agnifera 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Revathi Spoils Anurag and Ragini’s Romance Repeatedly

Agnifera 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi checks hotel’s swimming pool and gets excited seeing all age’s people swimming, it must be so exciting to swim. Anurag holds her from behind and acts as pushing her. She gets afraid. He insists her also to swim and says she has to wear swimming costume. She asks what. He shows a girl coming out of swimming pool wearing bikini and says she has to wear that. Ragini feels shy. Girl asks where is changing room. Anurag shows her direction. Ragini asks how does he know. He says he saw it while going to washroom and hopes she does not question him much.

They all then go for shopping. Dulari sees chat shop and drags Revathi along, failing Revathi’s plan to spy on Anurag and Ragini. Anurag and Ragini shop in street and their romantic nok jhok continues. Vishu and Shristi’s romance continues and they shop dupatta. Shopkeeper says she is looking like a Rajasthani bride. Vishu says yes. She says she needs lots of gifts. Vishu says he will get whatever she wants. Dulari and Revathi finish temple darshan and search them. Dulari says let us go for shopping. Revathi says yes, she has to shop Divya’s list. Vishu/Shristi and Anurag/Ragini’s romance continues. They roam around singing and dancing on Mai Koi Aisa Geet Gawoon song..

Psycho insurance agent reaches Vidhvan’s house and tries to sell policy to Brij. Rohini walks in telling she is feeling boring without children. Agent asks if they went via some train, it met with an accident and all passengers died, life is risky and insurance agents secure them. Divya says her bhaiya and bhabbhi are safe and have gone to Udaipur. Psycho agent grins.

Anurag tells Ragini this is not honeymoon. She asks then how should they celebrate. He says she has to go to shai kaksh/bed room with him. She asks what…He tries to explain, then says forget it. Dulari enjoys snacks. Revathi yells how much she eats. Anurag tricks Ragini and is about to kiss him when Revathi runs and stops them. Vishu kisses Shristi on the other side. Anurag and Ragini throw water on each other on lake bed. Vishu and Shristi join them. Revathi comes and spoils Anurag and Ragini’s enjoyment. She thinks Vishu and Shristi look a perfect couple and they should not separate, she will separate Anurag and Ragini though.

Precap: Revathi spoils Anurag and Ragini’s romance, asks Vishu and Shristi to spend time in a room. Vishu asks if he has to stay in room, then why did they come here. Revathi tells Shristi she has to do something now.

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