Agnifera 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni Wins Third Test

Agnifera 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Revathi on time switch off fuse and saves Kishan from electrocution. Sanjay notices her and drags her away hearing Sakshi’s voice. Sakshi walks near fuse calling Sanjay and not finding Sanjay switches on fuse. Hrithik falls on cotton separator and breaks it and apologizes Agni. Agni says he is safe, that is more important, she will bring another one. Sanjay shuts Revathi’s mouth and holds her behind car. Sakhi hears voice and walks towards car, but does not find anyone. She finds Revathi’s locket on floor and walks back home thinking how did it come here. Sanjay stuffs Revathi into car and drives away. Sakshi returns and says she did not find Sanjay there and herself switched on light. Vaishali calls Sanjay and asks where is he. He yells and asks if Kishan used cotton separator.

Vaishali informs that Hrithik fell on machine and broke it, so Agni brought another one. Sanjay continues yelling.

Devi sees Sakshi holding something. Sakshi says she found daadi’s locket in parking lot, how did it come there. Devi says it is common design and someone would have dropped it by mistake, Revathi aunty has gone on piligrimage. Sanjay ties back Revathi and says she troubles him a lot. She says she will do anything to save her damad.

KD asks Agni and Sakshi to prepare each one prepare 2 quilts and let us see who wins. Kishan helps Agni while Hhritik helps Sakshi. Agni finishes 1 quilt fast. Needle pricks Kishan’s finger. Agni and Sakshi fight to treat him and allege each other. Kishan stops them and asks Yashi to treat his injury. Agni apologizes Kishan. Both of them finish preparing quilts. Daadi says let us see who saved most money. Agni steals money from Sakshi’s pocket thinking Sakshi used trick to win last time, even she will do anything to win, everything is fair in love and war. KD finds 100 rs in Agni’s pocket and 0 in Sakshi’s pocket. Sakshi is shocked. KD pronounces Agni a winner.

After sometime, Kishan asks Agni to kiss his wound and heal it as no medicine can cure it. Their romance continues. Agni walks to living room. Sakshi stops her and confronts that she stole her money, last time she tricked and now she tricked, but she will win rest of competition. Kishan hears their competition.

Precap: Kishan confronts Agni that he wants her to win with truth and not by tricks. Sakshi follows Sanjay and asks where he went at midnight.

Update Credit to: MA

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