Agnifera 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Baiju’s Drama To Make Shristi Hate Him

Agnifera 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishu tells Shristi that Baiju is her husband, but did not come seeing her condition, but he came, he will get her water. Shristi says she will decide where she will stay, he does not have to worry. She leaves. Vishu thinks they h ave crossed limits, so she is pregnant, till when she will resist him. On the other side, Ragini angrily tears books and burns them. Anurag pours water and asks what is she up to. She says she does not want to study. He asks why, she wanted to study for their child. Ragini says it is only his child as he took all the decisions, once she gives birth to the child, she will hand her/him to Anurag and leave this place with his babuji far away.

Shristi gives food to Baiju. Baiju pushes her and says he does not need. Vishu runs and holds Shristi and asks if she is fine, then asks Baiju to apologize. Baiju says why should he. Their argument starts. Baiju pushes Vishu. Their fight starts. Shristi pleads them to stop and sends them away. Revathi watches them and goes to Baiju’s room and says she feels sorry for him and he is bearing so much because of her. Baiju says he don’t mind, wait and watch how he explodes big bomb tomorrow.

Next morning, Shristi opens door and sees a girl standing. Girl enters and asks if Baiju Kanpura stays here. Shristri says yes. Baiju sees her, happily runs and hugs her. Dulari asks who is she. Baiju says his ex-fiance and says she will stay in his room. Woman says she has so much to tell him. He takes her to his room while Shristi stands sadly. Girl continues her overacting. Baiju warns that he paid her only to act in front of Shristi. Revathi walks in. Woman continues acting. Baiju tells Revathi that he hired this girl to make Shristi jealous.

Shristi in her room cries reminiscing Baiju closeness to his ex-fiance and reminisces her inner self telling she is loving her fake husband. Vishu walks in and says he brought her something. She sees divorce papers. Vishu asks her to sign them. He says she cannot force her. He walks away.

Anurag sells old items to vendor and asks him to take even Ragini’s guns. Vendor gets afraid and says he cannot buy them. Ragini sees that and angrily shouts at Anurag how can he sell her father’s gift a few bucks. He says he would give money instead to get rid of bad things. Their argument starts. Anurag asks if she has to choose between him and her babuji, whom she will choose. Ragini says her babuji as he is a better man than Anurag… Anurag is shocked. Their argument continues…

Precap: Shristi says Baiju she did not see his new form till now. Baiju says when she is blindfolded with her ego, how can she see his special qualities. Shristi sees Ragini feeling drowsy and rushes to her.

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