Agnifera 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ragini is pregnant

Agnifera 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi saves Vyjayanti/Baiju’s amma when she gets asthma attack and gives her inhaler. Chanda with other girls returns from temple. Doctor checks Ragini and says Ragini is fine, though she took blood sample and will inform them of report in the evening. Anurag forces Ragini to rest. Ragini says she has a lot of work and needs to cook. Dulari walks in. Anurag asks her to get rope to tie Ragini. Dulari suggests to get Ragini’s medicine, she will guard her. Anurag leaves.

Baiju rushes to amma. Amma cries hugging him. Baiju asks why she is crying. Amma says she did big sins. Baiju says she is his amma and cannot be wrong. Amma says they did wrong with Shristi and make her a pr*stitute. She reminisces Shristi pushing her in room and trying to escape, but then returning and saving her

life. She says Shristi would have escaped, but saved her life.

Anurag returns home and asks if Ragini is fine. Whole family acts and hesitates to speak. Anurag rushes to Ragini and asks what happened to him. Ragini says he needs to tone down his voice, what will chote Thakur says if he hears his shouting. Anurag asks what. She shows his childhood toys, but he does not understand at all. She serves him tea in small cup. He does not understand even then. She says she told him that she loves him, but now she loves someone else. Anruag gets tensed and asks what. She continues and says let her tell him in ears and murmurs. Anurag jumps in happiness that he is becoming father.

Chanda beats her pimp guards for being careless and letting Shristi try to escape and orders her assistant pr*stitute to call their pimp to sell Shristi. Baiju walks in. Chanda asks how is his mother, she is selling Shristi, they will share money. Baiju returns her money and says Shristi will go back with him. Chanda says he himself brought Shristi here and this is Chanda’s brother and she will not let Shristi go without her auction and orders to call pimp again. Baiju says he will not let anything happen to shristi.

Anurag’s whole family rejoices hearing about Ragini’s pregnancy. Anurag walks down with Ragini and says they frightened hm. Family congratulates him. Anurag thanks them and hugs Revathi. Revathi blesses him. Anurag reminisces Revathi’s betrayal and walks away.

Precap: Shristi looks at baby’s pic and says their child will also be cute. Anurag says yes like papa. Ragini gets sad. Chanda starts Shristi’s auction. Baiju enters disguised as old man.

Update Credit to: MA

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