Agnifera 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ragini and Abhimany’s Wedding Completes

Agnifera 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ladies continue insulting Shirsti by applying makeup to her face and doing her goad bharai. Baiju angrily breaks flowers and warns to stop, if he was old Baiju, he would have turned their happy function into mourning one. He prays god to give them boy as they don’t deserve girls. He holds Shristi’s hand and takes her from there.

Abhimanyu and Ragini’s Wedding function starts. Abhimanyu waits for Ragini. His parents come. He greets and hugs him. Vikral also greets them. Ragini comes down wearing bridal attire. Abhimanyu gets happy seeing her. Anurag cries and hopes she does not marry Abhimanyu. Ragini runs and cries hugging him. Abhimanyu and all guest stand in shock. Anurag realizes it his imagination. Ragini comes down. Abhimanyu introduces her to his parents. She touches their feet and take their blessings.

Shristi returns home with Daadi and Baiju, shattered. Vidhvan and daadi ask what happened. Revathi explains whole situation. Baiju says he does not want to be problem for Shristi hereon and is leaving job right now, his friend will guard Shristi from hereon.

Ragini and Abhimanyu exchange garlands. Annurag watches shattered. Vikral announces item number. Sambhavna Seth dances on Aare Preetam…energetically, entertaining all guests. Vikral thanks her for coming even after being a big celebrity (really?). Sambhavna praises Ragini’s beauty. Shattered Anurag gifts Ragini an envelope and says this is his last gift and only he can give it. Abhimanyu checks it and says it is divorce paper.

Precap: Anurag over phone tells Revathi that her son failed with just
mistake. Revathi gets tensed. Ragini and Abhimanyu’s marraige completes. Anurag looking at Ragini’s letter thinks how can Anuragini separate. Someone throws Anuragini kerchief in front of him.

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  1. Summer

    I think it will be Ragini who stands before Anurag and picks up the handkerchief.
    Whether she consoles him and tells him to move forward in his life, they are now a past… or… whether she will realise her true heart desires and return back to Anurag before completing marriage rituals?
    Personally I don’t think she deserves Anurag, she is unable to put aside her anger and see reason. Considering the circumstances they were married in, she is unable to recognise that their relationship were blossoming and bonding well. Soon as she sees Anurag mix with his friends, her insecurities kicks in. In some ways she is her own worst enemy. Ragini’s own insecurities have dominated her sensibility and reasoning that her response to situations has only just fulfilled her own prophecy. Instead of having faith in her husband and trusting him, she tested him by pretending to be someone else…this is deceit too on her behalf.

  2. Hi Summer, I agree with your view about Ragini.
    I think because she’s not educated as he is she feels threatened and thinks straightaway she forced Anurag to marry her therefore he’s stuck with her. Although I find this storyline boring it did make me cry over the wedding scenes ( don’t know why)!
    I saw some pictures where Baiju and Shrishti getting married and the whole family is there including Ragini and Anurag so I think the twisty is Ragini and Abumanyu were testing Anurag love.. but I can’t believe Shrishti /Baiju?!!! What’s happening to Vishu? I thought she really loved him but to get over him with months is so unbelievable?

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara,
      Hope you are well 🙂 . Yes, I Ragini does feel inadequate in many areas, partly due to her lack of education and all she know is the behaviour and manner of a goon due to her upbringing; this adds to her insecurity. As they still have Anurag and Ragini standing side by side, it gives me hope that they will reunite.
      Where did you see pictures of Shristhi/Baiju? Can’t believe they look to marry already? Like you say, so quick so soon.
      You see, i don’t really believe that Vishu is no more…even though they have not found a body, he could have been rescued by a stranger and nursed well. Perhaps, Vishu may make a suprise entry? Maybe just in time to stop the wedding of Shristi and Baiju? The fact the creators have not firmly showed Vishu deceased body, i think there is a possiblity he could return? Perhaps creators are leaving their options open?

  3. Hi Summer,

    It was whilst I was browsing online not sure which website maybe deskgram or something else but it was a grand pic of the whole family including Shristi’s parents and Baiju’s Mum.
    But whilst looking for the website to no avail I came across this???:

  4. Hi again Summer!

    Came a cross a page

    Scroll down the page and there you’ll see the picture but I saw a full one with Ragini just not in this one but you see they have pics of the wedding preps and she’s with Anurag.
    I can’t believe Baiju is still out for revenge on Shrishti then to marry her and treat her bad… not nice but should be interesting because it’s what happens in society.

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara,

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂 I can’t believe what i just read, how awful! Yes, well he certainly has fooled us all, as the saying goes, ‘pigs can fly’ and ‘leopards don’t change their spots!’
      I am hoping that Baiju does not break Shristi and she is able to trap him and send him to prison.

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