Agnifera 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sakshi Confesses Her Love For Kishan

Agnifera 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kishan tells family that Agni is not only his love, but his heart beat. Sameer asks Agni how much she loves Kishan. Agni sits nervously. Kishan says he will tell, she loves him more than himself. Agni says yes. Sameer says a daring police officer does not know to express her feeling. Power goes off. Kishan goes to fuse area to check and gets electrocuted. Sakshi passes by and seeing Kishan electrocuted rushes to him worried and tries to revive him. Agni walks towards fuse room to check why Kishan is taking so much time. She is shocked to see Sakshi giving CPR to revive Kishan and expressing her love for him. He wakes up coughing. She with teary eyes asks if he is fine. He is fine and jokes. She helps him walk holding him.

Sameer asks Agni even now if she needs any proof. Agni walks to her room and cries. Sameer walks to her and asks if she will let Kishan free for Sakshi or not. Agni asks him to get out and continues crying, reminiscing Daadi’s words that Sakshi hates her due to misunderstanding, but when she will love her, she will sacrifice everything for her.

Sakshi takes Kishan to his room and gives him water, says she will call Agni and doctor. Kishan says he is fine and not to inform Agni, else she will panic. He asks her to go and make arrangements for his and Agni’s wedding tomorrow.

Agni continues crying in her room reminiscing Devi’s words that she has to snatch her sister’s mangalsutra to marry Kishan. Sakshi walks in and asks why did not she change her dress and gives her jewelries and wedding dress. Agni asks why she is giving all her jewelry. Sakshi says it is a gift for her sister. Agni asks if she loves Kishan. Sakshi denies. Agni gives her oath and repeats her question. Sakshi agrees and asks not to inform it to family and she wants Agni to marry Kishan as Kishan loves her.

Precap: Pandit calls bride and groom to come for rituals. Sakshi says Agni is not at home. Agni returns with Sameer and says they married. Kishan asks Agni if she does not love him.
Sameer says Agni loves him and warns to dare not trouble his wife.

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