Agnifera 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi Misbehaves With Kishan

Agnifera 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Revathi calls Sakshi’s doctor friend and giving him snacks asks how is Sakshi doing, if he is married.. Man says he wanted to tell her that Sakshi is not a doctor. Revathi in shock asks what…Agni enters and says her sister is a savior for patients. She asks Revathi to get her favorite aaloo poori and sends her, warns doctor to dare not speak against Sakshi in front of Daadi and sends him away. Sakshi enters and warns Agni dare not to interfere in her issues and her daadi. Agni says this is also her house.

Kishan returns home holding Agni’s water bottle and sees his father and chacha/uncle having dinner, touches their feet and ask when did they come from Patna. Father says just sometime ago. Kishan says he wants to help father in his business and asks if he can handle his

disputed land in Bilaspur. Father hesitantly agrees. Daadi tries to drink water from Agni’s bottle, but Kishan stops her and says it is very special.

In the morning, Daadi performs pooja. Agni and Sakshi fight for aarti thali. Daadi asks them to perform aarti together. Sakshi performs wrong aarti, Daadi asks to perform like Agni. They hear sound outside and walk out and see a man with crane saying they have to vacate this house and he got court order. Sakshi yells at him. Agni asks her to calm down, he has court orders. Sakshi yells at Agni next and tears papers. Officer leaves asking Agni to explain her sister.

Agni returns to police station. Mukhri brings builder with cloth on his face. Agni scolds him if he does not value people’s feelings and removes cloth from his face. She is shocked to see Kishan is builder. Their eyes lock. Agni asks him to speak. Kishan shows legal papers and says he has papers with him. Sakshi enters and yells at Kishan. Agni asks why did she come here. Sakshi says she followed Mukhri and came here. She holds Kishan’s collar. Agni stops hera and warns she cannot take law in her hands and says Kishan has legal papers and asks Mukhri to drop Kishan out. Agni thinks he should have checked before filing case. Agni confronts Sakshi and says Kishan has legal papers. Sakshi says even she has legal papers and asks head constable to check papers and tell if these are real. Constable asks Sakshi if she bought house from Harikrishna Dalal, he is a big fraud.

Precap: Agni confronts Sakshi that Shrisit was a big lawyer, then why Sakshi does not value law. Kishan tells family that Agni and Sakshi are staying on their land, he should not have filed case. Agni asks Daadi to stay with her in guesthouse. Sakshi throws her clothes and says Daadi will not go anywhere.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Fan of Anuragini

    I think Kishan fall in love of Agni but Sakshi fall in love if Kishan. And both sister will fight and agni giveup her love. But Kishan will like to choose Agni

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