Agnifera 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni Gets Suspicious on Sakshi

Agnifera 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kishen standing on road speaks to his friend and says he likes Inia better than US. Police jeep passes bby splashing dirt on him and men around. Agni gets out of jeep and walks to him and apologizes. He gets nervous. Another man yells these ladies are mannerless and arrogant. Agni holds his collar and warns him. Man runs away. She holds Kishen’s collar and says it had dirt, what is his name by the way. He says Kishen and says she is a good fighter. He says sorry again and leaves. He just watches her going. After sometime, Agni gets Golpaldas jeweler’s shop thief’s sketch and realizes that Sakshi is a thief instead.

At Sakshi’s fake clinic, her aides play around and pass time. Sakshi asks them what is their next assignment. Aide says a builder wants to vacate orphanage and construct mall on it, many children will be homeless. Kishen walks into Sakshi’s clinic sneezing. Aide inform her that boy from jewelry shop is coming. Kishen enters her cabin sneeing and asks to treat her. Aide checks him and auscultates his heart beat on right side. Kishen says heart is on left side. Aide says this is new treatment. Sakshi checks him next, he holds her hand tightly. She says he got allergy as he is from US and cannot handle Indian pollution, he can have ginger tea and ward off his cold. Kishen praises her skills. She thinks Daadi’s herbal remedy worked. Kishen continues praising her and asks why was she in police offficer’s dress that day when she is actually a doctor. She nervously thinks what to say and lies that a cancer patient girl wanted to meet police officer, so she disguised herself as police officer. He continues praising her. Agni watches everything standing near door and thinks if her sister is intelligent, she is much more intelligent than her sister.

Agni walks into Revathi’s house with her bag. Revathi gets happy and says she did not want to stay here until Sakshi permits. Sakshi says she asked Agni to stay here and does Agni’s aarti.

Precap: Agni tells Sakshi that he found thief’s sketch who stole Gopaldas’ jewelry shop, if she can help her find this thief. Sakshi gets tensed seeing her sketch. Kishen introduces his family.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I find Shristi/Sakshi over acting and having two daughters identical to their mother is impossible. They should’ve got two new actresses and kept the other ladies, Revathi, Dulari etc to keep the momentum of the story!
    Raging/Agni is doing a good job in her acting.

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