Agnifera 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishu And Shristi’s Romantic Moments

Agnifera 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishu and Shristi struggle to reach lake shore they see their boat sinking due to a hole in it. Anurag is with Sangini and she tests his loyality towards Ragini. He gets jovial with her. She asks if he is not missing his wife. He says he is, but is not expressing on his face. They reach shore, and Sangini leaves. Revathi meets Anurag and asks where was he, who was the girl he was roaming with, he comes and then disappears soon. He says he was here itself and no one was with him. She says she saw everything and suggests him not to tell about Sangini to Ragini, else she will not forgive him for being with another woman.

Anurag meets Ragini who walks around angrily and asks where was he, she is searching him since morning. He says he was here itself, she did not notice him. She says he was playing with children and then wandering around, but did not meet her at all, with whom he was with. He reminisces Revbathi’s warning not to inform Ragini about Sangini and says no one.

Vishu and Shristi reach lake shore drenched and get into a hut. They shiver. Shristi asks Vishu not to go away from him in life, she cannot stay without him. Vishu says same. Shristi tightly hugs him. Vishu thinks Shristi is completely drenched and she may catch cold. He asks her to remove her sari. She shyingly obliges. He pulls her sari. She runs and hugs him again. They both kiss each other. Bahon Ke Darmiyan..Do Pyar Milrahe hain…Song…plays in the background.

Ragini and Anurag return to their room. Anurag tries to convince her, he says he will tell her where he was and lies again. Ragini gets emotionally hurt more hearing his lies. Anurag feels guilty for lying her and thinks their honeymoon is not going they way it should have, from tomorrow he will be loyal to her. Ragini says she will to Sasusma as she must be worried about Vishu and Shristi. Revathi walks in with Dulari and says she is really worried as Vishu and Shristi have not returned. Anurag asks her not to worry, goes out to check, returns and says people found broken boat near lake shore. Revathi gets more worried…

Precap: Shristi asks Vishu to turn as she needs to change dress. He asks to do it then, looking at her. Psycho insurance agent sees Revathi and family searching Vishu and Shristi and thinks let him capture this moment via photographer as soon they will be carrying dead bodies.

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  1. What’s with the psycho insurance man in all this?

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara, he wants to kill Shristi so that he can make money. He gets people to buy insurance and murders them.
      Apart from the psycho character, i think the writers are trying to introduce some sort of obstacles for Vishu and Shristi to make the storyline interesting. As Ragini and Anurag will soon be facing trust issues in their relationship.

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