Agnifera 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidhvan brings Vishu and Shristi home and asks Revati to do bahu’s graha pravesh. Revati says Anurag has not come yet and she will perform elder bahu’s graha pravesh first. Vidhvan stands fuming and says Shristi saved his and Purshotam’s dignity. Daadi says she will perform graha pravesh and goes in to bring items when Anurag and Ragini’s car enters. Parag gets out of his car and tells Anurag that he is his brother-in-law now and they share a special bond.

Vishu informs Anurag that even he is married and asks to come out of car and see his wife. Anurag gets out of car and is shocked to see Shristi. Ragini sees him standing in a shock and comes out of car. She is shocked to see Shristi and reminisces their prior meetings, thinks she has to share this house even with her now.

Revati performs Ragini’s graha pravesh with their family ritual of letting her step into bamboo basket. She reaches till steps. Revati asks her to step into home by kicking rice bowl. Daadi stops and says both bahus’ graha pravesh will happen at once. She performs Vishu and Shristi’s rituals and asks both bahus to get in. Shristi says before coming to this house, she felt very helpless, but after coming here, she realize some other people are also helpless here, she does not believe in kicking rice bowl and getting in.

Anurag shouts it is enough now. Daaadi asks him to calm down and takes both bahus to home temple and says durga maa is their family god. Ragini loudly chants durga maa ki jai. Everyone look around. Vishu repeats loudly. Everyone smile. Daadi asks both bahu’s to touch maata’s feet and go to their room. Shristi says she came here helpless and does not want to be bound by any relationship here.

Precap: Vishu decorates his bed with flowers. Ragini sprays her room with spray. Revati asks Anurag why he is sitting outside. Shristi sees room well decorated and asks Vishu who did it. Vishu says he did it.

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  1. I find Shristi father very selfish! A man who can use his daughter for the sake of his pride!

  2. bhgvan na kre Etna bura ho kisi ladhke aur ladhki k sath aur aisi parrents kisi ko na mile…f**k of anurag mother and ragini,s mother

  3. Wtf… I thought something else.. How can shrishti marry that mad guy.. Huh.. Sick.. Indian girls are far more modern than shown in serials.. They know how to handle situations.. But anyways all the serial contains the same sati savitri bahu..

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