Agnifera 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni Meets Revathi

Agnifera 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni reaches Sakshi’s clinic and says she came here to know about her family. Sakshi says everyone are dead and even if they are alive, she will not tell her. Agni orders Mukhri to search clinic for clue. Sakshi’s aide says they cannot search without warrant. Agni slaps him. He falls down and says no need of warrant. Agni tells Sakshi that she is angry on her, but cannot hide her family details from her, she will see till when she hides it and walks away. Sakshi angrily kicks chair and says Agni came till her, she will not let Agni reach her home.

Agni reaches Sakshi’s home. Sakshi yells how dare she is to come till her home and thinks it is good daadi is not at home. Agni asks to tell who else stays in this house. Sakshi yells Agni’s murderer mother killed them

all. Agni warns her to shut her mouth and tell who else is present i house. Sakshi continues yelling. Agni sees god’s idol and prays. Sakshi yells to stop drama and get out. Agni sees flower falling, picks it and prays again. Revathi returns home and seeing police asks what is police doing here. Agni turns. Revathi is shocked to see Ragini and collapses. They both make her sit on chair and sprinkle water on her. Sakshi yells at Agni to stay away from daadi. Daadi wakes up and sees Ragini again. Agni says she is Ragini’s daughter and her granddaughter Agni. Revathi emotionally hugs her.

Sakshi yells at Agni again and says she is her father’s murderer. Revathi scolds her to not misbehave with her sister. Sakshi angrily says Daadi can stay with her new granddaughter, she will leave this house and picks Baiju’s photo. Revathi pleads not to go. Sakshi says she does not want to break this house and will meet Revathi soon and return to his house to stay with her sister.

Agni returns home and murmurs fuming at Mukhri that he did not arrange dinner for her and left somewhere. Revathi enters and says she brought food and asks to bring plates and cups. Agni says she has only 1-2 plates and brings them. Revathi serves food and says her grandfather would have been very proud seeing one granddaughter as police officer and another as doctor, asks how is food. Agni says very tasty, it is her favorite. Revathi says it is Anurag’s favorite also and yells don’t know why Ragini kept Agni away from her, she will not forgive Ragini. Agni asks if she also thinks mamma is wrong. Revathi says she will not forgive Ragini for what she did. Agni thinks her mother is innocent and she will prove it soon.

Agni angrily waits for Revathi and once she returns asks where she had gone. Revathi says she had gone to meet neighbors and goes to sleep. Sakshi thinks daadi is lying and it is proved that Agni came to snatch Daadi.

Precap: Agni’s jeep splashes dirt on Kishan. Kishan yells, but stops seeing Agni. Agni walks into Revathi’s house to stay with her. Revathi says she told she will com to stay only if Sakshi agrees. Sakshi says she brought Agni home.

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