Agnifera 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sakshi’s Growing Love For Kishan

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Agnifera 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Wardboy informs Agni that solid came out of coma now. Agni informs comatosed Revathi and rushes to hospital. Solid escapes from hospital. Agni scolds wardboy. Mukhri says it is not wardboy’s mistake. Agni orders to find Solid even if he has to lose his life or take someone’s life as he is very important evidence. At home, Sameer passes by Sakshi’s room and sees Kishan sleeping with Sakshi on bed and thinks Kishan has not married either girl, but is enjoying both. Agni returns home. Sameer stops her and says Kishan is sleeping with Sakshi, she could not control her husband at all, she has lost Kishan to her sister Sakshi. Agni says she will go to any extent to get Kishan. Sameer says Kishan is just a trophy for her and she wants to just take revenge from Sakshi. Their argument continues. Agni walks away. Kishan wakes up and sleeps on couch. Agni walks in and seeing Kishan on couch thinks Sameer was lying, but why Kishan is sleeping here.

Next morning, KD and Rithvik are busy playing mobile game in living room when Sameer enters. Rithvik asks if he wants to play. Sameer says no. KD asks where is samar, he used to come down early daily. Kishan walks down. Yashi and Devi join them. Rithvik sees lipstick mark on Kishan’s neck and asks what is this. Yashi sends Rithvik in. Devi taunts Sakshi must have given love bite. Yashi says must be Agni. Sameer says Kishan was with Sakshi last night. Kishan says he did not do anything wrong and walks away. He enters Sakshi’s room and says she did
not do anything and must have kissed him inebriated. Sakshi gets shy and applying lipstick coat again talks to herself that she does not love Kishan. Her inner voice smiles and says she does. Sameer sends pic to Agni. Agni confronts him if he stooped so low and fell for Sakshi. Kishan asks if she does not trust him. Sakshi continues speaking to herself looking at mirror and confesses her love for Kishan. Kishan tells Agni if she does not trust him, then where is love between them and walks away.

Sameer walks in and taunting Agni says he already told Kishan does not love h er. Agni warns him to get out as she does not want a third person between them. Sameer says he does not want third person’s interference between them. Sameer makes lipstick mark on mirror and saying he made it on Kishan’s neck to create misunderstanding between Agni and Kishan, when there is no trust, where is love.

Sakshi cooks in kitchen and searches salt bottle. Kishan walks in and giving salt bottle holds her hand. She gets nervous and says what if someone sees them. He pins her to wall and gets closer to her. She nervously asks him to go. He looks into her eyes.

Precap: Sakshi writes I love you Kishan in store room. Kishan tries to enter store room, but Sakshi nervously stops him. Agni wearing sari goes in front of Solid. Solid panics thinking her as Ragini and asks if she is alive.

Update Credit to: MA

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