Agnifera 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni and Sakshi Prepare Revathi’s Birthday Cake

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Agnifera 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi yells at Vaishali that her son is characterless and does not stay at home at all and not to badmouth about Kishan. Vaishali reverts back that Kishan and Agni must be having an affair, but she is badmouthing about her son. Devi yells back Vaishali leaves fuming thinking Devi for the first time insulted her so much. KD tells Devi that she should not have insulted Vaishali as Vaishali speaks without thinking. Devi yells Vaishali pointed at Kishan’s character. Revathi asks her to calm down as Vaishali does not mean what she says like her niece. Devi yells not to interfere in her family matters and asks maid to take her away from her. KD tells Revathi that Devi is tensed since a few days and she should not bother. Revathi says she did not.

Kishan with Agni and Sakshi walk into

kitchen to prepare Devi’s birthday cake. He says how to prepare cake, he does not know recipe. Agni and Sakshi starts fighting. Kishen shouts to stop. Sakshi shows youtube cake preparation video. They watch it carefully. Agni tries to confuse her, but she says she saw video carefully and starts mixing ingredients. Her overacting and brainless dialogue delivery continues, irritating Agni. Kishan keeps batter into oven and after it bakes, he checks. Sakshi trying to touch him pushes his hand. Cake smearws on his face. He scolds them and walks away saying that he is preparing cake for his mother, they are in jovial mood. They both laugh. KD walks in and scolds them to prepare cake together.

Vaishali smirking thinking of her plan to take revenge from Devi. Sanjay asks why she is smirking so much. She says she is making Devi’s birthday arrangements and walks aside, leaving him fuming. Revathi tries to pack gift for Devi. Vaishali sends Revathi aside and exchanges her shoe gift with Revathi’s. Agni and Sakshi prepare cake and present it in front of family. KD says they both look so good working together. Sakshi starts her overacting and asks Kishan to light candles on cake. Devi cuts cake, and Vasu feeds her cake. KD asks if he will feed only wife. He feeds her whole piece. Kishan feeds Agni, Sakshi pulls Kishan’s hand and eats cake. Her and Agni’s nok jhok starts. Devi praises Kishan that he prepared excellent cake. KD says Agni and Sakshi prepared it.

Devi asks Yashi to unwrap all gifts. Yashi asks Revathi if she and Vaishali bought gift together. Revathi says no. Yashi unwraps gifts and checks each one. Vaishali thinks after seeing Revathi’s gift, Devi will be shocked. Revathi gives her gift to Devi. Devi apologizes for insulting here. Revathi says she did not mind and asks to open gift soon, she bought it with much tought. Yashi unwraps gift and is shocked to see sandals.

Precap: Devi yells at Agni that being an inspector, she could not protect Kishan, she is unfit to be Kishan’s wife. Sanjay’s goon demonstrate him mobile bomb. Revathi walks to them hearing sound.

Update Credit to: MA

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