Aghori 18th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rudranaath reveals to Aasmi about killing Advik’s parents

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Aghori 18th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamakshi telling Advik that she thought so much, about every incident and thought what she did that hurt his heart and made him hate her. She says I couldn’t find out any reason and couldn’t recall when did I hurt your heart. He asks her to let him go. Kamakshi refuses. He holds her to push her, but he falls down on her. Aara gains consciousness and says she is feeling cold. She says Advik saved her from ice and even Kamakshi saved her also. Her father asked her to sleep. Param says she is saying the same thing. Suman says Kamakshi only saves everyone. Rashi says she has never done anything without asking you and says she did only one mistake. Aara’s father asks Param and Suman to forgive Kamakshi. Rashi asks do they know what is today? Kamakshi asks Advik to tell her why he

hates her. He says he don’t have time. Kamakshi says I came to this world because of your promise and says it is a sin to break the promise. Advik says you are talking about sin, whose birth is a sin itself. He says you have done such a thing with me which I don’t want for anyone else in this world. Kamakshi asks him to say clearly. Advik cups her face and says I will tell you everything before killing you, I will tell you clearly why I am killing you after a month. Kamakshi cries and says Advik ji. Balraj, Suman, Rudranaath, Dravya and others come there and wish Kamakshi happy birthday. Kamakshi hugs him and cries. Param says I am with you always. Rudranaath wishes her happy birthday. Advik is shocked. Kamakshi cuts the cake while everyone claps. Advik is walking on the road and thinks how can Kamakshi’s birthday happen today.

Dravya thinks to find out why Kamakshi didn’t tell everyone about them being aghoris and thinks to find out. Rudranaath comes there and tells her that his room is given to her shishya and that’s why he shifted here as everyone thinks them as husband and wife. Dravya says she is not my shishya, but yours and asks him to go.

Advik comes to the crematorium ground and tells that he couldn’t get peace since their death. He says 23 years passed today. He says he has seen many last rites, but he couldn’t do their last rites. He says how you will get mukti and says I know why destiny saved me, as it wanted me to take revenge. He says he will make her life miserable and that she will think death is better than life. He says she will kill her. Kamakshi hears everything and thinks how did she kill his parents after her birth and why is he blaming her.

Kamakshi marks the day in the calendar and thinks he wants to give my Bali, his hatred came with my birth. She thinks it is all confusing and thinks how past will be known, thinks to find out. Rashi comes there and asks her what happened/ She asks why are you behaving strange since your marriage. Kamakshi says no and pretends to be smiling. Her brother asks her to tell if Advik tells something? Kamakshi says there is nothing like that. Rashi tells Kamakshi that this house is not of Advik, but of someone else. She says something is wrong with them. Kamakshi says they are all aghoris. Chirag says I will tell everyone. Kamakshi stops him and says they are all aghoris and they are not a family. She says they are dangerous and can do anything. Chirag and Rashi are shocked. Rashi asks if Advik is also aghori. Kamakshi says yes and says they will not harm them, but. Rashi asks how you will fight with them. Kankali tells that she will help her to fight with them. Kamakshi says she don’t want her help.

Aasmi tells Rudranaath that Advik knows that Kamakshi’s mother had killed her parents and not her. She says he loves Kamakshi and might not give her bali. Rudranaath says if Advik comes to know about the truth then he might not give the bali and says he knows what to do. He says Advik will blame Kamakshi for his parents death and says he knows what had happened and what will pretend to happen. Advik tries to get in fire, but falls far. Rudranaath comes there and says you can’t do this. He says Kamakshi got the powers, as her mother sacrificed your parents and gave their bali to get powers for her unborn daughter. He says Kamakshi was born out of stealing your parents’ breath and says you shall punish her, says Kamakshi is herself guilty. Advik is shocked. He says your parents’ breath is in her. Advik says her bali is sure to happen, no power or shakti can stop it. It is certain. Rudranaath manipulates him. Advik goes. Aasmi comes there and asks what happened to him. Rudranaath laughs and says I know how to connect one string with another.

Kamakshi comes to Param and asks about her mother. Param asks if everything is fine. Kamakshi says today is my birthday and you celebrated my birthday every year. She asks if her mum died because of her. Param says your mum died while saving your life. Rashi says with whom? Param says she was scared of some people and was running away from them. A fb is shown, Kamakshi’s mother comes to him in a bad state and asks him to save her daughter from the people who is after her daughter. Fb ends. Kamakshi asks who were those people? Suman says she was in bad state, handover you to him and fainted. She died after 2 days. Param tells that God has given us you. Kamakshi thinks if my Maa and Advik’s murderer is same.

Aasmi asks Rudranaath why he loves Advik more and why did you choose Advik for Kamakshi’s bali. Rudranaath says when I saw him for the first time, I thought he can only help me. Aasmi says when he came to our Ashram. Rudranaath says he didn’t come to Ashram, I brought him there with my Siddhis. She asks him to tell the truth and gives the secret of Aghorpan. Rudranaath says I was responsible for Advik’s parents accident. He says Advik’s parents died because of me, I came to know that he will be the most powerful man in the future, I have to make him my shishya and that’s why did this, says if I had asked them to give their son to me, they wouldn’t have agreed. He says Advik was crying in the car, when I went there and took him out and starts walking away. His mum asks where he is taking her son. Rudranaath makes the car blasts to kill his parents. Fb is shown for the same. Rudranaath says since then, I am his everything. Aasmi says why did he think that Kamakshi’s mother is responsible. Rudranaath says it is a coincidence and tells that she wanted to help Advik’s parents, but..He says same day, Kamakshi’s mother started having labor pains and she went to my Guru’s Ashram. He says Kamakshi was born dead, but my Guru gave her new life. Aasmi says Kamakshi says born Aghori. Rudranaath says yes and that’s why she has powers. He says Kamakshi doesn’t know about it and says now you understand why I want to give Kamakshi’s bali as I will be very powerful. He says Kamakshi and Advik shall not know about this and says after Kamakshi’s bali, Advik will be alone and all yours. Aasmi looks on. Advik vents out his pain and says you will die and I will give your bali. He says if you didn’t wish your bali then..He thinks Guru ji doesn’t know that she knows.

Kamakshi looks at her parents’ pics. Param comes there and gives her some stuff saying it is of her mum. Kamakshi sees the jewellery and library card. She thinks may be my parents used to stay at this address, thinks to go there and find out about her answers. She keeps the jewellery and other things back in the bag. She comes out of her room. Advik is holding the purple flower and keeps it down on the mangalsutra. He makes the stones pendant out of purple flower petals connected with mangalsutra. He thinks he will fill love in Kamakshi’s mind for him so that she agrees for bali with her wish. Kamakshi comes there. Advik says you have come?

Kamakshi tells him that she is going to her room. Advik locks the door and says you will stay here. He says you have to be with me, all the time. Kamakshi says it is better to stay away from you. Advik asks her to show to go far and says this is your punishment. He twists her hand and asks her not to force him to tie her in the room. They fall on the bed. Song plays…..Kamakshi turns her face and wipes her tears. He holds his hand and asks her not to stare him with deer eyes, and asks if she knows what tiger do with the deer. He asks her to close her eyes and thinks she knows much about Guru ji and him, thinks to be with her all the time. Kamakshi thinks if he is with me all the time, then how I will go out and unveil my mother’s story.

Precap: Aara’s mother shows dress to Kamakshi and says Advik sent beautiful lehenga for her. Advik accepts her as his wife and makes her wear mangalsutra with purple flower stones and promises to be with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice mystry is unfolding slowly… Its rudranth who lied to Adhvik about Kamkashi mother and make him do wrong just for powers… Hope Asmi realise her mistakes and tell whole truth to Adhvik related to Kamakashi, before its too late

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