Aghori 13th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rudranaath returns as Dravya’s husband, Advik kidnapped by Haryali

Aghori 13th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Advik thinking about Aghoran asking Kamakshi’s hand in marriage with Soham. He thinks of Rudranaath telling him not to marry Kamakshi. He recalls Ashmi asking him to follow her plan, Kamakshi agreeing to marry Soham. He moves the mountain and comes out, says he won’t let this happen. Aghoran/Dravya asks Shanaya if she talked to Soham. Shanaya says his number is not connecting and says if Soham ran away as he wanted to become Aghori all life and you announced his marriage. Aghoran says this can’t happen and asks her to try his phone, says we might get a clue where he was last seen. Advik thinks Gurudev doubts on me, I was away from any wishes all life. He sees a car fast proceeding towards him, but he doesn’t move. Some guys are in the car. The guy driving the car taking the car to left and it is about to fall in the valley. Advik holds the car to safety. They thank him and falls unconscious. Advik says next time if you are drunk and drive the car then I will not save you. He sees a small creeper coming out from the soil and recalls Kamakshi. He fixes it in the ground. The small creeper becomes a lady. He doesn’t see her.

Kamakshi’s Mama if she is sure that she will marry Soham and asks her to rethink. Kamashi says she is sure and tells that you said that you know the family and this alliance is good, I have no objection from this marriage and want to do this soon. Younger Mama asks him to meet Dravya and fix the marriage date. She comes to the temple and thinks of Advik tensely. Advik comes there. Kamakshi doesn’t see him but calls his name. He stops and comes to her. She says can I ask you something? She asks what did you do with me and says since you held my hand, everything has changed and I got some shakti in me. He says I didn’t have this shakti/power before and since you held my hand, I did something which I never did before. She says this mark on my hand was sparkling. He says I didn’t understand. She asks who are you and what you did with me. She asks him not to hide and says you are not an ordinary man and maybe you are having some powers. Advik says I just know that there is some secret thread, love rope. Kamakshi says you are diverting the topic and says you are going to marry someone else and I am going to marry someone else. He holds her closer and says marriage didn’t happen yet. He says if I don’t let this marriage happen then? She asks if he means what is he saying? He says yes. She asks him to break marriage with Ashmi. He says I will break. Kamakshi says this can’t happen. He says I will tell you who am I, and says I can make the impossible happen. He says your heart knows what is there between us, the rope which is bringing us closer will not be torn so easily. He looks at her and thinks I won’t let you go away from my life so easily. The lady creeper comes there.

Param meets Aghoran. She says 20th of this month and says it will be very early. Param tells that there is no good mahurat for the month. He says we shall get Kamakshi and Soham marriage done along with Ashmi and Advik’s marriage. Param’s wife tells that if you think that we are hurrying then think about it. Aghoran says she will talk to Soham. Shanaya comes and tells her that Soham is missing and it seems like someone kidnapped him. Soham is kept captive somewhere in the bag. Ashmi tells Indra that they have to search Soham. She says if I don’t marry Advik then I will get mad. Advik comes there. They became silent. He asks why you both became silent when I come. Indra says everyone is excited about marriage. He says Ashmi is excited as she is bride and asks why are you excited. Indra says do you think that I will run away with Kamakshi. Advik says you can’t run away with her. Indra says you are in love. Advik beats Indra. Indra says that the girl Kamakshi is the root of all-cause. Ashmi tries to stop him. Indra uses his powers to beat Advik, but the lady plant/haryali comes there and makes Indra hang to the tree using creepers. Ashmi laughs. Indra asks Advik to take him down. Everyone comes there and asks why Indra is hung? They ask Advik to take him down. Kamakshi comes there. Advik says Indra is used to do such things and says sorry to disturb you. Ashmi looks at them. Haryani looks on and vanishes.

Rashi calls Kamashi and comes to her. She says Soham is good and talks sweet. Aara comes there and says many girls roam around him. Kamashi says you are talking like this so that I don’t get upset. She says do you know that I love you so much, we are a team, ARK.

Advik sees the creeper in her room and becoming a lady in front of her. He asks who are you? She says haryali and hugs him. Advik asks her to go to the jungle. She says I am happy that you saved my life and I came to return your favor. Advik says I don’t know. She says I won’t let you love me and don’t love anyone. Haryali says Kamakshi don’t love you and Ashmi loves you whom you hate. She says we both are different and says we shall go away from here and make our own world. He says ok and asks if she is fine? He asks why did you come here? She says I have come here, you saved my life. Advik says I didn’t save anyone’s life. She pushes him on bed and ties creepers on him. She becomes haryali and asks do you remember. He says you are that creepers whom I saved. She asks him to accept her love and says both of our life will be good. Kamakshi comes there and sees Haryali on top of Advik. She goes out and sees Ashmi. She says if you are here then who is inside. They come inside and sees Haryali with him. She goes out upset. Ashmi sees haryali turning into a creeper. Advik goes behind Kamakshi and tells her that the girl is haryali a creeper. She says I don’t believe you and laughs. He says I have seen you saving that plant. She asks how do you know? She realizes and says you have saved my life that day. He says I am not lying and says she is a creeper. Kamakshi tells that she did a mistake and goes. Ashmi tells Advik that Kamakshi is an ordinary girl and don’t know that she is a creeper. She says I trust you and goes.

A girl is coming in the car and says I will take revenge from the aghoris. She becomes a skeleton and then the girl.

Dravya/Aghoran tells Shanaya that she has used all her powers, but it can’t trace Soham. She says he might be in some trouble. Shanaya says we shall postpone the date. Dravya tells that she can’t do this. She says we shall make the arrangements and take Kamakshi with us, the moment we get a chance. She says this is the best idea. She sees someone standing and asks who are you? Rudranaath comes there in casual clothes. Dravya is shocked to see him. She says you…Rudranaath says I told that damru will be played…Shambu plays. Param and Suman come there. Rudranaath asks can you identify me? He says Dravya knows me. Dravya asks him to tell who is he? He says I am her husband and father of Advik, Soham and Shanaya. He says he came for the wedding and meets Param, hugs him. He asks Ashmi how is she? Ashmi says she is fine. He asks where is Soham’s bride, I heard a lot about her. Kamakshi comes there. He looks at her. Rudranaath walks towards her and recalls telling Guru ji that he got a fruit of his tapasya, when Mahaguru Chatanya telling him that she is not an ordinary girl, she is the boon of Shiv. Kamashi touches his feet. He says I am searching for you since years, you made me wait so much. She asks what? He says I am searching beautiful and good girl for Soham and I found you today. He says today is the best day for me, my both sons are getting married. He calls Soham.

Dravya says he went out. Rudranaath asks about Advik. Advik is caught by the creeper Haryani and asks her to leave him. She says she brought something for him and puts a drop of green liquid on his hand. He starts turning green. She asks him to calm down. Param asks do you have any objection if the marriage happens in one week. Rudranaath says I have an objection and asks why marriage is not tomorrow. He asks where are the two sons? Dravya says I told Soham went out. Rudranaath asks Kamakshi to tell Advik that his father came. Haryali tells Advik that he doesn’t have to stay here any longer and they will go to her world. She says everyone loves each other in my world, now you are part of my world, says lets’ go from here. He is unconscious. She makes a bed of creeper and drags him to it. She then pulls the creeper bed to take it out.

Precap: Rudranaath asks Dravya to tell where she has hidden Advik and Kamakshi. Kamakshi follows the creeper and finds haryali making Advik turning into a half tree. She asks what is it?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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