Agar tum saath ho (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) FF episode 24

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I am really sorry for being late. Couldn’t update on time.. let’s start…
Dev returned to their place..The day was busy for him, he studied for the whole day. Because he knew that once Sona is here he won’t be able to study. She is the great distraction..
At Sona’s place
Asha: do you know something.. yesterday when I asked you that whether you are happy Dev you said yess..but I thought that you were saying so to make me feel good. So that I should not worry about you..but when I saw you with him in the morning.. I felt so good. He is a very caring husband. He was awake from 7am but he didn’t get up so that you could get proper sleep. You are lucky Sona..
Sona: I am really lucky. He helps me in everything..he takes care of me..he pays attention to me without me asking him to do so..hope he remains the same.
Asha: He will not change..may be he will become better with time..
Sona: but I am happy with what I have now..
Asha: And I am happy for you..
And they hugged each other..

In the evening..
Dev’s POV
I went to my sasuraal..we had dinner. And now it was time to leave..
Sona: Maaaa.. mujhe nahi jana(maa i don’t want to go)
And I guess Asha maa was in mood to tease Sona.
Asha: Ok tera jane ka man nahi hai to mat ja..Dev, agar Sona kuch din aur yaha rukegi to tumhe koi problem to nahi hogi na?(ok if you don’t want to go then don’t go..Dev, do you mind if Sona stays here for some more days?)
Dev: Mujhe kya problem hogi? I won’t at all mind..this is her own house..
Sona became sad..that mixed feelings were clearly visible on her face.
Sona: Thik hai to mai ruk jati hu..(with a sad puppy face)
Asha: Sona tu bilkul budhhu hai..jana to Dev ke saath chahti are just feeling bad that you don’t want to leave me alone.. chalo ab jaldi niklo..Varna mai emotional ho jaungi(you are stupid want to go with Dev. You are worried because you don’t want to leave me alone. Now leave else I will start crying.)
Sona nodded in yess. We get into the car. And we were on our way to home. I looked at Sona..and those teary eyes of Sona..I don’t what to ask her. I guess she sense that..
Sona: pehli baar bidai hui na meri.. I always thought that me n maa will cry a lot at my bidai when I will get married.

I never wanted to leave her. And today when I was about to leave that house..when I told that I don’t want to go..I didn’t mean it Dev.. I wanted to go to our I being selfish? Maa would have felt very bad.. I am feeling guilty..
And she looked outside wiping her tears.. and I felt bad.. guilty.. We guys will never understand what it feels like leaving your home for someone. I took the longer route..a long drive with no music, silent Sona..her tears..same like our first meeting.. I could not console her that time cause we were strangers…but now it’s different. I drove the car to an ice cream shop..
Dev: Chalo Sona..Ice cream khate hai..
And I pulled her out of the car..She loves cornetto.. I bought 2 for us.. I was about to start eating mine one..but before I could do that..
Sona: Dev wait..
And she took my cone and ate all the first layer of chocolate and then she gave it to me.
Sona: last wala chocolate bhi mujhe chahiye..
I smiled and nodded in yess..she started eating her ice cream.. She finished it within no time..and she did what she wanted to do.. last bite..and the funniest part was, while she took that last bite she said “last bite for handsome husband” and she giggled..
When we reached home, we landed on the coach..
Dev: Sona..what was that handsome husband wala thing?
She giggled..
Dev: what..tell me..
Sona: you know what when I was in college, one of the my friends used to do that.. whatever we used to eat , she used to snatch the last bite and say that “last bite for handsome husband” and after that we also started doing the was fun.. I won many times..
Dev: and what’s the result? Did you get that handsome husband or not?
And she came closer and whispered in my ear..”naahh.. I got the most handsome husband” and I felt her teeth playing with my earlobe..Shit man..I closed my eyes. it’s so tempting..she stopped for a second..and then I felt her lips over mine.. passionately kissing me. And she grabbed my shirt at collar n pulled me over her..and we continued tasting each other’s lips.. we parted and I took in my arms..and we entered into bedroom. I kept her on the bed..and landed on her.. I was kissing her neck..n she was busy in unbuttoning my shirt. And suddenly I stopped..and it made her stop too..
Sona: what happened?
Dev: am I too heavy for you? Should I loss some weight?

Sona’s POV
I giggled and then
Sona: I would love to be buried under your heavy weight..
There was an intense eyelock..then every inch of my body was feeling the touch of his hands, lips and tongue..Being loved by him is like heavens.. I love you Dev for making me feel complete in each manner..
On the next day we were late for hospital. We entered and headed to our respective cabins.
It’s lunch time now and I went to canteen to join my group for lunch. Me n Dev Don’t have lunch together. I don’t want him to be conscious about what he is speaking while spending time with his doctor friends. Dev was sitting with his group facing his back to me. He was done with his lunch. He got up to leave to his cabin.. yess my dear great husband is so workaholic that he takes nearly 15 minutes for finishing his food while for me it’s almost 40-50 minutes..we girls need time to take about various things. Dev went to wash his hands and returned to the same table to say something to Dr. Rao. And then someone shouted his name grabbing attention of everyone present in the canteen. It was a girl standing 4 feets away from Dev and as he turned she jumped on me.. I mean how dare she can hug my husband in my presence. They parted.

Sona’s POV ends
Dev: heyy.. Natasha…are you planning to kick me out of my own house?
Natasha: and who is going to throw my crush out of his own house?
Dev: wife
Natasha: what… seriously?
Dev: yup..
Natasha: who the hell is she?
Dev: be careful while saying something about my wife.. I am a very protective n possessive husband..
Natasha: are really sounding like a married man..
And they laughed.

Natasha: And who is that lucky girl?
Dev: I am the lucky man.. chalo I will introduce you to her..
They came to Sona’s table..Sona stood up.
Dev: my best half..Dr. Sonakshi Bose
Sona extends her hand to give a handshake
Sona: Dr. Sonakshi Dev Dixit..hiii
Natasha: I m Natasha.. Dev’s school friend..
Sona: That’s great..
Natasha: By the way how did manage to hook up with such a hot know he is really difficult to impress.. I was head over heals for him..and he was so rude.
Sona: Oh really? That’s great..
Natasha: idiot.. you broke my heart..just kidding haa..ok I have to meet someone will catch you later..
And saying so Natasha left..
Sona: You are going to pay for this Mr. Husband..
And she left..
Dev’s POV
Hell with you said something in stupidity n I am the one who is going to face the consequences. Sona was so angry..
In the evening, we were there in the car. As soon as she grabbed her sit. She called someone.

Sona’s POV
I called Dev’s mom.. I want to complain about him.
Sona: hello Maa..
Ishwari: hello Sonakshi..Beta kya hua tum udaas lag rahi ho..sab thik hai na?
Sona: vo maa…
Ishwari: Bolo na beta..
Sona: Aapko pata hai Maa aaj kya hua?
Ishwari: kya hua
Sona: Vo Dev’s school friend came to hospital and she hugged him in front of everyone..and that everyone includes me also.
Dev was trying to stop me.
Ishwari: kyaa?
Sona: Haa..and she also told that she was mad for Dev..
Ishwari: Dev ko phone dena to
I have phone to Dev.

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