Agar Tum Na Hote 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu orders Niyati to leave his house and this city

Agar Tum Na Hote 4th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhimanyu is adamant there is something which they all are hiding from him, he is not able o understand it, Niyati says that there is nothing like that and he is just over thinking it, he yells at her saying she must shut up because how can a stranger come into his house and slap him, but his family members did not say even a single word, Abhimanyu questions he doesnot accept such punishment which he doesnot know anything, he cannot understand how his family has made her into such a person that she can do whatever she desires, Niyati apologizes to Abhimanyu for the behaviour of her mother, he in anger exclaims this is nice since the British left but gave them this apology, He pulls a stranger asking if he killed someone then apologized so he should be freed as this is the rule which she has made, the nurse have become the judges, Niyati questions what else can she do as she is apologizing, he replies she is doing a really big favour by apologizing.

Abhimanyu asks her to wait, he takes the water hose from the gardener and brings it close to Niyati, she is not able to understand when he taking two steps back, starts pouring the water on her, she is not able to run away, the people recognize he is the son of Kichu Panday, they start making a video, Niyati is standing still, she looks into his eyes thinking that some time ago these eyes were filled with only love but now they are just filled with hate.

Karan reaches the market with Kinkar, they both start looking when Kinkar points towards Abhimanyu, Karan wonders what he is doing.

In the house Kichu orders the person to make sure that Abhimanyu doesnot leave with a flight, Manaroma is thinking about how Abhimanyu said that they should send Niyati away since he cannot bear her anymore, Manaroma thinks she would now make him understand he is wrong, Amma says that they would make sure everything is fine when Abhimanyu calms down, however Manaroma says she would not bear it anymore because he has gotten so out of control because of them, she says that whatever happened today was wrong because they all put the entire burden on Niyati, he threw her out of the house in the middle of the night forcing her to sleep outside the house, Kichu questions what is she saying because they cannot risk the life of their son, Niyati is bearing all this just because she can take care of her husband so they will have to remain quiet. Amma says that she must not do this now as it is wrong, Manaroma is adamant to reveal the truth as she cannot risk the life of someone else’s child, Kichu stops her in anger saying that he would not let her do this anymore because it is the matter of his son.

Karan comes to Abhimanyu questioning what is he doing, he covers Niyati with his coat, Kinkar then turns off the valve, Karan questions what is he doing as it is wrong and then even Kinkar says the same to Abhimanyu, he apologizes to Niyati in front of everyone saying that it is just as when her mother slapped him in front of everyone so she also felt ashamed, the crowd starts making the video, Karan gets angry and then destroys one of the phone, he orders the guards to check the phones of everyone as there should not be even a single trace of the incident. Abhimanyu orders Niyati to leave as he doesnot want her near him, she should leave him and his family as he is firing her, Niyati tries to reason but he is adamant that he would only go back if she leaves, she is not able to say anything but Karna and Kinkar are both trying to convince him saying that he is not making any sense in anger as it is wrong, however Abhimanyu hits the glass of the vendor saying what do they care about his anger, Niyati assures she would agree to his every desire but he must let her take out the glass as it is causing immense blood to flow, Karan pulls his hand closer asking Niyati to take it out, she sees how he is hurting but is still adamant that she should not be near him, she manages to take it out and covers it, Abhimanyu questions if she was not able to do it before he hurt his hand, as she even hurt him while leaving. Karan asks Kinkar to take Abhimanyu back to the house while he will come back after settling the contract of Niyati, he going to her says that she must not be worried as they all are with her, but she must wait outside the house, he will come back to her after talking with Kichu and Manaroma mami.

Sulochana enters with Aanad, Ram asks if Niyati did not come back, Sulochana explains she said that she cannot leave her husband as it is her duty to see that he is healthy, Ram asks why is she not understanding that there is nothing left with her with Abhimanyu, she must come back otherwise would suffer the rest of her live, Sulochana standing requests Ram to not curse their daughter since Niyati is just doing it all because of what they taught her, she got this habit of doing the right thing because of him, and he is the one at fault since he got Niyati married when she was young. Ram exclaims that now he would also turn back his eyes to anything in her life, he asks Aanad to go and bring his bags as it is time for their flight, however Aanad exclaims he will not leave this city now.

Amma asks Manaroma to not be worried and also understand their point of view, everyone is standing when Vidhi points to Abhimanyu, Mami jee and Bua rush to questions how did he hurt his hand, Kinkar asks them to bring the first aid box, both of them start fighting over who would bring it, Manaroma starts taking off the bandage, Abhimanyu exclaims there is nothing to be worried about, Kichu asks Karan how did he hurt his hand, Karan replies it is all his doing as he was busy in creating havoc at the market and when they reached the location, he was throwing water over the face of Niyati with a hose, hearing this everyone is left stunned, karan then mentions after that he fired Niyati from her job, ordering her to leave this house and city, Kichu is shocked after hearing what Abhimanyu did in the market.

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