Agar Tum Na Hote 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu tries to kill Niyati

Agar Tum Na Hote 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhimanyu doesnot sleep the entire night and is waiting for the timer to end thinking about when would Niyati come, he sits on the bed thinking it is time for Niyati, Abhimanyu walks downstairs calling Niyati while his father is on the call with the Minister, Abhimanyu is only looking for her, he asks Manaroma why has Niyati not come till now, his father asks Abhimanyu to come and have breakfast with them all, Abhimanyu replies he will have it when Niyati comes, going to the door he wonders why has she not come till now but gets worried thinking if he might have actually done the same thing, he asks Kumkar to call Niyati asking why did she not come however he hears her steps coming from the back so is really excited to see her, he immediately hugs her, Niyati is really tensed, she even gets uncomfortable, he says she promised to come early then why did it take so long, she hesitantly asks if he remembers what happened yesterday, Abhimanyu asks how can he forget the best day of his life, when she herself broke off her engagement assuring she would marry him, Niyati asks if he really took the medicine, he exclaims that she herself gave the medicine, Niyati thinks this has not happened before so she must inform Aanad and Dr Sharma.

Niyati asks Abhimanyu to come because he needs rest, Aanad walks with Dr Sharma when Abhimanyu immediately questions who allowed them to come inside blaming that Dr Aanad is going to take Niyati away from him, he doesnot even listen to Dr Sharma, Niyati assures she will talk with them ,she advises Dr Aanad to leave since he remembers everything that happened during his attack so it is better for him to leave, if he once again loses his temper then it would be really difficult to control him, she requests Dr Aanad to leave, so he turns back to leave. Niyati is really tensed.

Aanad reaches outside the guest house when he receives a call, form his mother who questions where he is because she has reached the venue when Ram and Sulochana are also on their way so he should come with Niyati, Aanad replies he is busy in work but would reach the hall on time.

Abhimanyu is looking at Niyati who is sorting the medicines, he starts smiling then asks if they should watch a movie, he starts playing it.

Lata Didi exclaims that both of her in laws are really late comers, Sulochana exclaims she was not feeling well today, Lata asks what happened when Ram replies that she is just not feeling well because their daughter is getting married, lata asks where is Niyati when Sulochana exclaims she is going to call her right now, Abhimanyu answers the call when Sulochana immediately calls him as Munna, Abhimanyu also starts talking with her, he exclaims how he was thinking that now since Niyati herself has decided to leave Aanad and marry him then why are they delaying it, he feels he should come with his mother to their house today and discuss it all, Sulochana starts weeping, Abhimanyu gets worried, she asks him to give the phone to Niyati, she asks her when is she going to come, Niyati seeing the time replies she is going to leave after some time, Abhimanyu asks her to come and watch a movie however she says she needs to go back home, Abhimanyu standing asks why does she need to leave, he told her that he gets scared when she is not around him, Niyati advises him to rest as she would surely come back tomorrow, he explains she can live with him when Manaroma questions how can Niyati live with him before getting married, Abhimanyu exclaims why does she not make her his bride, he has already talked with her mother, Manaroma agrees to go with Niyati and talk to her mother, Abhimanyu also desires to go but he is stopped as Manaroma exclaims that only the family of the groom go, she leaves with Niyati.

The festivities of the Haldi function begin when everyone is laughing, Sulochana thinks how Abhimanyu said that he is going to come with his mother so thinks what would happen if he comes to the venue, Lata Didi brings someone to introduce her to Sulochana then asks her where is Niyati as the Pooja has already ended and now it is time for the Haldi function, Aanad said that she is going to come straight to the hall, Aanad also arrives when Lata asks where is Niyati, Aanad decides to call her but Sulochana exclaims she is on her way.

Niyati along with Manaroma step out of the car, Manaroma mentions she could have dropped her off at the hall however Niyati exclaims that Saira is waiting for her at the market, and she needs to buy some things before the function. Manaroma says that she must not be worried about her son because today is her function, she doesnot want that her function gets ruined because of her son, Manaroma wishes her before leaving, Abhimanyu while following Manaroma wonders why she not went with Niyati to her parents’ house, he starts following Niyati when she is scared by Saira who asks if she thought she saw a ghost. Niyati exclaims she is nothing less of a ghost, Niyati replies that she is feeling really bad about lying to Abhimanyu, he standing in the back questions why is she lying, he exclaims that he did not sleep last night because of the fear that he might lose her, he demands that she also exclaim she loves him however Niyati doesnot say anything, Abhimanyu starts to get an attack, he exclaims there is only one way and they both have to die, he exclaims he would first kill Niyati and then would also take his own life, Abhimanyu tries to suffocate her but she manages to run away as Abhimanyu is stopped by some people, Abhimanyu manages to push them all away and follows both Niyati and Saira, they get stuck in the corner, he pushes Saira away when she hits her head, he even tries to kill Niyati with a rod, Saira advises her to run away, Niyati is really scared but she also gets stuck. Abhimanyu questions why she is running away from him, they both can die together as it is the only way they both would live together.

Precap: Dr Aanad receives a call from Saira, he gets stunned answering it. Niyati is running from Abhimanyu, he questions why she is running from him as he really loves her and this way they both would be able to be together, Aanad is trying his best to find Niyati. Abhimanyu is trying to find Niyati, who is under a truck, he finds her, kneeling to the side questions why she was running away, Niyati is petrified.

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