Agar Tum Na Hote 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu finds out about the engagement of Niyati

Agar Tum Na Hote 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhimanyu walking down the stairs, asks Manaroma who is this lady but she is not about to answer, he asks the nurse who is she, she replies her name is Savita and she is his new nurse when he questions where is Niyati, his father exclaims he has woken up and should come to eat the breakfast with him but Abhimanyu replies that he has to take his medicine before the breakfast so will have it in his room, Kumkar Chacha coming mentions Niyati called him to explain she had to go to her Dadi’s house for some emergency but will return soon, he walking near Savita asks her if she is telling the truth, she nods her head agreeing, he starts laughing exclaiming he is a really nice actor as she got scared.

Abhimanyu asks Manaroma to now send his breakfast to his room as he will have it, his father stands in anger exclaiming he has time to talk with everyone else except him, Abhimanyu assures there is nothing of the sort, he is standing right in front of him, his father replies Abhimanyu knows his friend who resides in London, they have arranged the best doctors from London to perform his treatment. So they will go to London the next week, Abhimanyu refuses saying he will not go anywhere and will take the treatment in Mumbai, he asks what is in this city pointing to Niyati as a nurse, Abhimanyu asks Manaroma to inform his father that he will not go anywhere when his father in anger instructs him to talk with him face to face, Abhimanyu however once again requests Manaroma to send the breakfast for him as he is really hungry and try to explain everything to his father, he rushes to his room while his father tries to go after him but is stopped by Manaroma who requests him to not argue with Abhimanyu today even Kumkar says that even Niyati is not present to take care of him. Abhimanyu calls Savita jee for the medicine.

Abhimanyu sitting in the bed thinks of the first time when he met Niyati and is lost in the dreams, thinking she was the only one who understood him, he was also drawn to her meanwhile Niyati is preparing for her engagement, she sees that Abhimanyu is calling her but places down the mobile, Savita jee brings the medicine for Abhimanyu, they both are worried sitting in their own house, Niyati is getting the Hena applied on her hands, neither of them is happy in their house,

Savita assures Niyati that she had given him the proper medicine, Niyati asks her to take good care of Abhimanyu, Savita assures her to not be worried and even wishes congratulations to Niyati and Dr Aanad, he exclaims she has done a big mistake because she knows how much he loves her, he leaves in anger when Savita tries stopping him exclaiming, he needs to take his medicine, but he turns in anger which scares her.

Manaroma is with her husband when Savita rushes in, this angers him and he asks where her manners are when she replies she came because Abhimanyu found out about the engagement of Niyati and left in anger, she feels that he has gone straight to her.

Niyati is getting ready sitting in front of the mirror when she feels Abhimanyu is talking to her questioning why did she decide to marry someone else knowing he loves her so much, he punches the mirror, she tries to protect herself when Sulochana comes questioning what has happened, Niyati however replies there is nothing to be worried about and they must leave, Sulochana asks her to sit down exclaiming she will perform her Nazar, Niyati receives a call from Savita but Ram enters asking why are they waiting for as Aanad has reached the venue, he leaves with Niyati asking Sulochana to take the call, she is shocked to hear that Abhimanyu has found out about the engagement and is coming to the venue.

Kumkar is standing when the father of Abhimanyu asks him to take out the car as they have to find Abhimanyu before he reaches the venue, mentioning that he would surely end the case as Niyati managed to send the news of her engagement to his son, Manaroma thinks she must do anything to stop him as he must never find out the truth about Niyati, she acts as if she is feeling dizzy so falls to the ground, he rushes back to her with Kumkar, helping her get seated on the sofa.

Niyati reaches the venue with Ram, when he helps her get seated beside Aanad, Lata Didi exclaims he is looking really beautiful, Sulochana comes to the venue when Ram notices that she is worried, he asks her to come at the stage, the function starts with a pooja after which the Pandit jee asks Aanad to make Niyati wear the ring, Ram also hands Niyati the ring, she feels hesitant and so before she can fulfil the ritual, she sees Abhimanyu so drops the ring which goes straight to his feet.

Abhimanyu walks over to the stage questioning how she can do this to him as she did not even inform him about her engagement, Aanad explains to Abhimanyu that this is a family function, Sulochana recalls that he is Munna, how he used to come and ask her for food, but she is forced to remain quiet

Aanad asks Abhimanyu to leave because this is a family function, but Abhimanyu asks Niyati why does she not make him understand as he is really rude, he replies he is not going to leave today because even Niyati is really happy and so as her friend he has come to enjoy the function, he asks Niyati to make Aanad wear the ring which shocks everyone, he insists but Niyati doesnot even move her hand so he is forced to place the ring on her hand, he even asks the Pandit jee what is he doing now, as Niyati is getting engaged and he is really happy, they all are shocked at his behaviour when Ram also asks her to make Aanad wear the ring, everyone is smiling but Niyati is really tensed, she once again looks at Aanad, Abhimanyu starts to clap smiling his heart out, he exclaims he is really happy that she got engaged, the guests seeing his reaction exclaim that their is surely some relation between him and Niyati, Abhimanyu asks them both to take the blessings of Aanad’s mother, he himself goes to hug Ram and Sulochana questioning if they are not happy because Niyati has gotten engaged.

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