Agar Tum Na Hote 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram agrees to get Niyati married with Dr Aanad

Agar Tum Na Hote 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhimanyu is lying down on the bed, Ram closes the door without telling anyone, the doctor asks Manorama to not worry as her son would be fine till the morning, Manaroma asks him to not sya that a mother should not worry for her son.

Ram is standing outside the door when Saira greets her, he asks what is she still doing here when she exclaims she is doing over time, she asks what is he doing here, he explains he forgot his glasses when he came in the morning so found them now, he asks what does she think of Abhimanyu, Saira replies she is doubtful he will be able to get healthy again, Ram then asks who are these people with him, Saira explains that she is Manaroma who is his mother and his uncle, Saira leaves when Ram also hides as Manaroma sees him, she comes out when her brother questions what happened, she reveals that she felt someone was watching them, Abhimanyu calls her, they both rush inside so Ram walks away.

Abhimanyu sits up, Manaroma hands him a glass of water, he asks her to not worry so much otherwise she will herself get ill and if she gets ill then who would take care of him, Manaroma questions she is a really bad mother because she has not been able to take care of him, Abhimanyu calling her miss Panday exclaims he cannot bear if anyone says anything against his mother, she exclaims she is not as she was not able to find him for six months when he once again says he knows that she is the best mother in the entire world, Manaroma exclaims she will try to be a mother and knows how she can be one, she asks the doctor to prepare for the discharge of her son, Dr Sharma asks if she is ending the treatment, Manaroma exclaims that he will be treated by the one whom he selects and al the treatments which he would be receive would have to be approved by her first, she will take care of everything as her son would be treated in a place where he doesnot have to be kept in chains like this, Dr Sharma agrees when Abhimanyu exclaims how did she become so strong that she even scolded Dr Sharma like this, he starts coughing when she asks him to calm down.

Ram is riding the auto thinking constantly about the truth which he found out in the hospital and how he promised Sulochana that he will find out the truth within seven days, he starts thinking of all the past memories which he has.

Lata Didi is helping Sulochana in the kitchen while Aanad is setting the table with Niyati, he sees Ram walking in so exclaims that u8ncle has arrived, he goes to take his blessing but Ram doesnot respond, Niyati questions what has happened, she once again asks him after which he assures everything is fine, Niyati says that Aanad sought his blessing but he did not say anything, Ram apologizes and blesses Aanad, Sulochana asks if his work has finished, Ram replies indeed it has, he is really worried when Sulochana exclaims then she will serve the dinner as Aanad and Didi have been waiting since long, Ram stops Niyati exclaiming he wants to talk with her when Sulochana mentions they can do it after the dinner but he insists on doing it now, Niyati asks what happened, Ram replies he realized his duties as she since her childhood never did anything that will ruin his reputation as everyone desired to have a daughter like her, he asks Lata jee so she also agrees, he exclaims she was always first in studies and now even work but being a father, he has failed, Niyati questions why is he talking like this, Ram exclaims father should be worried for his daughters future but he did not do it, he will not live with her for long, she asks why is he talking like this when he repliues that now it is the right time, she asks what does he mean, he exclaims it is the time for her to get married and Aanad would be the right life partner for her, Sulcohana exclaims he would be the best for her, Ram exclaims since it is her wedding so she would have to decide because they both have taken it but now desire to ask her, he questions if she also agrees when Niyati asks why are they talking about it all of a sudden.

Abhimanyu asks Manaroma to sit down as he wants to reveal a secret, she questions if he has once again not misbehaved, Abhimanyu mentions he has not done anything purposefully because his heart has fallen for Niyati, she has met her so what does she think of her, Manaroma starts thinking of Ram, when his uncle exclaims he will start to have the conversation from tomorrow but Abhimanyu requests him to calm down since his future is not certain so she should not take a proposal.

Niyati tries to explain how she has never seen Aanad from that point of view, Ram replies that one can change their point of view, Sulochana thinks that he was not ready to marry her then how did his view change, Lata did asks Ram to not be worried because it is a big decision and they should let Niyati decide, she asks if they can now have dinner since it is smelling really nice, Sulochana agrees to set the table, Ram thinks he has to get Niyati married to Aanad.

Manaroma asks Abhimanyu to not be worried and rest as this is the best for him, and from now on his treatment would happen in their guest house, Abhimanyu exclaims now this would be a lot fun for the staff, Manaroma doesnot understand when his uncle asks her to try and think as if they shift him to the guest room then would have to hire a nurse and who is the best nurse, Abhimanyu exclaims it is Niyati and they both start to rejoice, he says that Manaroma would now decide it, she is however tensed.

Niyati lying down on the bed thinks her father always insisted that she make her career but now has asked for her to get married, how can she take such a big decision in a hurry. She receives a call from Abhimanyu, who says she is sleeping in her bed after giving him a shock. she in shock questions how he got her contact number. Abhimanyu explains he got it just like their first meeting because he closed his eyes and dialled the number, just like their first meeting when his heart clicked, Niyati questions how can he talk so much, Niyati explains she will end the call as it doesnot seem an emergency, Abhimanyu replies it is important which is why he took her number from Saira, she is about to end the call when he reveals he is going to leave the hospital.

Sulochana exclaims he would always get mad when she talked about the marriage of Niyati and even today when Lata Didi talked about the proposal he left the house for the office because he never intended to talk about it but then what changed that he came back and accepted, Ram exclaims he has now realized that he was wrong and Sulochana was true, he feels only Aanad can keep their daughter happy, for this they all have to forget about their past and move on, Sulochana questions if he means they should forget the past, Ram agrees explain how they should even make sure that Niyati never comes to know about the truth from her past.

Precap: Niyati exclaims it is really delicious, Ram mentions even Dr Aanad is a good person so has she thought about him. Niyati reaches the guest house where the trustee of the hospital explains he has called her because only those who Abhimanyu select are allowed to live here, Abhimanyu assures that everything will happen as she desires, Niyati is stunned to hear this.

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