Agar Tum Na Hote 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Karan arranges for Shugun to go back to Delhi

Agar Tum Na Hote 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mr Panday receives a video in which he is shocked to see Abhimanyu proposing, he is about to leave but Aanad stops him asking what did Abhimanyu do, Mr Panday says that Abhimanyu would not let it remain like this, he shows the video which Ram send to him mentioning that Abhimanyu should know that Niyati is the daughter in law of this house, Aanad exclaims he knew the truth but they cannot confront Abhimanyu since his mind is not in a mental condition to bear this news because if they tell him it then his mind might react the same as before, Gajendar exclaims that he can accept it but what about Ram or Sulochana Bhabhi, Aanad replies he will himself tell Ram, Gajendar praises Aanad for supporting him.

In the night Ram receives a call from Aanad, he questions that he stayed back for the purpose to protect Niyati, but this is how he is doing it, Aanad exclaims he knew the truth but was not able to tell it because of the vow which Niyati made him, so now he is the only one who can make Niyati understand, Aanad ends the call exclaiming that he send the video so that Ram can come to take back Niyati, after which he would be able to start a new life with her, Ram orders Sulochana to pakc their bags since they are going to Lucknow and will not come back without their daughter.

In the morning Shugun is talking with someone on the call, mentioning he has just stepped into this war but her desire for revenge goes way back, and they must do exactly as she tells them, she smiles after ending the call.

Aanad in the garden ends the call when he gets stunned when someone places their hand on his shoulder, he is shocked to see Niyati who replies that she forgot to tell him that she received a call from a Mumbai number and that lady said that a girl took her phone to dial her number and she as really scared, Niyati then inquired about the lady who said that she was just like Saira, she asks if he talked with her when Aanad exclaims that he received the reports so she would have done her work, Niyati is worried when Aanad requests her to calm down since she knows how Saira is, she would have gone to a trip where there is no network, Niyati explains that she received the call from papa, he worryingly questions what did he say when Niyati replies that she was not able to attend the call, Aanad assures he would talk with Ram uncle about it, Niyati leaves which worries Aanad.

Shugun opens the door when she is shocked to see Niyati standing with Karan and the police, she questions Niyati what is going on and who are these people, Karan introduces that Gajendar Panday is his uncle, he explains that Niyati wants to talk and inform her about something which she must listen otherwise he would have to use his own methods, Shugun questions why is he talking with her like this, Niyati exclaims she will talk to Shugun, she reveals that Abhimanyu is not in the right mental condition as he has forgotten all that happened during the past two months, he even forgot that she is his wife, Shugun doesnot understand, she questions Niyati said he doesnot remember them both meeting two months ago so how did he forgot their wedding, Niyati tries to explains he also found out about their wedding just two months ago, Shugun exclaims she noticed he would not even talk nicely with her so how can someone forget their wife, Niyati reveals that he only views her as strict nurse, Shugun however refuses blaming Niyati for trying to threaten her with her brother and the police, she questions if Niyati desires to get Abhimanyu for herself, however she replies that she is already the wife of Abhimanyu, Shugun refuses to believe her, and even threatens to call him, Karan taking her mobile asks if they have arranged for her ticket, he sends the guards to go and pack her belongings, she tries to exclaim that she is doing her medical sciences when karan informs she can complete them in Delhi, Shugun thinks her plan would be ruined this way, Niyati also tries to stop Karan but Shugun is really tensed.

Shugun going into the hostel demands her mobile as she needs to call Abhimanyu, Karan drops the mobile apologizing for throwing it, he assures she will get the new mobile in Delhi but if she tries to call Abhimanyu then it would not be good for her, Niyati questions what is he doing as they can talk politely, karan mentions she was trying for so long but Shugun was not ready to accept it, Shugun exclaims that he is doing wrong and she will not go but hearing this Karan asks the lady constables to handle her, they force Shugun into the car.

Niyati informs Karan they are doing wrong since it will harm the medical studies and the future of Shugun when Karan explains that he is doing this for the sake of their relation because if she stayed here then it would harm her relation with Abhimanyu which he cannot allow, Niyati calls him Bhai when karan exclaims she is even questioning him, he assures nothing wrong can happen to them so invites Niyati to come and sit in the car.

Shugun in the car is constantly requesting them to let her go since she needs to complete her studies but they order her to shut up since she messed with the Panday family who are the ones who run this city, she has made a mistake. The car suddenly stops when the guard is shocked to see Abhimanyu sitting in front of the car, he comes to push the guard away, he is about to take her away when the guards stop them saying that they are here on the orders of Karan so he cannot be allowed to leave with Shugun since the needs to send her out of Lucknow.

Aanad sitting in the car thinks that he called Abhimanyu disguised as the well-wisher who informed him that Karan and Niyati will not let him be with Shugun so he knows what they can do to him.

Abhimanyu is fighting with the guards who constantly stop him when he is forced to push Shugun, she falls on the ground but seeing the opportunity purposefully injures her head calling for help, Abhimanyu rushes to her when Aanad stops the car near them mentioning how he was just passing by, he helps Abhimanyu pick up Shugun, but the guards once again stop them, Abhimanyu asks Aanad to take care of Shugun while he will handle the guards, he starts beating them both and orders Jagun to leave at once otherwise he would loose his life, Jagun is forced to leave while he immediately rushes to Shugun, Aanad starts smiling thinking that his plan worked.

Niyati raises her concern with Karan who questions how would Abhimanyu find out the truth since they have also informed his friends to not say anything, and if Abhimanyu asks anyone of them then they will say that Shugun had to leave because of some family issues, Gajendar comes questioning where did he go and he tried calling him but he was not answering, he even asks Niyati what is going on when Karan exclaims that he went out for some work but Niyati also came with him since she needed to buy some medicines, they hear the call of Abhimanyu from behind, Karan is shocked to see him holding Shugun in her arms and even Niyati gets tensed.

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