Agar Tum Na Hote 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Sulochana convinces Ram to mend his relation with Niyati

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Niyati says M for medicine, Abhimanyu sitting up exclaims he doesnot care about it, she replies she doesnot concern about it but he needs to have it, he questions why does she not become a jailer as she is really wasting her time, Niyati replies that it is necessary to take the medicine, he assures of taking it but before that he needs to make an important call, she refuses saying he will just take the medicine and rest otherwise, he stands saying why is she threatening him, he asks if she has become the don of his house as she is always threatening him using the name of his mother, he doesnot like it at all. Niyati in anger pours some water and stands up not knowing he is just beside him, Abhimanyu asks why she does like doing the extra work, he questions if she cannot be like a normal person who does the duty from 9 to 5 after which she can go for sightseeing in Lucknow, why has she made him her life, she thinks he is actually her life. She informs that her priority is to take care of him, Abhimanyu questions why does she worry so much for him as it is also possible that he might never get healthy, she immediately covers his mouth asking him to never think like this, she once again insists him to have the medicine, when he also insists on making the call as she doesnot know the extent of stubbornness, she is also adamant when Abhimanyu replies that after five minutes she will threaten to inform his mother, Niyati replies she will not involve as if has come to his stubbornness and her adamant then why should they worry Manaroma as he is enough to do it, she exclaims if he knows how worried she is for his health, she once again offers him the medicine when he replies he has told he will have it after the call, he advises her to come on the side and stand back.

Abhimanyu taking out his mobile exclaims he heard there is a guard in the case of love but has also seen it today, he says she keeps rotating around his health like a satellite and he doesnot know how he can get rid of her, he now needs to talk with his sweet Shugun, Niyati get angry, he replies that so he can digest the bitter medicine and words of Niyati, with her sweetness, Niyati is not able to bear it, she snatches the mobile just as he is about to make the call, she forcefully opens his mouth and pushes the pill in it, even when he tries to resist. He asks what this was as she would do whatever she feels like, he asks what her problem is, he questions if it is Shugun, then asks if she has a problem with him, why can she not see him happy.

Niyati replies she was just performing her duty, he replies if it is complete then she should hand back the mobile, however Niyati orders him to go and rest, he questions if she thinks it is a joke, Niyati replies he is feeling this is a joke, as he doesnot consider the worry and tension of his family, she orders him to go and sleep, he is not able to move so walks towards the bed, he calls Niyati by touching her, and apologizes holding his ears, he exclaims it is for his poor behaviour as he knows sometimes he is really rude but after seeing her, he realizes that he has some sort of problem and after seeing her he starts thinking that he has forgot some part of his life, does she even know how it feels as he feels that his illness is getting stronger, he has tried a lot to forgot them but just as he sees her he tends to remember them, and then it is Shugun as after seeing her he gets a hope about his life and the future, feeling as if she is the happiness which he desired while she is his tension. He doesnot want to hurt her by saying her these but just wanted to reveal the truth about his feelings as it is important to reveal the truth. He explains now he desires to talk with Shugun so requests his mobile, she explains he can talk with her tomorrow when the medicine doesnot have any effect, if he remains awake after the medicine then it would not be fine as there might be some side effect, he agrees so lies down on the bed.

Abhimanyu asks her a question, how does she like Shugun, for him asking if they can be the cute couple. Niyati mentions they both can surely be a good couple, he smiles saying thankyou then agrees to talk with her tomorrow, he wishes her good night, Niyati also wishes the same but while standing is really worried wondering how he is forgetting her, she starts leaving with a heavy heart, turning off the lights Niyati turns back to look at him, before finally exiting the room.

Niyati is walking in the hall, while weeping.

Ram informs Sulochana that she neither listened to his desires nor had any value for his words, she just left with that Abhimanyu and his family, he doesnot want to talk with Niyati, Sulochana coming says that nothing happens by just the words, she is his daughter and blood so he should not live the rest of their life by being angry with her, he must call her, Sulochana picks up the mobile, mentioning even Saira is like their daughter so she might be in trouble and need their help, she insists that he should call Niyati. Ram looks towards her, taking the mobile he starts dialling the when Sulochana leaves saying she will till that time search for the contact in the diary, Ram puts the mobile against his ear, it starts ringing in the bedroom of Abhimanyu, however he doesnot wake up at once, Ram ends the call she doesnot have time to answer the call of her father, Sulochana coming exclaims that no one is even answering at her house, she questions what did Niyati say, asking if he talked with her, Ram replies he talked with her, and she replied in a nice manner by apologizing to him, he says she did not even answer his call. She has gotten so old, she doesnot have time to answer her father’s call. Sulochana questions why he always thinks so wrong, it can be that she might be busy, but he says that she is ignoring them. She has chosen Abhimanyu against their will so is not going to answer their call, if she doesnot worry about them so he also no longer cares for her, Sulochana tries to request him however he leaves.

Niyati is in the balcony when she recalls how Abhimanyu assured Shugun they would meet once again because of Kismet connection, and he also said the same to her after their first meeting, but now he said that after seeing her he feels there is something wrong with him, which he is not able to bear, on the other hand is Shugun seeing whom he feels there is still, hope. Niyati is constantly weeping, Dr Aanad seeing her questions what happened to her in the market as she usually handles him better then him but how was she so careless today, he realizes something is wrong so once again questions her, she turns and he is shocked, Niyati replies she is the wife of Abhimanyu and is still living like a nurse but even then he is her husband, she says that her husband was proposing someone else in front of her saying all those things which he said to her, he was going away from her, she thought she would lose him so she was not able to bear it. She never thought she would be so helpless, he replies she knew it all from the start, as the case of Abhimanyu is complicated, he warned her along with her parents but she did not listen to them, her relation with him is filled with a lot of problems, this path which she has chosen will be filled with a lot of thorns, she replies she knew it all but she never had the problem with thorns or any hardship, because she always thought her husband and love would be with her, as it is the strength for her, while he forgot his love for her.

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