agapius: manya and kriyaansh

Kriya in the corridor to her self: what’s wrong with amaya? Anything she’s saying. I am not gone mad to love that idiot. May be he has told her something. That’s why she’s saying.
People walking look at her. What are you looking at my face? Don’t you all have work to do? She questions them.
They call her maf for talking to herself and leaves.
Kriya: i have gone mad now. I am talking to myself. I should clarify it with rey.
She goes to the car.

On the otherhand.
Rey: how to tell amaya?
Mantu: we have to tell her.
Rey: the talking part you do and I’ll bare her anger.
Mantu: wait a minute. You have to do it both.
Rey; huh?
Mantu: yeah you have to.
Rey: but why me alone? Even you are there?
Mantu: she’s not talking to me. Thank god i got saved.
Rey: huh? I have to tell her now. Hope she doesn’t get angry.
Mantu: yeah yeah let’s see. Come.
Kriya checks the car but doesn’t find her phone she comes back. She thinks may be mantu has it.
Mantu : come let’s go.
Rey :yeah come.
He opens the door.

Amaya: what happened rey? And where were you for so long?
Mantu’s phone rings he goes out.
Rey: we had gone to meet doctor. So it took time.
Mantu checks the phone its amaya. He thinks to give it back but it rings again. He thinks to pick it up or not. But then the call disconnects and a message comes. He just sees the name wandle and keeps it back.
Kriya also comes along with mantu.
Amaya : then what did he say?
Kriya; amaya i did not find your phone. Its not there in the car.
Amaya:what?!! Did you check properly? It will be there.
Kriya: i have checked its not there.
Amaya: where could ut go?
Mantu: here i had it.
Amaya takes it.: rey what did he say?

Rey looks at mantu.
Amaya : why are you staring his face?
Rey: act…. actually.,… (in a hurry) he has asked you to stay for more 3 days.
Amaya: what? Where are you rushing? Say it properly.
Rey: the…. the ….
Amaya: say after the
Rey: the doctor has asked you to stay here for more 3 days.
Amaya: what? !” This can’t happen. I need to go for practises and my job. My match.
Kriya: if he has advised you. You must stay . Don’t need to go anywhere.
Amaya: but i am alright now. I have so much to do. I don’t want to stay here.
Mantu: stop behaving like a kid and sit there quitely.
Amaya: but..
Rey: 3 days will go like no time.
Amaya: what will i do here. That too for 3 days?
Kriya: you don’t worry. We will handle it all.
Amaya: but still. I want to go home.
The doctor comes.
Doctor: amaya you have been operated yesterday itself. Not only me but any doctor won’t allow you to go. You have to stay here under our observation least for 2 days.
Amaya: but..
Doctor: my decision is final. I don’t want to hear any if’s and but’s.
The doctor goes.

Amaya: you guys go home now. You are looking like some odd creatures.
Rey: but you? How can we leave you alone?
Amaya: i am not a kid. You go and come back later.
Rey: yeah ok fine. He goes near the door. Kriya what are you waiting for? Come.
Amaya: go kriya. Some one is calling you.
Kriya: yeah right . She leaves with him.
Amaya: what are you waiting for?
Mantu: i was going only.
He also goes.
Amaya: akdu.

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