agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 9)

Ok guys next episode. And yeah i have started a new fan fiction on swasan named that attempt which changed my life so if anyone intrested have à look. So lets begin from where we stopped last time.
Its morning. The weather was quite pleasant as usual but for Mantu and Amaya it was not since they had not slept the previous night but also worried about each other.
In the hospital.
Kriya has come with kezar to meet amaya.
Amaya sees him and gets happy.
Amaya: wow chotu you here.
Kezar: yeah but you should not be here .
Amay: you also. Stop it now. I am ed up from their lectures.
Kezar: yeah ok and you know what i completed the mission and game.
Amaya: great. So which ome do you want now?
Kezar: i have not decided yet.

Amaya: ohhk. What happened kriya why are you silent?
Kriya: no nothing. I was just thinking about your hand. How many times you have injured it for the last month
Amaya: keep calm and stop worrying about my hand.
Kriya: yeah i will till when you will stop injuring it yourself.
Amaya: ohh k fine my mom. What about my discharge?
Doctor: yeah you can go home today. Just require to do somr formalities.
Amaya: great then. She jumps out in joy.

Doctor: sit here . I need to do check up.
Amaya: but formalities?
Doctor: your friend will do. He checks her and goes along with kriya.
Kezar: so he called you again?
Amaya: yeah.
Kezar: because of him you are doing this. And those pills? What about them? Are you back on them.
Amaya just nods. She tells him not to tell anyone about it.
Kezar: did i ever tell anyone about it till now. Don’t you trust me?
Amaya: i do oviously that why only you know about it. Just telling you again.
Kezar: ohhk ok. Forget it now.
Mantu who was about to enter hears their conversation. But ignores it.

Mantu: hey kezar. Hii amaya how are you feeling? ?
Amaya: i am fine. And going to be discharged.
Mantu: great. Here you go. He gave a bag which had tiffin in it.
Amaya: what’s this?
Mantu: check it yourself.

Amaya opens it curiously and finds pongol in it.
Pongol she says. Wow. I just love it. She grabs a spoon and starts having it.
Mantu: you liked it?
Amaya: yeah i do . She almost forgot about what had happened between them last night.
Mantu: cool. I wanted to appologize to you about last night.
Amaya just stops eating and stares at kezar. He gets indicated to go out. So he moves.
Amaya: listen.
Mañtu: yeah i am.
Amaya: please don’t ask me about my past any more.
Mantu: i swear i will not. But please forgive me.
Amaya: gud and i forgived you yesterday itself.
Mantu: yeah thank god. He gave a sigh of relief.
Kriya comes in. She asks her to change and gives her some clothez.
Amaya: did you enter my room?
Kriya: no i did not. The laundry boy gave me. I got those only.
Amaya: ok good i will come in a minute. Saying this she goes to the washroom.
Mantu: why did you not enter her room?
Kriya: she does not like anyone entering it.
Mantu: really?
Kriya: forget me. She does not allow kezar to go in. Who’s so close to her.
Mantu: but why?

Amaya xomes out because i don’t like anyone entering my room.
Mantu: ok. By the way where is rey?
Amaya: he’s gone at home. Poor guy was here the whole night.
Mantu: ohhk. So let’s go?
Kriya: yeah. You drop amaya i and kezar will come by auto.
Mantu: ohh k. You guys leave then I’ll get her.
Kriya: yeah ohhk. She leaves there.
Outside the hospital.
Mantu asks amaya to wait so that he can get his bike. She complies.
While the doctor comes and tells amayA
You better be careful from next time onwards. And do not consume excessive tablets. Amaya just nods.
Till then mantu comes. Mantu: what happened doctor? Everything is alright?
Doctor: yeah i was just telling her about her diet plan.
Mantu: okay.
They leave.
Amaya: did you not go college today?
Mantu: its sunday today.
Amaya: shit i completey forgot.

Mantu: amaya…
Amaya: what?
Mantu: nothing.
Amaya: tell now
mantu : let it be.
Amaya: tell atleast
Mantu: next time
Amaya: did you lose your locket again?
Mantu touches his chest: hell!!! I wore it yesterday. It was there. But… he stops the bike. Would yoy mind me taking back to the hospital?
Amaya: yeah.
Mantu: please amaya. Its necessary. Please.
Amaya: here you go. It was stuck to my top.
Mantu: thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.
He takes it from her.
Amay: enough of thanking me. Let’s go now.
Mantu: yeah sure.

hope you guys like it. I am sorry for no kriyaansh scenes. I promise to add them in next episode .
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  1. nice fan fiction.please reveal amaya past

    1. Yeah but wait for some days i will reveal it soon. Thanks for reading.

  2. Omg.. Getting sooo curious about amayas past.. Hope u will reveal it soon.. Waiting for my Manya getting closer.. Anyways good going dear.. Let me give a suggestion.. Y dont u link swasan with this ff.. It wud have been great.. My most favrte pair ever ever and ever.. Keep updating regularly.. Great work

    1. Gladd that you liked it. I also started writting about swasan if ua intrrsted than check out my new ff : that attempt which changed my life

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