agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 3)

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Next morning
Amaya returns home and finds music being played in the house. She thinks who might be playing it that to so early its only 6 am. By now no one gets up and Kezar also must be at his place. I doubt if its Kriya.
She opens the door and to her doubt it was Kriya only. She found her dancing. She thinks what’s wrong with her so early who dances.
Amaya: hey good morning. Why are you dancing?? Any occassion?
Kriya: no actually i am a dancer. So thought of rehearsing.
Amaya: ohhk carry on.

Kriya: yeah.
Amaya goes to her room. Freshens up and comes in her jersy and her boxing gloves.
Amaya: hey i am going out ok will be back late so please make some arrangements for lunch.
Kriya notices her attire and nods. But aren’t you sleeping i mean you need rest. You have not slept whole night and now you are leaving? Came kriyas concern.
Amaya: no its ok i am cool and this is my normal routine.
Kriya complies to her answer and carries her rehearsal.
Amaya: if at all kezar comes tell him that i have will meet him later on and yeah please give him juice.
Kriya nods while Amaya leaves.
At the club

Amaya is busy practicing and punching the punching bag. It looks like she is actually removing some kind of anger on it. Suddenly she removes her gloves and hits the bag hard and moves to the wall and starts hitting it as she’s getting blured images in her eyes. She injures her hands and she’s bleeding but she’s still continuing her punching.
Coach: stop it amAya! What’s wrong withyou? so many times you have injured your hand. Its not good for your bones. It might damage your hand completely.
Amaya is not in the mood to listen his talk. She just leaves the room. The coach goes behind her and asks her to meet the doctor and do the bandaid. Amaya doesn’t agree but coach tells her if you don’t do so then you won’t be able to play next match listening this she goes to a near by hospital. The doctor knows her. Doctor: again? But why? I know you are depressed. But those anti biotics will help you if you try to help your self. But i don’t see any improvement in you. He does her bandaid and she leaves.
At a mall. Kriya has come to do window shopping. She moves around the mall. She sits in a cafe. She orders something and is talking on the phone where she stands out because of network problem. While she turns. The guy behind her spills the coffee accidently on her.
Guy: ohh shit. I am so sorry.
Kriya without even noticing his face. Are you mad can’t you see.
Guy: i am sorry actually i came here in search of network but you turned around and this happened.

Kriya: whatever you spoiled my dress. What will i do now?
Guy: chill its a mall. I’ll buy you a dress. Don’t worry and you should thank god its just cold coffee otherwise your entire body would have burnt.
Kriya: instead of saying sorry you are asking me to thank god for that stupid cold coffee?
Guy: ohh hello i said sorry to you and yeah please stop creating a scene. Come with me. I’ll buy you a new dress you change and go.
Kriya complies as she has no other option.
They both go to a shop where there are innumerable dresses.
Guy: you know what i have entred first time in a lady’s store.
Kriya: excuse me?
Guy: yeah i never come here. Girls are so confusing i mean they will chose a dress first and then later another. They themselves don’t know what they want.
So you please chose fast and come out I’ll wait here only.
Kriya ignores his talk and hurriedly chooses a dress and comes out fast.
Guy says great you are so fast come lets leave. He pays the bill and they move out.
Guy: i think you were having something in the cafe.
Kriya: no not at all. All thanks to you i had gone there to have something but landed up having a dress.
Guy: actually come (he drags her) i am hungry. Even i spilled my coffee and i am also hungry. They both enter the same cafe again.
Kriya actually doesn’t want to eat with him but because of people watching them complies.
Guy: by the way i am reyansh. You can call me Rey.

Kriya: hmmmm.
Rey: and you?
Kriya: kriya.
He talks a lot about people and all the other things but kriya just listens while eating. Kriya: listen i am done take this money pay the bill i am leaving.
Rey: wait i am also coming.
Kriya: coming where?
Rey : i mean i also done lets go.
Kriya: doesn’t listen to him and leaves. While he pays the bill and follows her.
But kriya is seen so no where. Rey goes to the parking area and comes out with his duster. To he’s suprise he finds kriya waiting for an auto. He honks at her. And moves the window down.
Rey: hey what happen? Shall i drop you somewhere?
Kriya: no thanks. I’ll manage.
Rey: listen its almost getting dark and you won’t find auto here. I’ll drop you to the stand from there you may leave. Instead of standing out get in.
Kriya thinks for a while and to herself shall i go? I am new here don’t know much about this place and what to do? Let me take his help.
Rey: why are you thinking so much? Get in.
Kriya enters.
@ hospital
Amaya comes out with her hands bandaged. Sge bumps into a person. Probably mantu.
Mantu: hey whats this? How did this happen?
Amaya: you? Here?
Mantu: yeah had some work. Going home now. But don’t try to ignore my question.
Amaya: who’s ignoring? I was just asking. And this happened while boxing.
Mantu: you are a boxer? Does not look like.
Amaya: what do you mean by that?

They walk out. While walking.
Mantu: you are a good looking and most good looking girls do not play sport.
Amaya: yeah but there are exceptions.
Mantu: yeah you are an example. Should i drop you?
Amaya: no its ok I’ll leave any ways you stay in the opposite direction. Why to trouble you.
Mantu: no actually i am going that side. You know that photo printing shop its near the church only. Where you stay.
Amaya: haan yeah i know.
Mantu: i have some work there. I’ll drop you .
Back to car
Rey: by the way where you stay?
Kriya: near St. Anthony church.
Rey: you are lying.
Kriya: what?
Rey:i have never seen you there. I stay there only.
Kriya: ohhk because i have shifted there recently.
Rey: ohh k so i need not need to drop you to the auto stand. I’ll drop you directly.
Saying this he continues talking without waiting for a reply.
Manya reaches at home
Amaya: come in. Everytime you help me but never had a chance to take you to see my house .
Mantu: no yaar its ok. Why this formality and all.

Amaya: come na.
By the time kriyaansh reaches.
Kriya gets out of the car. Even rey gets out. Rey: you stay here?
Kriya: why should i not?
Rey: this is amayas place.
Manya sees them.
Rey : hey amaya whats up yaar after a long time. And mantu you what are you doing here?
Amaya hugs rey : when did you come back from your tour?
Rey: last week but how you know mantu?
Amaya: he’s my co incident friend. Saying this she laughs. How do you know him?
Rey: he’s my best friend. Actually from school days we are friends.
Amaya: ohhk thats nice.
Rey: is kriya your unkown sis?
Amaya: stop it. She’s my new friend and my new kiraidar.
Rey: ohh k.
Amaya: but how you know her?
Rey: she’s my accident friend. He gets a call.

Amaya: come inside at least we are meeting after a long time.
Rey: no yaar just got a call. Have to leave catch you’ll later.
Mantu: listen amaya i am also leaving i m getting late.
Saying this they both leave.
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